The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, January 07, 2007

News for 01-06-07

01-06-07 - Democrats step up Iraq pressure

01-06-07 - Iran reformists slam government's nuclear policy

01-06-07 - John Michael McConnell, a Member of the Club

01-06-07 - Lawmakers Criticize Video of Hussein?s Final Minutes

01-06-07 - Selling the Surge Who needs to support the President? Only 12 percent of Americans want to escalate the war. Most now want the US to get out. Nothing they've heard from the neocons since the beginning of the war has turned out to be right.

01-06-07 - "Surge" Without Congressional Approval Is Impeachable Offense

01-06-07 - Officials: No Support for Marines Claims in Haditha Probe

01-06-07 - Neocons' hand seen in 'the surge' A key part of the new Iraq plan that President Bush is expected to announce next week - a surge in U.S. troops coupled with a more focused counterinsurgency effort - has been one of the chief recommendations of these neocons since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

01-06-07 - Blood and oil: How the West will profit from Iraq's most precious commodity

01-06-07 - Osirak Redux? ** A few days of Israeli bombing may or may not retard the Iranian nuclear program, but it would impede any plan by the realists to engage Iran in an effort to stabilize Iraq, start withdrawing U.S. troops, and change the direction of American policy in the Middle East

01-06-07 - Can We Let Intelligence Officials Lie With Impunity??

01-06-07 - FBI probes death threat against Muslim leader

01-06-07 - Report: Israel Planning Nuke Raid on Iran Uranium Enrichment Sites ** Some sources in Washington said they doubted if Israel would have the nerve to attack Iran. Did Israel leaks its plans to the media before it struck Osirak? If not, why not? This would appear to be a move to extort some kind of action by the US.

01-06-07 - Future of Iraq: The spoils of war The huge potential prizes for Western firms will give ammunition to critics who say the Iraq war was fought for oil. They point to statements such as one from Vice-President Dick Cheney, who said in 1999, while he was still chief executive of the oil services company Halliburton, that the world would need an additional 50 million barrels of oil a day by 2010

01-06-07 - Democrats: Nuclear Iran unacceptable Iran with nuclear weapons is unacceptable, new House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told The Jerusalem Post hours after entering the party leadership position.

01-06-07 - Israel's Bad Influence ** By coincidence, an Israeli general has verified everything Ritter says.

01-06-07 - Saddam now a 'martyr' In the week since Saddam Hussein was hanged in an execution steeped in sectarian overtones, his public image in the Arab world, formerly that of an imprisoned dictator, has undergone a resurgence of admiration and awe.

01-06-07 - German FM warns hanging could make Saddam "cult" hero German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has warned that the execution of Saddam Hussein risked making the Iraqi dictator a martyr with cult status.

01-06-07 - Saudis, France urge compliance from Iran " Israel should not be excluded from the international efforts and procedures,"

01-06-07 - Effort to Recover Leaked Documents Ends This was part of the AIPAC scandal.

01-06-07 - Iran and trade to top Olmert's agenda in China visit Along with pushing Israeli concerns over the prospect of its arch-foe obtaining an atomic bomb, Olmert will also seek to bolster important bilateral economic ties with the rising world power, officials say.

01-06-07 - MICHAEL RIVERO JOINS THE ON-AIR LINEUP AT GENESIS COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK. This Saturday's show is "The Lie Of The Century" with special guest James

01-06-07 - Fresh from the horse's ass 'Saddam' terror group
says it's targeting U.S. Mmm k.


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