The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, January 07, 2007

News for 01-07-07

01-07-07 - U.S. puts squeeze on Iran's oil fields a new U.S. campaign to dry up financing for oil and natural gas development poses a threat to the republic's ability to continue exporting oil over the next two decades, many analysts say

01-07-07 - Divisions deepened by Saddam's death

01-07-07 - For Female Soldiers, Sexual Assault Remains a Danger

01-07-07 - Half of Americans Link Hussein and al-Qaeda A testament to the power of the propaganda machine (msm) of this administration.

01-07-07 - Saddam Is Dead - So Are 3,000 Americans by Rep. Ron Paul

01-07-07 - Capitol Hill prepares for tough hearings on Iraq Even before President Bush lays out his "new way forward" in Iraq, the Demo-cratic majority in Congress and a growing number of Republicans say they will oppose any troop surge - but not to the point of blocking funding for the war.

01-07-07 - Bonkers Bolton's Legacy

01-07-07 - The War and the New York Times The war in Iraq, one of the most disastrous military enterprises in the history of the Republic, has the New York Times' fingerprints all over it. The role the newspaper played in fomenting the 2003 attack is now one of the best known sagas in journalistic history, as embodied in the reports of Judy Miller, working in collusion with Iraqi exiles and US spooks to concoct Saddam's imaginary arsenal of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Judy Miller - the neoconETTE.

01-07-07 - CIA panel blocks book by outed agent Valerie Plame According to Newsweek magazine, the CIA panel that must approve writings by former employees ruled Plame can't even mention the widely-known fact she worked for the agency because she had "nonofficial cover," posing as a private business-woman instead of a government official.

01-07-07 - Military strike is only way to stop Iran, says top Israeli strategist ** Zvi Shtauber, director of Tel-Aviv University's Institute for National Security Studies, was speaking last night after the Foreign Ministry denied a report in The Sunday Times that Israeli pilots were already training to strike three targets with low-yield nuclear weapons.

01-07-07 - To Win in Baghdad, Strike at Tehran ** This is a writer that is, not surprisingly, featured on both FreeRepublic and FrontPagemag - neocon country.

01-07-07 - American diplomat secures top political post at UN The appointment is certain to provoke fear among other UN member states that Washington will have too much power in the organisation.

01-07-07 - The Bush administration's committee for regime change in Iran ** As was the case during the runup to the war with Iraq, the mainstream media outfits are filling their pages with neocon rhetoric for war - this time Iran. This is what happens when you fail to hold people accountable for deliberately deceiving the people of this nation into believing that another nation (Iraq) is an immediate and grave threat to us. They're at it again.

01-07-07 - Hoyer and Dems Set Stage for Iran Attack

01-07-07 - U.S. v. Salah has elements of Jews vs. Arabs During a two-week stretch of the trial, jurors heard unprecedented testimony from a pair of agents from Israeli's Shin Bet security service. The two agents -- testifying under assumed names and in a courtroom closed to the public -- were involved in an interrogation of Salah that lasted nearly two months after his arrest at an Israeli checkpoint in 1993. Disguised agents of a foreign government (that routinely violates international law) are allowed to testify - in secret - during criminal proceedings in the US of A. Outrageous.

01-07-07 - Syrian president meets European delegation over regional issues

01-07-07 - US deports Israeli convicted of conspiring to aide Hizbullah

01-07-07 - Beltway Insiders Versus Neo-Cons Would it not be wonderful if an anti-Lobby organization of Jewish Americans emerged with a title like "Not in Our Name"? There is such an organization - called 'Not in my name'.

01-07-07 - Friends say recently deported Ohio imam has disappeared Immigration authorities said Friday that Damra was flown to Amman, Jordan, at 4 a.m. EST Thursday, then crossed the Allenby Bridge to the West Bank.
But his friends and family in Cleveland and in Damra's hometown of Nablus say no one has heard from him since he was taken.

01-07-07 - Man dies after being critically wounded by cluster bomb in south Lebanon A 70-year-old Lebanese farmer died three months after he was critically wounded by a cluster bomb explosion in south Lebanon

01-07-07 - US: Jews launch Operation Screwball Follow the link to the website. The Zionists published the home addresses and phone numbers of these Neturei Karta Orthodox Jews, much like they do to Jews on the Massada hit list. Swell bunch, ain't they?

01-07-07 - Doves become new source of Ain al-Hilweh violence Armed clashes have become increasingly commonplace in Ain al-Hilweh, Lebanon's largest Palestinian refugee camp, located on the outskirts of Sidon. In the past, however, frequent skirmishes usually involved disputes between rival armed factions.

01-07-07 - Hezbollah: 'Captured soldiers will not be freed unless Quntar is released'



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