The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, January 01, 2007

News for 12-31-06

12-31-06 - American death toll in Iraq passes 3,000 mark

12-31-06 - Iran cleric warns the West over atomic pressure Rafsanjani said there would be consequences if Iran was treated unfairly over its nuclear program, which Tehran says is for peaceful purposes only and the West fears is a cover for building nuclear bombs.

12-31-06 - The case for Iran Alarmist assessments of Iran's nuclear program lack a key component: evidence.

12-31-06 - Execution 'should not have happened on our holy day'

12-31-06 - China?s military spending to reach $36bn

12-31-06 - Cheney faces troubled new year

12-31-06 - China chokes on a coal-fired boom Its consequences have been detected half a world away in toxic clouds so big that they can seen from space, drifting across the Pacific to California laden with microscopic particles of chemicals that cause cancer and diseases of the heart and lung.

12-31-06 - Deputy Defense Minister: Israel worried about post-Saddam Iraq Saddam's final words were reportedly, "Palestine is Arab."

12-31-06 - Hagel Shrugged? Bummer.

12-31-06 - Preserve, Protect and Defend

12-31-06 - US using Saddam death to sow Muslim discord: Lebanese cleric

12-31-06 - Still more ideological diversity at Time: Kristol and Kinsley signed up

12-31-06 - Al-Qaeda leader urges Palestinians to turn against Abbas The Fatah-linked militant group Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades said "these declarations sow division and serve the purpose of the Zionist (Israeli) occupation and have nothing to do with the fight against the occupier."

12-31-06 - America, the Betrayer: The Fulfillment? America has failed to topple the Iran and Syria regimes, to stem the Iraqi insurgency or to smother Iran's nuclear weapons development program. Another blame-America article from the usual corners.

12-31-06 - Israelis Oppose Negotiations with Syria The area of the Golan Heights?approximately 1,860 square kilometres of land?was seized by Israel during the 1967 war, and annexed to its territory in 1981. 66 per cent of respondents reject returning the Golan Heights to Syria within the framework of a real peace agreement. (Stolen)land or peace - which is it? History has proven that Israel can't have both.

12-31-06 - Israel plays down letter from Assad to Olmert

12-31-06 - Israel is the Only Middle East Ally for Americans Yeh. Look at the list that they offered to choose from. Somebody at Angus-Reid there is reaching for straws.

12-31-06 - A dictator's Mideast legacy


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