The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

News for 12-05-06

12-05-06 - Nations fail to agree on Iran nuclear sanctions

12-05-06 - U.S. pressures Russia before Iran sanctions talks The United States urged a reluctant Russia and China on Tuesday to agree quickly on a sanctions plan against Tehran and its nuclear program as officials from six world powers prepared to seek a breakthrough at talks in Paris Mm hmm.

12-05-06 - We will call shots in Litvinenko probe: Russia Russia's chief prosecutor on Tuesday ruled out any extraditions to Britain over the poisoning to death in London of Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko but said he would help British police in their inquiries in Moscow.

12-05-06 - Last men standing: Blair heads to US for crucial talks with Bush some officials travelling with Mr Blair are privately doubtful about his chances of convincing Mr Bush to abandon the conviction of the neo-cons that Iran is part of an axis of evil that should be isolated.

12-05-06 - Solving the 'Stability' Problem By Patrick J. Buchanan

12-05-06 - Iran to replace dollar with euro in foreign trade: Finance Minister

12-05-06 - Iraq: One by one, they tell the truth

12-05-06 - US 'not winning conflict in Iraq' Mr Gates told the Senate Armed Services Committee that all options remained on the table for Iraq.

12-05-06 - Committee approves Gates for US defence chief post

12-05-06 - Russia blocks questioning of spy poison suspects In comments that appeared to sharply limit the activity of the Scotland Yard team, Yuri Chaika, Russia's General Prosecutor, made it clear that if there is to be a "Litvinenko trial," it will be in Russia. British courts have repeatedly refused high profile Russian extraditions, including that of Mr Litvinenko's allies, the oligarch Boris Berezovsky and the Chechen exile Akhmed Zakayev. It seems Moscow is in no mood to help now the boot is on the other foot.

12-05-06 - Report: Israel, Iran holding debt talks Iran is still owed hundreds of millions of dollars for oil it supplied to Israel in the years before the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and the two countries, now sworn enemies, are holding contacts meant to settle the debt, according to the report in the daily Haaretz citing anonymous Israeli and Swiss officials involved in the negotiations.

12-05-06 - Alexander Litvinenko: Blackmailer, Smuggler, Gangster Extraordinaire

12-05-06 - John Bolton's Greatest Hits

12-05-06 - Gates: Iranian nuclear strike unlikely ** Addressing the U.S. Senate in his confirmation hearings Tuesday, Robert Gates said he did not discount threats to Israel from Iran?s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but added that he believed that the religious establishment controlling Iran was less inclined to an attack....He said a U.S. attack on Iran or Syria could destabilize the region

12-05-06 - Report: Hezbollah committed war crimes The American Jewish Congress helped the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Institute for Special Studies, a private research group with close ties to Israeli intelligence, prepare and translate the report. Israeli spin doctors still working full-time to cover for Israel's colossal blunder of this summer.

12-05-06 - Israeli envoy: Protect Lebanon "It should be the world's challenge to make sure that Lebanon does not fall into the hands of Iran and Syria," Sallai Meridor said Monday at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, his first public appearance since his appointment three weeks ago.

12-05-06 - Iran to host meeting on Holocaust This is Iran's answer to the debate about freedom of speech over the cartoons insulting the Prophet Mohammed, and its way of trying to woo radical support in the Middle East for its anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian policies.

12-05-06 - Israel is on freshman lawmakers' to-do list New office on Capitol Hill? Check. Orientation to congressional protocols? Check. All-expense paid trip to Israel? Add that to the freshman lawmaker's calendar....A 2005 National Journal survey of congressional insiders ranked AIPAC second most influential lobbying group among Democratic lawmakers and fourth among Republicans.


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