The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, January 20, 2007

News for 01-19-07

01-19-07 - Dems seek to bar U.S. attack on Iran ** Democratic leaders in Congress lobbed a warning shot Friday at the White House not to launch an attack against Iran without first seeking approval from lawmakers.

01-19-07 - US alarmed by Chinese 'missile strike' on satellite

01-19-07 - Iran reportedly set for talks with U.S. President Jalal Talabani said in remarks published Friday that the Iranians were ready to meet with the U.S. for talks about security issues - part of an apparent effort by Talabani to encourage a dialogue between two nations that are increasingly at odds, and vital to Iraq.

01-19-07 - Iran complains about U.S. detentions Iran charged in a letter to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday that the United States illegally attacked its consulate in the northern Iraqi city of Irbil last week and demanded the immediate release of five detained Iranians.

01-19-07 - The battle to save Iraq's children The desperate plight of children who are dying in Iraqi hospitals for the lack of simple equipment that in some cases can cost as little as 95p is revealed today in a letter signed by nearly 100 eminent doctors.

01-19-07 - Iran accuses US of fanning tensions with Iraq The war of words between Iran and the United States has intensified, with a senior official pointedly accusing Washington of trying to drive a wedge between Tehran and Baghdad and of fanning tensions between Sunnis and Shiites.

01-19-07 - EU to move on imposing UN sanctions against Iran The European Union will call next week for the full and rapid implementation of UN Security Council sanctions against Iran over its suspect nuclear programme. Because Condi won some concessions from Israel?....

01-19-07 - Retired Generals Criticize Bush?s Plan for Iraq

01-19-07 - Democracy Languishes, but Neo-Con Strategy Lives Thus, just as ousting the Taliban and capturing or killing bin Laden and his associates were depicted by the neo-cons five years ago as a mere prelude to the main business of decisively defeating Israel's regional foes, so the administration appears to have once again relegated both Afghanistan and al Qaeda to the margins in its war on terrorism, despite the Taliban's unexpected resurgence of the past year.

01-19-07 - U.S. Marine admits to shooting defenseless Iraqi A U.S. Marine pleaded guilty on Thursday to shooting a defenseless Iraqi grandfather dragged from his house in the middle of the night in what his squad informally called "Operation Vigilante."

01-19-07 - Moscow, Beijing eye space weapons

01-19-07 - Five Reasons Why I'll March on Jan. 27 (and You Should Too)

01-19-07 - Hume again declared Libby did not commit the "actual leak" in Plame case

01-19-07 - NY Times quoted Libby supporters, failed to ID them as officials of his legal defense fund NY Times - another part of the Israeli lobby.

01-19-07 - Stop the Next War Before it starts. Support H. J. Resolution 14.** Madam Speaker, after all, co-sponsored a bill during the last session of Congress, introduced by Rick Santorum and Ileana Ross-Lehtinen, both Republicans, that not only tightened sanctions on Iran, but also made "regime change" in Tehran official U.S. policy Pelosi is loyal to Israel.

01-19-07 - Perhaps Thinking of Legacy, Bush Has Rice on the Move ?I tend to place a lot of emphasis on the fact that people see their interests differently now than they did 5 years ago or 10 years ago," she said. "They see their interests less as continuing or having maximalist positions about this conflict and are more concerned about the kind of broad strategic picture." She said that the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict in Lebanon "was a major contributor to that shift in alignment" and that it made a Middle East peace deal more promising, and that toppling Saddam Hussein, despite the current violence within Iraq, removed what she called an "eastern front" against the Israelis.
By removing regional threats to Israel in the region, 'peace is more promising' because Israel then does not feel the need to make any 'concessions' (giving stolen land back).

01-19-07 - Activists condemn Iran Holocaust meeting In a statement to be published next week, more than 100 Iranian activists outside that country have condemned its recent conference questioning the Holocaust.

01-19-07 - Bloggers Who Criticize Government May Face Prison

01-19-07 - Iraq Surge: Dilemma For Congress, Worries For Israel ** "Israelis and the American Jewish community are very concerned about Washington's total ineptitude in coming up with a strategy on Iran,"...But Jewish leaders are also wary of being seen as cheerleading for war with Iran. Too late. It is abundantly clear just who is pushing for this war. It is also clear that the US is being blamed for failure in Iraq - a war that was based on the Clean Break Strategy (crafted in Israel) and then foisted on this administration via the neocons. Read the entire article and note the unbridled chutzpah.

01-19-07 - Fox and Friends Finally Covers Libby Case For co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy, the story of the Libby trial is that he's on trial and Sandy Berger isn't. Fox News - friends of the neocons.

01-19-07 - Bush's Plan: Resolve Without Prudence In this volatile part of the world, there's just one area where I wish President Bush would take more risks - and that's in diplomatic efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. If you want to strike a blow at Iran, Sunni insurgents and Shiite death squads all at once, that's the way to do it

01-19-07 - Iran's President Did Not Say "Israel must be wiped off the map"

01-19-07 - Israel calls for harsher Iran sanctions

01-19-07 - Paper: Jordan King wants nuclear program Israel is widely believed to have nuclear weapons of its own, but has never officially confirmed that it does. Actually, yes Israel did confirm that it has nuclear weapons. A mere oversight on the part of the Associated Press, I'm sure. Mmm k.

01-19-07 - As Bush's War Strategy Shifts to Iran, Christian Zionists Gear Up for the Apocalypse

01-19-07 - Report on Reuters actions after publishing altered photographs Experienced photo editors and other senior editorial staff went through thousands of images published during the Lebanon conflict. We are satisfied no other images were digitally altered.

01-19-07 - Rice's Mideast Trip; Obama And The Jews "The idea is that winning Arab support for what they?re doing in Iraq and what they are contemplating for Iran requires having something called a peace process. They?ve heard that from so many people that they can?t ignore it." As I have noted before, this whole new emphasis on the 'peace process' is, like with the case just prior to and after the runup to the Iraq war, a move to get other countries on board for their support for new military action - this time Iran.

01-19-07 - Michael Savage - part of the Israeli lobby?

01-19-07 - The Israel Lobby Trips and Tilts As in so many things, conventional elite opinion lives in a bubble, believing mere assertion and ranting about anti-Semitism will carry the day. The New York Times featured a spectacularly disingenuous hatchet job by its deputy foreign editor, Ethan Bronner, and another assault by former Clinton-era Middle East negotiator Dennis Ross. The New York Times = Israel Lobby

01-19-07 - McCain Lines Up N.Y. Money Men, Raising Pressure on Rudy Giuliani For years, McCain, who has been calling for more American troops to be sent to Iraq, has developed strong ties with neoconservatives in Washington, sharing their hawkish voices on several key fronts.

01-19-07 - Why did The Israel Factor panelists downgrade Rice? The panelists who are worried by the possibility of American pressure on the Palestinian issue lowered her grade because they believe that some of her statements show she is over-committed to the establishment of a Palestinian state.


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