The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, January 15, 2007

News for 01-14-07

01-14-07 - White House: Can't rule out attack on Iran ** on ABC's "This Week," Hadley would not rule out the possibility of such an attack and would not say whether he agrees with those senators who say that the Bush administration would need congressional backing for such a move.
Hadley is a neocon.

01-14-07 - Cheney says critics of new US Iraq plan play into hands of Bin Laden Cheney plays the terror card (again).

01-14-07 - Top Iran official meets Saudi monarch Iran's top national security official Ali Larijani held talks with Saudi King Abdullah, the official SPA official news agency reported.

01-14-07 - US under fire in Mideast over Iraq plan "The American administration has no right to ask Iraqis and other countries of the region to follow its strategy... when the administration itself is incapable of convincing even Americans of this policy,"

01-14-07 - U.S. accuses Iran over officials seized in Iraq ** The United States accused five Iranians it arrested in Iraq of running arms and money to Iraqi militants as Iraq joined Iran in calling for the men's release. Washington also told Arab allies it would do more to contain Tehran.

01-14-07 - Cheney admits expanded military spying role inside US

01-14-07 - Anti-U.S. allies Venezuela and Iran seek OPEC oil cut Venezuela and Iran strengthened their growing ties on Saturday with a stream of anti-U.S. statements, various commercial agreements and a pledge to push for a cut in world oil supplies to counter plunging prices.

01-14-07 - Libby Trial May Show Cheney's Role in Run-Up to War

01-14-07 - Pentagon Using Little-Known Power to Obtain Financial Records of Americans

01-14-07 - UN-weary, US opts for unilateral moves against Iran ** US administration officials now describe Iran as the single greatest threat the United States faces in the Middle East. Why, what a coincidence! Because Israel has made the same announcement (after we took care of Iraq for them).

01-14-07 - Cheney: U.S. Will Work With Allies to Prevent Iranian Adventurism

01-14-07 - Senators: Cross-border raids not approved ** U.S. Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during hearings Thursday that the administration doesn't have the authority to send troops into Iran and Syria as part of Iraq operations, CNN reported Friday.

01-14-07 - John Bolton: Mideast Peace Efforts a Waste Now back at American Enterprise Institute, Bolton let loose on a variety of topics during the interview, from negotiating nuclear weapons with Iran to the reunification of the Korean peninsula....Regime change, he said is "preferable" to a U.S. attack on Iran's nuclear sites, though ?the only course worse than the use of force is an Iran with nuclear weapons." Bolton's back at neocon central with the rest of the bellicose Israel-firsters.

01-14-07 - America threatens to 'deal with' Iran over its support for insurgents **

01-14-07 - Iraq's Talabani arrives in Syria Jalal Talabani has arrived for talks in Syria, becoming the first Iraqi president to pay an official visit to the country in nearly 30 years.

01-14-07 - Iran demands nationals' release **

01-14-07 - Arabs look to link Iraq, Mideast deal It echoes widespread Arab feelings that a lasting Middle East peace cannot be achieved as long as Israel doesn't reach a settlement to hand over lands it occupied during the 1967 Mideast war to the Palestinians, Syria and Lebanon.

01-14-07 - NGOs to sue US over WMD claims SOME 30 non-governmental organisations in Niger said overnight they are going to sue the United States for nearly two billion dollars for "unfairly accusing" Niger of selling uranium to the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

01-14-07 - Germans critical of US pressure The US was criticised for pressing German companies to cut business ties with Iran yesterday after Commerzbank decided to end dollar transactions with Tehran.

01-14-07 - Two Strange Deaths in European Wiretapping Scandal

01-14-07 - Hezbollah chief: Hariri probe political Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said the U.N. Security Council debate over naming the 10 nations was further proof that the investigation into Hariri's February 2005 killing was being politicized.

01-14-07 - House resolution calls for Ahmadinejad genocide charges The non-binding resolution brought last week to the House?s Foreign Affairs Committee and initiated by Reps. Steve Rothman (D-N.J.) and Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), says statements by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calling for the destruction of Israel amount to crimes according to the 1948 Convention on Genocide genocide def - the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group . Who has driven nearly 3/4 million people from their homes, who has wiped Palestine off the map, who continues to squeeze a people into smaller and smaller areas of land by unlawful land confiscation (this includes by way of the wall)? Is it the Palestinians? And what of Avigdor Lieberman's comments calling on Israel to transfer the Arabs out of that country, hmm? He was just put in a very powerful position in the Israeli government. Can you say HYPOCRISY.

01-14-07 - New York Rabbi Finds Friends in Iran and Enemies at Home What he and the Iranian president have in common, he explained, is their belief that the Holocaust has been exploited to justify the existence of Israel.

01-14-07 - Damra now gone, but saga continues Damra's deliverance to an Israeli checkpoint stokes suspicion that U.S. immigration authorities never intended to deport him to the West Bank, or just didn't care where he landed.
Some are calling Damra's deportation an "extraordinary rendition," a reference to the shadowy practice of sending suspected terrorists to nations where they could be punished or interrogated under less-strict laws.

01-14-07 - Talk of Israeli strike in Iran shows risks-Rice U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Sunday that speculation about an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities underscored the risk of failing to persuade Tehran to halt uranium enrichment.

01-14-07 - Halutz: Military intelligence shows Syria is not preparing for war

01-14-07 - Clinton vs. McCain: Who's really better for Israel? Whose really better for America (never gets factored in both here and there)?

01-14-07 - Germany revives plan to outlaw Holocaust denial throughout EU "This would give a good signal that there are no safe havens for racists or xenophobes in Europe." Really? But it was ok to publish those Mohammed cartoons knowing full well the ramifications. This double standard is not lost on the people of the world.


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