The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, January 04, 2007

News for 01-03-07

01-03-07 - US would have executed Saddam 'differently'

01-03-07 - Iran to launch production of industrial nuclear fuel

01-03-07 - Second U.S. carrier group to deploy to Gulf: sources ** The Pentagon will send a second aircraft carrier and its escort ships to the Gulf, defense officials said on Wednesday, as a warning to Syria and Iran and to give commanders more flexibility in the region.

01-03-07 - US raised concerns over Saddam hanging The United States said it told Iraq it was concerned about the timing and procedures for Saddam Hussein's execution before he was hanged, but insisted the former dictator got justice.

01-03-07 - Pentagon not pursuing Guantanamo report FBI agents documented more than two dozen incidents of possible mistreatment at the facility, including one in which a detainee's head was wrapped in duct tape because he chanted the Quran and another who pulled out his hair after hours in a sweltering room.

01-03-07 - Negroponte to leave intel director post National Intelligence Director John Negroponte will resign to become deputy secretary of state, a government official said Wednesday night.

01-03-07 - Iraq arrests Saddam guard in filming probe

01-03-07 - US to launch campaign to isolate Iran financially: report "The plan is to use the language of the (UN) resolution to help persuade foreign governments and financial institutions to cut ties with Iranian businesses, individuals in its nuclear and missile programs and, by extension, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps," the report said, quoting Stuart Levey, under secretary of the treasury for terrorism and financial intelligence.

01-03-07 - Grannies read NY, NJ, CT war dead names

01-03-07 - Free Press Takes on Corporate Ownership

01-03-07 - Sheehan, Iraq War Protesters Break Up House Democrats' Press Conference Chanting "de-escalate, investigate, troops home now," the protesters disrupted a briefing aimed at outlining priority goals when Democrats take over the House and Senate on Thursday.

01-03-07 - Israel seeks operational link with U.S. missile defense system ** The request for information from the U.S. was intended, according to the same source, "in the event that the American systems are deployed in Israel for reinforcement.

01-03-07 - Iran leader says believes Israel will soon collapse

01-03-07 - Hezbollah holds talks with Saudi king: source

01-03-07 - Keane/Kagan Plan Means More Bloodshed Bush's proposal, if he makes it, is the work of retired army general Jack Keane and Frederick W. Kagan of the American Enterprise Institute. AEI is the second most important Israeli lobby in Washington after AIPAC.

01-03-07 - Getting the Middle East Back on Our Side By BRENT SCOWCROFT A vigorously renewed effort to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict could fundamentally change both the dynamics in the region and the strategic calculus of key leaders

01-03-07 - Geopolitical Diary: Israel's Options Against Iran ** With the United States currently lacking any solid options to contain Iran via a political resolution in Iraq, there has been intense speculation over the possibility that Israel might have to get its hands dirty and take military action against Iran -- with or without U.S. cooperation..... If the military option is to be used, Israel sees the value in having U.S. forces that are well-positioned in Iraq to help carry out the attacks.
Israel - the monkey on America's back.

01-03-07 - Lieberman to Ban Ki-moo: Don't Link ME Conflict with Iranian Nukes

01-03-07 - Israeli PM to China for talks with President Hu: official Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is to travel next week to China for talks with President Hu Jintao and other senior officials focusing on economic and diplomatic ties, his office said.

01-03-07 - 2006: Israel defense sales hit record India was Israel's biggest customer, Ben-Hanan said, with purchases reaching $1.5 billion.

01-03-07 - Stop That Spin House Democrats boast that their proposed ethics legislation will ban travel provided by lobbying organizations to lawmakers. Don't believe it. Maneuvering by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and others has opened a gaping loophole in the bill. Lobbies such as AIPAC and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have their own nonprofit foundations, which will still be allowed to underwrite congressional junkets under the new rules.


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