The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, January 21, 2007

News for 01-20-07

01-20-07 - Iran says forces ready for any threat

01-20-07 - U.S. plans envision broad attack on Iran: analyst ** "You're talking about a war against Iran" that likely would destabilize the Middle East for years

01-20-07 - Iraq Signals Changes in Protocols With Iran

01-20-07 - U.S. 'knew damn well' Arar would be tortured: senator

01-20-07 - Senators blast Bush security policies Influential senators on Thursday demanded that the Bush administration provide more details about its move to place its controversial National Security Agency domestic spying programme under supervision by a special court.

01-20-07 - "Cheney Has Stepped Way Over the Line" Prior to the March, 2003, invasion of Iraq, Cheney repeatedly visited the CIA headquarters and demanded that briefers confirm his personal theories about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and about supposed links between Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda network.

01-20-07 - See the Superpower Run by Patrick J. Buchanan What we need to face now are the consequence of the folly of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice in launching this unnecessary and unprovoked war, the folly of the neocon snake oil salesmen who bamboozled the media into believing in this insane crusade to bring democracy to Baghdad in the belly of Bradley fighting vehicles and the folly of the Democratic establishment in handing Bush a blank check for war out of political fear of being called unpatriotic.

01-20-07 - Iraqi president urges US to talk to Syria Iraqi President Jalal Talabani is urging the United States to talk with Syria, claiming in an interview that Damascus "supports" Iraq in fighting the insurgency.

01-20-07 - Iranian lawmakers feared 'social upheaval' from sanctions An Iranian parliamentary report several months ago warned the powers in Tehran that heavy international sanctions could trigger internal instability and a social upheaval, it was reported.

01-20-07 - Bush briefed on Middle East trips Ms Rice rejected an appeal from the Emir of Kuwait to engage directly with both Iran and Syria to prevent the Iraq conflict spreading beyond its borders.

01-20-07 - Iran masses troops along borders with Iraq -- source

01-20-07 - NY Times: Parallels to Iraq in US strategy on Iran anger senator

01-20-07 - Lebanon opposition to stage national protest strike The Lebanese opposition has called for a one-day general strike, stepping up a protest campaign to bring down the Western-backed government that has paralysed the nation's leadership for weeks.

01-20-07 - PM: U.S. wants base in Czech Republic The United States has asked the Czech Republic to host a radar base that would be part of a global missile defense system, the prime minister announced Saturday, drawing a warning from Russia of retaliatory actions.

01-20-07 - Hezbollah threatens to block key roads across Lebanon Lebanese Hezbollah has threatened to block key roads across Lebanon as part of campaign to topple Prime Minister Fouad Seniora's government, the local Naharnet news website reported on Thursday.

01-20-07 - Official: U.S. Culture Dampens Extremism The country's history as an immigrant nation and its "experience with bringing in various groups and giving them, frankly, more opportunity than they might have elsewhere has helped us immeasurably" in dampening extremism, Hayden said Maybe the Europeans could take the cue...

01-20-07 - DoD procurement laws routinely broken, IG says

01-20-07 - Leak Lawyer Wants Bush Critics on Jury Fitzgerald told Walton that that defense attorneys had crossed the line when they told jurors the case was political and about war policies.

01-20-07 - Hostile Intent Just what is the Bush administration up to regarding Iran?

01-20-07 - Jewish groups to visit UAE, discuss Iran "The UAE is a critically important place on the issue of terrorism, the fight against extremism and Iran," said Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Presidents Conference, a 51-member umbrella organization that serves as the Jewish community's main collective voice on Middle East affairs. "We want to see improved relations with the U.S., of course, but also hope that this can foster relations with Israel."

01-20-07 - French politician fined for Holocaust denial A French court fined Gollnisch, deputy head of Jean-Marie LePen?s National Front Party in France and a member of the European Parliament, $6,450 and gave him a three-month suspended sentence for questioning in 2004 how many Jews died in the Holocaust and whether the Nazis had gas chambers in concentration camps. Where are the cries for freedom of speech in Europe now?....

01-20-07 - Senate bans lobbyist travel The Senate bill allows non-profit affiliates of lobbies to run tours for lawmakers, a provision that the pro-Israel lobby aggressively sought. That compromise preserves trips run by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which has a non-profit spin-off, as well as those run by local Jewish federations that do not employ lobbyists.
AIPAC wins (America loses).

01-20-07 - US homeland security market beckons Outsourcing our homeland security to a nation that routinely violates international and humanitarian law. ~Swell~.


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