The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, January 18, 2007

News for 01-17-07

01-17-07 - Iran shoots down U.S. spy drone amid growing military pressure **

01-17-07 - Iran invites IAEA envoys to visit nuclear sites Iran has invited envoys from developing nations accredited to the U.N. nuclear watchdog to visit its nuclear sites in a show of openness about its atomic fuel program, diplomats said.

01-17-07 - Iran ready but says strike on nuclear sites unlikely ** Iran believes a military strike against its nuclear installations is highly improbable but has nonetheless taken the necessary precautions in case it is attacked, top officials have said.

01-17-07 - Senators oppose Iraq troop boost The three senators behind the non-binding resolution are Democrats Joseph Biden and Carl Levin, and Republican Chuck Hagel, a long-standing critic of the war.

01-17-07 - Despite Charges, No Evidence Iran Sending IEDs to Iraq

01-17-07 - NEWS ANALYSIS: U.S. turns focus to Iran ** Provocative words by President Bush and a fresh American military buildup in the Persian Gulf seem to mark a new focus on Iran that could signal another Cold War or even a deadly confrontation.

01-17-07 - U.S. Offers Scant Help to Fleeing Refugees The burden of the refugee flow is falling mainly on Jordan and Syria whose social welfare and education systems have been unable to absorb the influx. UNHCR estimates that some 700,000 Iraqis are currently living in Jordan and another 600,000 in Syria.

01-17-07 - History is not preordained: a new cold war can be averted : Mikhail Gorbachev

01-17-07 - Dictator's hanging was botched: Bush The comments came as Mr Bush conceded in a television interview that the invasion of Iraq had greatly destabilised the country - although he insisted that Iraqis should still be grateful to the US for starting the war.

01-17-07 - Top Iraqi condemns US over Iran

01-17-07 - Protesters' Names in Pentagon Database A Defense Department database devoted to gathering information on potential threats to military facilities and personnel, known as Talon, had 13,000 entries as of a year ago ? including 2,821 reports involving American citizens, according to an internal Pentagon memo to be released today by the American Civil Liberties Union.

01-17-07 - Military Members Make an Antiwar Plea on Capitol Hill

01-17-07 - Bill Would Require Congress Approval to Increase US Troops in Iraq In a statement, the office of Senator Chris Dodd said the original US military mission in Iraq, which Congress authorized in 2002, "has been radically transformed by events in the region," and that Bush therefore must seek an entirely new authorization from the US legislature before expanding it.

01-17-07 - Bush administration provokes open war on Iran **

01-17-07 - Saudi Arabia casts wary eye on its Shiites

01-17-07 - Reclaiming our America It's up to us ordinary citizens to do what our government fails or refuses to do : to uphold the ideals that were envisioned by our founding fathers - to stand up for justice.

01-17-07 - RJC demands Clark apology The Republican Jewish Coalition called on Wesley Clark to apologize for claiming that ?New York money people? were trying to push the United States into war with Iran.

01-17-07 - Growing role of military irks U.S. allies

01-17-07 - Israeli Army 'delighted' at reported selection for new head of UNIFIL Last week, Israeli Army officers bid "good riddance" to Pellegrini, whom they claimed was pro-Hizbullah and had not made sufficient efforts to prevent the resistance from rearming along the Lebanese border with Israel.

01-17-07 - 1991: Iraqi Scud missiles hit Israel

01-17-07 - Thousands gather in Beirut to celebrate Halutz resignation

01-17-07 - What's next -- war with Iran? ** The American Jewish Committee took out a full page ad in The New York Times showing Iran in the center of concentric circles, including all the Middle East and beyond, asking: "Can anyone within range of Iran's missiles feel safe?"

01-17-07 - The Bush Threat to Iran ** Israel and its friends have been pressing for such an attack, or threatening that Israel might make such an attack itself.

01-17-07 - Israel Warns Russia on Iran Arms Sale ** Defense officials predicted the systems would be used to defend Iran's nuclear facilities, particularly the uranium enrichment center at Natanz.

01-17-07 - Gulf group: Israel-Palestinian conflict key to peace The United States joined a statement saying that the Middle East would never be stable without a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

01-17-07 - Rabbi calls on world to curb Iran

01-17-07 - Syrian state media call for Israeli pledge on Golan heights

01-17-07 - Israeli foreign minister says Iran spreading radical ideology Sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program are not working, Israel's foreign minister said during a visit to Tokyo on Wednesday, and accused the Islamic country of spreading radical ideology around the Middle East.

01-17-07 - Inquest finds Israel had 'no clear objective' during war

01-17-07 - Rice wraps up Middle East mission Most Arab rulers are worried about Iran's new regional power and secretly wish it could be cut down to size - but not if that means military action by the United States or Israel, something they fear would further destabilise an already turbulent Middle East.


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