The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, December 08, 2006

News for 12-07-06

12-07-06 - Fine Print in Defense Bill Opens Door to Martial Law It "subverts solid, longstanding posse comitatus statutes that limit the military's involvement in law enforcement, thereby making it easier for the President to declare martial law,"...."Using the military for law enforcement goes against one of the founding tenets of our democracy."...It "was just slipped in the defense bill as a rider with little study," Also, see the part down below about Backchannel chatter with regard to Putin.

12-07-06 - Roots of debacle in Iraq are in neocon ideology Neoconservatives have been wrong about every possible aspect of Iraq: wrong about the threat from Saddam, wrong about the way to deal with it, wrong about the costs of war, wrong about the insurgency, and wrong about staying the course. The only question left is how long the country and the Bush administration will continue listening to them on foreign policy. And at what cost? No, my friend. The real question is : why haven't these neoconservatives been held accountable for duping America into engaging in one of the biggest disasters in the history of the United States? THAT is the question that IS NOT BEING ASKED.

12-07-06 - Iran: Sanctions Would Be Act of Hostility Iran's president warned Washington's European allies on Tuesday that Iran would reconsider its relations with them if they insist on punishing Tehran for its nuclear programs, saying that would amount to an act of "hostility."

12-07-06 - At Least 5 Marines Are Expected to Be Charged in Haditha Deaths

12-07-06 - Iran urges Arabs to eject U.S. military Iran's top national security official urged his Arab neighbors Tuesday to eject the U.S. military from American bases in the region and instead join Tehran in a regional security alliance.

12-07-06 - Bush: No early Iran-Syria talks US President George W Bush has ruled out early talks with Iran and Syria on tackling Iraq's unrest, after meeting Tony Blair at the White House.

12-07-06 - New Pelosi Appointee Wants More Troops In Iraq

12-07-06 - Gates: Attacking Iran Would 'Worsen The Violence In Iraq And Lead To Greater American Casualties' **

12-07-06 - Russia upgrades nuclear missiles

12-07-06 - US opens new Guantanamo camp jail

12-07-06 - Litvinenko's associate 'in a coma' as spy murder mystery deepens

12-07-06 - "Bin Laden Will Be Back" Former CIA agent Michael Scheuer on the prospects of finding bin Laden, the outlook for al Qaeda and the risk of new terror attacks in the United States.

12-07-06 - Israelis piqued by Gates nuclear "confirmation" A retired Israeli diplomat, speaking to Reuters on condition of anonymity, called the testimony "quite unprecedented" and added: "I can only assume he (Gates) has yet to get to grips with the understandings that exist between us and the Americans."....By not declaring itself to be nuclear armed, Israel also skirts a U.S. ban on funding countries that proliferate weapons of mass destruction. It can thus enjoy more than $2 billion in annual military and other aid from Washington And what "understandings" would those be?

12-07-06 - Cracks appear between Bush and Blair over need for talks with Iran and Syria

12-07-06 - Israel rejects US panel report recommendations on Mideast Israeli officials have sought to downplay the report's significance, saying it included only recommendations and that any change of policy would be up to Bush, who has so far not pressed Israel for concessions.

12-07-06 - Bloomberg Blasts Bolton Opposition

12-07-06 - Canada police commissioner quits Canada's police chief has resigned after admitting he misled parliament in the case of a man deported to Syria over suspected terror links.

12-07-06 - Euro Faces Huge Change If Others Follow Iran, Says UBS's Baweja

12-07-06 - Boris Berezovsky and the Bizarro Effect Russia in the recent past seemed to be trying to clean out its nest of crooks (in the oil biz, among other places) - some of whom are taking refuge in Israel. A couple of them visited the US this past year, much to Russia's consternation (since they are wanted in Russia and we allowed them to visit).

12-07-06 - Olmert rejects talks with Syria, says conditions are 'not ripe' Olmert's office said Wednesday that it is unlikely that Bush would alter his Middle East policy with regard to Israel, despite the recommendations of the bipartisan advisory panel, headed by former secretary of state James Baker and former Democratic Congressman Lee Hamilton. Sources at the Prime Minister's Office said Wednesday night that Olmert is not unduly concerned with the report because in his recent meeting with Bush at the White House, he was promised that the U.S. would not divert from the principles of its policy in dealing with terrorist groups and in countering the Iranian nuclear program.

12-07-06 - Saudi Ambassador Remarks on Iraq Study Group Findings Prince Turki welcomed the report's recommendation for a comprehensive settlement for all Middle East conflicts, which the Kingdom has always maintained are interconnected and affect global security and stability

12-07-06 - Bill Clinton supports dialogue with Iran Former President Bill Clinton on Thursday endorsed the idea of talks with Iran and Syria to help ease the bloodletting in Iraq, saying it would also be in Tehran's interests.

12-07-06 - Israel seeks to downplay policy shifts in US panel report "American intervention in Iraq was done without agreement with Israel, the Americans have stayed in Iraq without agreement with Israel, which proves that the Iraqi question is not linked to Israel," Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres told public radio. Bullsh@t.

12-07-06 - UNRWA inaugurates 40 new shelters for Palestine refugees in Ein el-Tal Camp, Aleppo, Syria The families, who started the final finishing works of their new houses on a self-help basis, were presented with a symbolic olive tree plant to mark their move to the new homes by Lise Filietrault, Ali Mustafa, and Panos Moumtzis.

