The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

News for 01-23-07

01-23-07 - Iran says still heeding IAEA despite curbs

01-23-07 - US cannot hurt Iran: Ahmadinejad Ahmadinejad spoke after coming under increasing criticism from both conservatives and reformists for his handling of foreign and domestic policy, including Tehran's disputed nuclear drive.

01-23-07 - Criticism of Ahmadinejad mounts

01-23-07 - U.S. warns Iran to back down

01-23-07 - Russia fulfils Iran missile deal Russia has completed a contract to sell some 30 air defence missile systems to Iran, a senior official has said.

01-23-07 - Seized Palestinians freed in Iraq Some 30 Palestinians seized by armed men in Baghdad have been freed, the UN refugee agency says.

01-23-07 - Al-Qaeda deputy 'mocks Bush plan'

01-23-07 - INTERVIEW-Arab states urged to let in Palestinians from Iraq A U.N. refugee agency appealed to Arab governments on Tuesday to take in 600 Palestinians who have been stranded for months at the Iraqi-Syrian border after fleeing persecution in Baghdad.

01-23-07 - Webb Offers Blunt Challenge to Bush "Many, including myself, warned even before the war began that it was unnecessary, that it would take our energy and attention away from the larger war on terrorism and that invading Iraq would leave us strategically vulnerable," Webb said

01-23-07 - Scant evidence found of Iran-Iraq arms link **

01-23-07 - Libby's Attorneys Say He Was Being Set Up To Take Fall for Rove in CIA Leak Case Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald told a far different story from Wells. He described for jurors a Bush administration effort to beat back early criticism of the Iraq war and accused Libby of lying to investigators about his role in that campaign. Using a computerized calendar during opening statement, Fitzgerald described a tumultuous week in 2003 when he said the White House was under "direct attack" from Wilson.

01-23-07 - The Unthinkable: The US- Israeli Nuclear War on Iran **

01-23-07 - Russia not delivering arms to Palestine - defense ministry

01-23-07 - Ministers 'knew about rendition flights' There is more outrage in Britain over the CIA rendition flights than there is in America. Why is that?

01-23-07 - Prosecutors must prove Libby's guilt Though Fitzgerald says the trial isn't about the war, the case will be set to the tumultuous backdrop of the war's early months. He is expected to tell jurors that the White House was preoccupied with discrediting Wilson's criticisms, so it's unlikely Libby forgot that effort. Go get 'em, Bulldog.

01-23-07 - Neoconservative Kristol wishes Democrats would 'be quiet' about Iraq for six or nine months

01-23-07 - Musharraf, Assad vow to combine efforts to fight terror

01-23-07 - Twice Displaced: The Plight of Palestinians in Iraq

01-23-07 - Vision of Rebuilding Lebanon Wanes

01-23-07 - Israeli minister advises that Nasrallah 'not try to put Israel to the test again'

01-23-07 - In pictures: Lebanese intifada

01-23-07 - As candidates enter 2008 race, they begin courting Jewish support Bowing down at the altar of Israel is an essential part of political campaigning in America.

01-23-07 - Palestinian problem key to closing West-Muslim divide: Malaysian PM Speaking to a London think tank, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the "single most powerful factor" dividing Islam and the west, with the US-led conflict in Iraq a close second.

01-23-07 - Muslims see no conflict between Islamic law and democracy: poll

01-23-07 - Musharraf calls for new Mideast initative Talks focused on "the unresolved Palestinian issue" as well as violence and political tensions in Iraq and Lebanon, he said before leaving Jordan for Syria ahead of a wrapping up a regional tour in the United Arab Emirates.

01-23-07 - Lebanese villagers spend winter in ruins All but two rooms of Chaitou's apartment in this southern Lebanese town were destroyed by Israeli shelling. Even in those rooms, where her family sleeps, the winter rain drips through cracks, leaving big puddles.

01-23-07 - Lebanese sovereignty, Israeli obstacles Israel, on the other hand, has not been fully cooperative with the UN forces in implementing Resolution 1701; the Israeli withdrawal on the ground was slow and incomplete in the Ghajar sector, and its violations of Lebanon's airspace have not ceased.

01-23-07 - Lebanon opposition halts strike Three people died and 100 were injured as protesters, who blocked many roads, clashed with government supporters.


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