The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, January 14, 2007

News for 01-13-07

01-13-07 - Syria insists it is cooperating on Iraqi security "Contrary to arguments circulating in the media and political circles, Syria has cooperated, and continues to cooperate, on securing and stabilizing the situation in Iraq,"

01-13-07 - Rice: U.S. aims to curb Iran aggression U.S. raids that President Bush approved against Iranian targets in Iraq are part of broad efforts to confront Tehran's aggression, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Saturday. Oh the irony.

01-13-07 - U.S. Forces Fighting Iranians In Iraq ** Pentagon sources tell CBS News the U.S. military has planned covert cross-border raids into Iran ? but so far none has been approved.

01-13-07 - US sends warplanes to Turkey''s Incirlik military base **

01-13-07 - Shock and oil: Iraq's billions & the White House connection

01-13-07 - Russia backs Syria in probe request In an attempt to help its ally Syria, which so far has been singled out as refusing to cooperate with the U.N. investigation, Russia has asked that all countries not fully cooperating be publicly named. If one of the (nations that are not cooperating) were Syria, it would be trumpeted on every major US news source for a time.

01-13-07 - China tells U.S. not to meddle in ties with Iran

01-13-07 - More American soldiers seeking to flee to Canada, group says

01-13-07 - US seeks to banish Iran war 'rumor' ** Too late. The cat ain't going back into the bag.

01-13-07 - Iran president tours Latin America bolstering anti-US ties

01-13-07 - Lebanon opposition protests slow pace of murder cases "We want to know why the government doesn't reveal the truth about these political assassinations," read banners carried by some of the 1,000-odd people who took part in the sit-in protest.

01-13-07 - Bush's Iraq Plan - Goading Iran Into War ** The next move may be Iran's. Tehran has likely sniffed the trap and will sit idly by for now and deprive the Bush administration of a pretext for escalation. But continued provocations from the U.S. through additional raids of Iranian consulates and offices will likely lead to an intentional or unintentional response, after which escalation and war may become reality. Iran has at times failed to exhibit the discipline necessary to refrain from responding to aggressions.

01-13-07 - Torn loyalties of Israel's Iranian Jews Yossi Melman, the author of a forthcoming book on Iran's nuclear programme, says concerns about an Iranian attack have been exaggerated, an unusual view here in Israel.

01-13-07 - Why Condemning Israel and the Zionist Lobby is so Important


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