12-07-06 - Palestinian refugees want no part of another Lebanese war

12-07-06 - Europeans welcome Iraq report as sign of change in US plans The policy set at the upcoming Saban conference (read below) will seek to ensure that the recommendations by the ISG with regard to Israeli concessions in any ME peace deal, or open dialogue between Iran/Syria with the US, will not be implemented by the US. That's my guess.

12-07-06 - Al-Jazeera And The Truth you don't need an electronic bug in the offices of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee to know that AIPAC and the Bush administration are putting pressure on the distributors to shun Al-Jazeera. Denying Americans their First Amendment right to the truth, in regard to Israel, is always Job One with AIPAC. That is necessary because the truth about Israel's actions toward the Palestinians and other Arab countries puts the lie to all of the Zionist propaganda.

12-07-06 - Israeli Official Discusses Iran and His Controversial Agenda

12-07-06 - U.S. House passes anti-terrorism bill The American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobbied hard for both versions.
With the elections over, it's back to business in the Israeli Congress.

12-07-06 - UN speaks of arms movements on Syria-Lebanon border Le Monde also quoted a "confidential document" sent to UN headquarters from an official in the region which alleged the existence of a "50-man squad of militants linked to Al-Qaeda" charged by Damascus with killing 36 anti-Syrian Lebanese personalities

12-07-06 - Fresh from the horse's ass note who wrote this 'news article'.

12-07-06 - Senate confirms Gates Israeli media described the comment as a potential breach of a longstanding tacit agreement by Washington to go along with the Jewish state?s policy of nuclear ambiguity

12-07-06 - BMD Focus: Israel's new BMD dilemma As we have previously reported in BMD Focus, Pentagon critics and high tech BMD enthusiasts assailed the Pentagon for not pushing ahead more energetically with the THEL system over the past decade. It is certainly the case that up to the Hezbollah-Israel conflict, THEL funding remained very low relative to other BMD programs. Only about $300 million was allocated to it over the past decade, of which Israel provided about half.

12-07-06 - Hezbollah leader urges defiance

12-07-06 - Iranian Ambassador Makes Inflammatory Remarks About Holocaust, FOX News at Columbia University The Iranian ambassador to the United Nations sparked a furor Wednesday night when he said at a speech in New York that Palestinians are suffering today because of "atrocities" that happened in World War II, specifically against the Jews.

12-07-06 - Pelosi slots Lantos, Waxman as chairs The nod Wednesday from Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) virtually guarantees that Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.), a staunch defender of Israel, will chair the International Relations Committee, and Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), who is well known for his outspokenness, will chair the Government Reform Committee when Democrats assume control of the House in January after winning midterm elections.

12-07-06 - Arab world welcomes Iraq Study Group report "Sure, Iran and Syria may be allowing people to come across their border and providing some arms or money, but the conflict is overwhelmingly about sectarian enmity inside Iraq,'' says Andrew Garfield, a former British military intelligence officer who spent most of last year as an adviser in Iraq and is now a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Washington.

12-07-06 - GOP taps Ros-Lehtinen for foreign affairs Ros-Lehtinen, who chaired the committee?s Middle East subcommittee, is very close to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and sponsored key legislation in recent years isolating Syria and the Palestinian Authority.

12-07-06 - Iraq Study Group report sees mixed response in Israel

12-07-06 - Top Israelis, Americans at Saban session Among the many officials attending are Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni; David Welch, the current top U.S. envoy to the region; Shimon Peres, Israel?s deputy prime minister; Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) and her husband, former President Bill Clinton; Amos Yadlin, director of Israel?s military intelligence; Avigdor Lieberman, Israel?s minister of strategic planning; and many other Bush administration officials and U.S. and Israeli lawmakers. The only session open to coverage is the formal launch of the conference at the U.S. State Department on Friday night, which is to be addressed by Livni and Welch That strategy to keep US foreign policy that puts Israel first will be cemented therein, methinks.

12-07-06 - Envoys tour Israeli Air Force base Foreign envoys visited an Israeli Air Force base to hear about the Lebanon overflights policy.

12-07-06 - Bush nominates RJC head to Brussels post Sam Fox, 77, a St. Louis businessman and philanthropist and a top GOP fund-raiser, has presided over the RJC?s aggressive drive in recent elections to portray Democratic support for Israel as diminishing.

12-07-06 - White House honors Sharansky Natan Sharansky will be honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
A former Soviet refusenik and recently retired Israeli politician, Sharansky will receive the medal from the White House on Dec. 15.

12-07-06 - Lebanese Blame Israel, U.S. for Recent War Many adults in Lebanon hold two countries accountable for the recent war, according to a poll by Gallup. 40 per cent of respondents blame Israel for the 34-day conflict, while 24 per cent think the United States is most responsible.

12-07-06 - Israelis Wary of Baker's Report "He certainly wasn't our friend," Tsiddon-Chatto said of Baker. "He was bullying Israel into situations, bossing (us) around," Tsiddon-Chatto told Cybercast News Service.
They want our money, and our guarantees of their security, but don't want us to have any say in the matter. Arrogant, audacious, #@'ers.


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