The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

News for 01-15-07

01-15-07 - How US is deferring war costs As war spending on Iraq and Afghanistan nears the levels for Vietnam and Korea, concern is rising over the 'borrow now, pay later' approach. Send the bill to Halliburton and the neocons.

01-15-07 - Iran says pressing ahead with expanded enrichment

01-15-07 - Gates: Time is not right for Iran talks **

01-15-07 - Criticism of Iraq hangings grows United Nations and European Union leaders have condemned the executions in Baghdad of two of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein's top aides.

01-15-07 - On the Mideast Escalator by Rep. Ron Paul ** As I said last week on the House floor, speculation in Washington focuses on when, not if, either Israel or the U.S. will bomb Iran ? possibly with nuclear weapons. The accusation sounds very familiar: namely, that Iran possesses weapons of mass destruction. Iran has never been found in violation of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, and our own Central Intelligence Agency says Iran is more than 10 years away from producing any kind of nuclear weapon. Yet we are told we must act immediately while we still can!

01-15-07 - It's All About Iran ** Washington wants war?

01-15-07 - Russian Admiral Says U.S. Navy Prepares Missile Strike on Iran **

01-15-07 - Iran's leader urges Muslim unity He told a gathering of Shia and Sunni scholars the US and Israel were trying to sow seeds of sectarian division in order to bring insecurity to Iraq.

01-15-07 - Washington trial forces Cheney into the spotlight It is not clear whether Mr Cheney will appear in court in person or give evidence by video-conference. Either way, however, his cross-examination by the special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, one of the most tenacious lawyers in the US, could be a courtroom clash for the age. How I wish I could watch.

01-15-07 - Rice seeks Saudi backing on Iraq

01-15-07 - Is Iran driving new Saudi diplomacy?

01-15-07 - Rice: UN sanctions on Iran 'not enough'

01-15-07 - Tehran largest donor in £500m Muslim pledges to Palestinians An international boycott of the Hamas-led authority imposed last year has given Iran an opportunity to increase its influence. If the US, goaded on by Israel, hadn't besieged the Palestinians for over a year by allowing Israel to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in tax customs, then the Palestinians would not have been forced into the arms of others. This must be rocket science.

01-15-07 - Politics at forefront in Libby trial

01-15-07 - Major investment bank issues warning on strike against Iran ** Preisdent Bush recently removed General John Abizaid as commander of US forces in the Middle East and John Negroponte as Director of National Intelligence, both of whom have said attacking Iran is not a priority or the right move at this time.

01-15-07 - Israeli strategic chief proposes peace plan with Syria "We should not keep to old territorial formulas, and there is no more reason to think that the price of peace with Syria is a complete withdrawal from the Golan,"

01-15-07 - US blocking Lebanon reconciliation: Hezbollah chief

01-15-07 - Secret understandings reached between representatives from Israel and Syria Aronson said the idea of a park on the Golan Heights allows for the Syrian demand that Israel pull back to the June 4 border, on the one hand, while on the other hand, the park eliminates Israeli concerns that Syrians will have access to the water sources of Lake Kinneret.

01-15-07 - It's Not Torture and It Is Necessary by Rabbi Aryeh Spero

01-15-07 - Outside View: Iran must be stopped 'Their aim is to become a hegemony. Their aim is to drive the United States out (of the Middle East) and replace it. If they become a nuclear power it can start a nuclear arms race with Turkey and others. I don't think that the U.S. and the West can allow such a thing,' Sounds like Ayalon is talking about Israel. Read on about Ayalon and Israel's 'demographic' problem.

01-15-07 - What to Do About Iran? A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down...


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