The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, December 30, 2006

News for 12-29-06

12-29-06 - Saddam Hussein executed in Iraq Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has been executed by hanging at an unspecified location in Baghdad.

12-29-06 - US frees detained Iran diplomats Earlier this week a US military spokesman said the Iranians were among 10 people held following an intelligence-based operation against suspected insurgents.

12-29-06 - Saddam sees death as 'sacrifice'

12-29-06 - Reyes: U.S. intelligence 'manipulated'

12-29-06 - Iraqis split over death penalty for Saddam News of Saddam Hussein?s imminent execution provoked widely differing reactions among Iraqis on Wednesday, with some welcoming the demise of their former persecutor and many afraid that it would cause further disruption to their lives, and others convinced that the president would strike a last-minute deal to avoid death.

12-29-06 - How a spy was caught and why he still stands to profit From his prison cell, an unrepentant Pollard still claims a double-cross by U.S. prosecutors who had promised not to seek a life sentence. Mr. Olive dashes this protest: The government did not recommend the term. It was meted by U.S. District Judge Aubrey E. Robinson Jr., after reading a still-secret memo from Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger detailing the grave damage Pollard caused to national security

12-29-06 - US tries to assure allies that extraordinary renditions are over The US is telling its overseas allies that it has stopped "extraordinary renditions" and needs their help to empty Guantánamo's prison cells. But human rights groups dispute this assertion and a question mark hangs over 200 "war on terror" detainees who could be held indefinitely without trial.

12-29-06 - Belgian troops wounded in Lebanon Two Belgian soldiers on a mine-clearing operation in south Lebanon have been wounded after stepping on a cluster bomb, a UN spokesman has said.

12-29-06 - Hezbollah involved in Lebanon assassinations: Jumblatt

12-29-06 - Probe 'finds Israeli army deficient in summer war' There is no probe into Israel's conduct of the war that included the wholesale bombing of civilians (including those in the process of fleeing), and the firing of thousands of cluster bombs into civilian areas.

12-29-06 - Finding resolution in Iraq


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