The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, December 31, 2006

News for 12-30-06

12-30-06 - How Washington and London helped to create the monster they went to war to destroy

12-30-06 - Third time's the harm After two tours of duty in Afghanistan, Steven Henderson says his latest callup 'not to exceed 545 days' in Iraq is asking too much.

12-30-06 - Robert Fisk: He takes his secrets to the grave. Our complicity dies with him Saddam knew, too, the secrets of the attack on the USS Stark when, on 17 May 1987, an Iraqi jet launched a missile attack on the American frigate, killing more than a sixth of the crew and almost sinking the vessel. The US accepted Saddam's excuse that the ship was mistaken for an Iranian vessel and allowed Saddam to refuse their request to interview the Iraqi pilot.

12-30-06 - Military families weigh Saddam execution

12-30-06 - Former Iran leaders speak out against nuclear policy

12-30-06 - Relieved Iran lauds hanging of Saddam

12-30-06 - Insurgency set to outlive Saddam Human Rights Watch, who observed every day of the process along with another NGO, brought out a harsh verdict on the quality of justice in this case. Their conclusion was that this was not a fair trial, and the soundness of the verdict is questionable

12-30-06 - Book: Israel, Lobby Pushing Iran War ** Later in the book, Ritter adds: "Let there be no doubt: If there is an American war with Iran, it is a war that was made in Israel and nowhere else." Hmm.

12-30-06 - Maverick British MP denounces Saddam's hanging as illegal blunder

12-30-06 - The Disrespect for Truth has Brought a New Dark Age

12-30-06 - Israel says 'justice done' with Saddam execution "Saddam Hussein brought about his own demise. This was a man who caused a great deal of harm to his people and who was a major threat to Israel," Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres told public radio Saturday.

12-30-06 - Kid Rock spends Christmas with US GI's in Iraq

12-30-06 - US welcomes Saddam hanging, Europe opposes execution "Saddam Hussein was a prisoner of war," a Hamas spokesman, Fawzi Barhum, told AFP. The "hanging ... is a political assassination that violates all international laws that are supposed to protect prisoners of war."

12-30-06 - What to do with Iran? ** As an American strike in Iran is essential for our existence, we must help him pave the way by lobbying the Democratic Party (which is conducting itself foolishly) and US newspaper editors. We need to do this in order to turn the Iranian issue to a bipartisan one and unrelated to the Iraq failure.....We must turn to Hillary Clinton and other potential presidential candidates in the Democratic Party so that they publicly support immediate action by Bush against Iran.....We must clandestinely cooperate with Saudi Arabia so that it also persuades the US to strike Iran.....The Americans must act. Yet if they don't, we'll do it ourselves

12-30-06 - Morally And Strategically Right To Send More U.S. Troops To Iraq By Joseph Lieberman

12-30-06 - Sorry, Senator Lieberman, I Don't Buy It it's a funny thing how Iran is now the source of all the extremism and terrorism. Also notice how shortly after Lieberman mentions Iran, he makes the ubiquitous reference to 9/11. Is this the new subliminal message, that Iran was behind those attacks?

12-30-06 - A challenge to newly elected Speaker of the House Pelosi In 2001, Pelosi told a pro-Israeli conference the real issue surrounding the Palestinian/Israeli problem is not the occupation, but Israel's right to exist. She added the occupation argument is "nonsense."


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