The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

News for 02-26-07

02-26-07 - Russia 'worried' about talk of possible attack on Iran ** the New Yorker magazine reported Sunday that the United States is stepping up covert operations in Iran in a new strategy that risks sparking an "open confrontation" and benefits Sunni radicals.

02-26-07 - World powers to work on resolution on Iran

02-26-07 - US finds 'Iran-made' arms in Iraq But Maj Siegrist said: "I don't think there's any way this can be tied to a government."

02-26-07 - Collision Course With Iran Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich ** The White House is now selectively leaking intelligence to set the stage for a military attack on Iran.

02-26-07 - Cheney Defends Iraq War, Attacks Critics Answering growing criticism in the U.S. and Australia, he defended the Iraq war as a "remarkable achievement" in one speech, and dismissed suggestions his influence in Washington is waning.

02-26-07 - Bachmann seeks to clarify remarks on Iran and partition of Iraq Rep. Michele Bachmann, who claimed in a recent interview to know of an Iranian plan to partition Iraq and turn half of it into a "terrorist haven" to launch attacks in the Middle East, said Friday that she was "sorry if my words have been misconstrued."

02-26-07 - Perle: Bush Failed by his Own People Surprising words from the man critics of the White House have dubbed "the Prince of Darkness" - a leading neo-conservative who was one of the key proponents of the 2002 invasion to overthrow Saddam Hussein......Perle: We just don't have the best and the brightest. I think Colin Powell was a disaster. He never liked the president's policies. He did almost nothing to get them implemented Sounds like Powell fought these neocon policies tooth and nail. Powell is still one of the good guys. Read on for the rest of Perle's backpedal and spin.

02-26-07 - Iran says 'space rocket' was for study

02-26-07 - Hamas leader hails Russian efforts over aid embargo

02-26-07 - Fear Stupid Acts I hope President George Bush will not be so stupid as to allow the Israelis to push him into an attack on Iran. Based on his past performance, however, I'm not sure what he will do.

02-26-07 - Saudis' cutbacks raise oil concerns Oil prices are up and the world's biggest producer has been cutting back ? a recipe for those prices to keep on climbing.

02-26-07 - Dems' Me-Too Iran Talk ** Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., told the AIPAC annual convention at the end of January, "In dealing with this threat ... no option can be taken off the table." Former senator John Edwards was even more vehement in a speech on Iran last month at the Herzliya Conference in Israel. "To ensure that Iran never gets nuclear weapons, we need to keep all options on the table," he said, and then repeated the point for emphasis. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., appearing on "60 Minutes" recently, declared, "I think we should keep all options on the table."

02-26-07 - Why Have So Many U.S. Attorneys Been Fired? It Looks a Lot Like Politics The Bush administration cleared the way for these personnel changes by slipping a little-noticed provision into the Patriot Act last year that allows the president to appoint interim U.S. attorneys for an indefinite period without Senate confirmation.

02-26-07 - Poverty gap in US has widened under Bush

02-26-07 - U.S. War with Iran would be Navy, Air Force show: Analysts **

02-26-07 - Secret report: Terror threat worst since 9/11 The terrorist threat facing Britain from home-grown al-Qaeda agents is higher than at any time since the September 11 attacks in 2001, secret intelligence documents reveal.

02-26-07 - In Iran, religious delegation urges building bridges, deeper dialogue with US

02-26-07 - AIPAC Demands "Action" on Iran **

02-26-07 - Israel to hold nationwide nuclear attack drill Israel suspects is Iran is aiming to develop an atomic bomb, but Tehran insists its programme is for civilian energy purposes

02-26-07 - Pax Christi official: U.S. needs diplomats who know religion, Iran

02-26-07 - Preemption option: a must for Israel Why the CSM has saw fit to publish and feature prominently on its front page not one but two pieces of propaganda that fall in line with the 'attack Iran' camp is a mystery to me.

02-26-07 - U.S. Vows To Force-feed Inmate On Strike Former Professor Sami al-Arian, 49, began his strike Jan. 21 and has had only water since to protest demands he testify about Virginia Muslim charities allegedly financing terrorist organizations.

02-26-07 - GOP drops candidate over Jewish remarks "I personally see Israel going into Iran and Syria in the next couple of months... It's mainly because of the Jewish faction inside the Democratic Party. Most Jewish people are Democrats, and they bring that wealth. My opinion is, if Israel would go into Iran, Democrats will follow that cause."

02-26-07 - In e-mail age, some still swear by pigeons The most common users of the 3,000-year-old method of communication are Palestinian refugees

02-26-07 - From July 2005: The American hand in Iran On February 11, a promoter of the IFF,, announced that Corsi had helped Republican Senator Paul Santorum write the Iran Freedom and Support Act of 2005 Corsi is a neocon.

02-26-07 - Hizbullah builds new line of defense


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