The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, March 01, 2007

News for 02-28-06

02-28-07 - Iran positive on Iraq conference some Iranians will remember how Tehran co-operated in a summit on Afghanistan in 2001 only to be denounced shortly afterwards by President George W Bush as being part of "the axis of evil".

02-28-07 - Iran threatens to pursue Kurdish rebels inside Iraq "The United States and the Zionists seek to incite insecurity in Iran by allocating millions of dollars, equipping and financing satellite televisions and buying arms for these groups," Safavi added.

02-28-07 - Put brakes on nuclear rhetoric, Ahmadinejad told Two newspapers usually seen as stoutly conservative, Jomhouri Eslami and Hamshahri, in January published editorials that were unprecedented in their criticism of Ahmadinejad's handling of the issue.

02-28-07 - Former U.N. weapons chief says U.S., Europe and Security Council are "humiliating" Iran

02-28-07 - Pentagon Meeting Discussed Escalating Pressure on Iran ** A meeting at the Pentagon in mid-February was said by the participant to have revolved around a plan to ratchet up U.S. rhetoric about an Iranian threat and make further military preparations for war in a way that would be reminiscent of what happened prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.....According to the account provided by the participant, the administration's decision last month to increase U.S. military strength in Iraq by at least 22,000 troops is related more to a strategy of increased pressure on Iran than to stabilizing the situation in Baghdad. As to that last sentence : that's exactly why the neocons were pushing so hard for the 'surge', IMO.

02-28-07 - Pace: U.S. Military Capability Eroding

02-28-07 - U.S.building ties with Assad opponents in Syria The Bush administration has also met with a rival Syrian opposition group led by Farid Ghadry, a secular figure who met Cheney in July and his daughter, Elizabeth Cheney, then a senior State Department official, in March 2005, according to Ghadry, who lives in Washington. He said he argued at the meetings for massive U.S. funding for the Syrian opposition, as well as covert CIA actions, to topple Assad's government.

Now where did I just see that name? Hmm....

02-28-07 - Gunmen attack police in east Iran

02-28-07 - Hide and Seek with Scooter This is about much more than a cover up-the issue is nothing less than the integrity of the U.S. intelligence-gathering process. Cheney and Scooter reportedly made many trips to Langley, pressuring senior analysts into drawing the "right" conclusions about Iraq's WMD and especially Saddam's alleged nuclear program

02-28-07 - US Official Warns Against Europe?s C.I.A. Flight Probe

02-28-07 - Iran's Very Bad N-Word ** Asked by Siegel to explain why the Israelis have suggested a much shorter timeline for Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon, Negroponte stated the obvious with bluntness uncommon for a diplomat. "I think that sometimes what the Israelis will do (is) give you the worst-case assessment."....Seldom have I heard an American senator so openly press the U.S. to mount an attack on a major country simply because it could be perceived as a threat to Israel

02-28-07 - New Iraqi Oil Law Seen as Cover for Privatization Independent analysts and labor groups have also criticized the process of drafting the law and warned that that the bill is so skewed in favor of foreign firms that it could end up heightening political tensions in the Arab nation and spreading instability.

02-28-07 - Kids' prayers aimed against Ahmadinejad the Iranian president has repeatedly called for Israel to be "wiped off the map." Iran's push for nuclear capability has raised fears in Israel that Ahmadinejad may soon be capable of carrying out his threat.
Did Ahmadinejad really call for Israel to be wiped off the map? Would Israel's claim hold up in court, if it came down to it?

02-28-07 - Brzezinski: On The Path To War With Iran **

02-28-07 - UN relays Israel concerns over Syria-Lebanon arms smuggling

02-28-07 - Eurovision 'Armageddon' in Israel Push the Button is widely thought to be a response to Iran's nuclear ambitions and the Islamic republic's fiery president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

02-28-07 - US Israel Lobby Targets Lebanon's Jihad al-Bina It is not enough for AIPAC that the recent Congressional elections, which increased the number of Zionist Jews in Congress from 26 to 31, is the largest pro-Israel contingent elected to Congress in American history

02-28-07 - Public Misconduct - A Call to Investigate All of the President's Men

02-28-07 - Brownback: Engage Iran on Iraq In remarks Wednesday in New York to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the Kansas Republican conceded that such engagement was unlikely to work with a country that says it is committed to the destruction of Israel.


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