The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

News for 12-04-06

12-04-06 - Shia leader stresses Iraq's role Mr Hakim told the US president that the Iraqi should resolve problems by themselves but said he believed American troops should remain in the country.

12-04-06 - Funding Continues for Illness Scientists Dismiss Fifteen years after the end of the 1991 war with Iraq, a Texas researcher is in line to get as much as $75 million in federal funding to press his studies of "Gulf War syndrome," even though most other scientists long ago discounted his theories.

12-04-06 - His confirmation in doubt, John Bolton exits the UN Critics claimed that Bolton's brusqueness made him counterproductive. At the UN, he alienated US allies, both real and potential, according to his critics. Many Senate Democrats - and a few Republicans - charged that his hard-line ideology and penchant for confrontation was at odds with the UN's multilateral nature. Where he winds up next is the important issue. He is, after all, a neocon. They should be tagged and tracked like on the old tv show Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.

12-04-06 - Gaidar had 'no radiation poison' Although radiation has now been ruled out as a cause for Mr Gaidar's mysterious illness, his spokesman, Valery Natarov, told the BBC they were still waiting for the results of further tests carried out by doctors here in Moscow.

12-04-06 - Aide: Bush not seeking cover for pullout

12-04-06 - Litvinenko affair will damage our relationship with UK, warns Russia Russia's Foreign Minister warned against a "politicisation" of the Litvinenko affair as British police arrived in Moscow to pursue their investigation into the poisoning of the former Russian intelligence officer in London.

12-04-06 - Anger at UN chief's Iraq comments Iraq's national security adviser says he is shocked by UN head Kofi Annan's suggestion that the average Iraqi is worse off than under Saddam Hussein.

12-04-06 - World powers to meet in Paris on Iran nuclear sanctions

12-04-06 - Russia declines comment on reported N. Korea offer Russia's atomic energy agency declined to comment on Monday on Japanese news reports that North Korea had offered Russia exclusive rights to its natural uranium deposits in exchange for support at six-way talks on Pyongyang's nuclear weapons.

12-04-06 - Egyptian police arrest foreigners for allegedly plotting attacks Along with the American, police arrested two Belgians, nine French and several others from Egypt and other Arab countries including Tunisia and Syria, the statement said. The ministry did not provide names or say how many Egyptians and Arabs were arrested.

12-04-06 - This geocities page was the precursor of this web site - 4 years ago You can see the beginnings of this site in the link list on the left - Chris Hedge's diary, links to USS Liberty material. 4 years on - the march to justice continues. And it's gathering momentum. Fasten your seat belts...

12-04-06 - Ex-Mossad agent sues Israel over Pentagon spy affair Katz says that Israel prevented him from travelling to the United States after Pollard's arrest to try to recover funds seized there, and to prevent him from being questioned by US authorities.

12-04-06 - Muslim-American Group Targets Radio Host Over Koran Oath Comments A Muslim-American advocacy group has called on radio talk show host Dennis Prager to be removed from the governing board of the federally funded U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum after Prager last week blasted a representative-elect for planning to use the Koran at his swearing-in next month.

12-04-06 - Israel fears Siniora government may fall the government source said Bush promised Olmert that his position on Iran would remain unchanged as long as Tehran remains committed to pursuing its nuclear program. As for Syria, the source said, Bush has conditioned any resumption of dialogue on Damascus' ceasing to interfere with Lebanon and ending its support for Hezbollah, and both the recent murder of Lebanese minister Pierre Gemayal and Hezbollah's confrontation with Siniora make it even less likely that Bush would change his position on this issue.

12-04-06 - US diplomat calls for Iran action "What does Iran stand for? Iran stands for disrupting states, disrupting peace and solving everything through the barrel of a gun." Ah. No comment.

12-04-06 - Was this the first casualty of Lebanon's new civil war?

12-04-06 - Bolton to step down Most major U.S. Jewish groups broke with tradition to endorse Bolton, who in addition to his support of Israel is a strong opponent of Iran?s nuclear drive.

12-04-06 - Weak dollar makes Opec cut likely The weakening dollar is increasing the chances of a cut in output by oil producers' group Opec at its next meeting later this month.

12-04-06 - Lebanese army increases forces in tense Beirut Lebanon's army deployed more soldiers in Beirut after the killing of a pro-Syrian Shiite Muslim demonstrator raised fears anti-government protests could turn into sectarian violence.

12-04-06 - Syria says ready to cooperate with all sides for regional stability

12-04-06 - Royal accused of Mid-East 'gaffe' During a joint news conference in Beirut, a Hezbollah MP compared Israel's policy towards Lebanon with Nazism.

12-04-06 - U.N. humanitarian chief accuses world of failing to keep pledge to protect civilians, citing 55 percent increase in attacks since 1989

12-04-06 - In Beirut unrest, Israel sees threat of renewed Iranian, Syrian influence To arrest the process of radicalization in Lebanon and the wider Middle East, Israel would like to help stabilize the Siniora government, build a pro-American alliance with moderate Sunni countries as a bulwark against Iranian influence and detach Syria from the Iranian axis. The trouble is that everything on this wish list is likely to prove very difficult. Come again? This after having bombarded Lebanese civilians and civilian infrastructure, and then firing 1 million cluster bomblets into Lebanon knowing that there would be a ceasefire in 3 days.

12-04-06 - As Bolton resigns U.N. post, groups will miss his frankness "John Bolton has done an extraordinary job of advancing America's interests at a time of critical importance," AIPAC spokesman Josh Block said Monday. I disagree. Bolton was Israel's man at the UN, not ours.

12-04-06 - Clinton, Barak and Lieberman talk Iran ** Iranian nuclear threat and instability in Lebanon ? these are only some of the subjects high-level American and Israeli officials will discuss at third annual Saban Forum in Washington This will result in a renewed push by Israel and its lobbyists for US action on Iran, no doubt.

12-04-06 - Chavez wins re-election In August, he drew fire for saying that Israelis "are doing what Hitler did against the Jews" and that Israel is carrying out "a new Holocaust" against the Palestinians.


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