The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, December 04, 2006

News for 12-03-06

12-03-06 - U.S. airstrike in Iraq kills eight A U.S. airstrike destroyed a foreign fighter safe house in a Sunni insurgent stronghold west of Baghdad, killing five insurgents, two women and a child, the U.S. military said on Sunday.

12-03-06 - Iraq in grip of civil war, Annan says

12-03-06 - Iraq report is moment of truth on Iraq Even before the long-awaited report is released Wednesday, serious doubts are mounting over whether Bush will be prepared to implement all or some of its findings -- and even over the relevance of recommendations produced in the safety of Washington as Iraq plummets into horror.

12-03-06 - 'Militants' held in Saudi Arabia They are accused of planning to bring down the Saudi royal family and attack Western targets.

12-03-06 - VA's ability to provide benefits worsens

12-03-06 - Saudis working to reign in Iran

12-03-06 - Litvinenko may have fallen foul of ruthless Russian businessmen

12-03-06 - Tehran court judgment could turn over US embassy to plaintiff

12-03-06 - Erdogan holds Mideast, trade talks in Iran Iran and Turkey share a border, a common interest in stemming the activities of Kurdish militants operating inside their territories and concerns about the security situation in neighbouring Iraq.

12-03-06 - Carter urges oil independence The problem, Carter said, is that oil company interests, not "the people's interests," have set U.S. energy policy for the past six years. He said he hopes the newly elected Democratic Congress will change that.

12-03-06 - The Litvinenko murder: Scaramella - The Italian Connection Mr Litvinenko accused Mr Scaramella of poisoning him from the day he first fell ill: as the Italian told me, his name was all over Russian and Chechen websites as the main suspect in the poisoning of the former FSB agent long before the story hit the British press.

12-03-06 - Polonium-210, Fiction and Fact Perhaps it isn?t significant, but most Russian nuclear reactors are subject to IAEA Safeguards. None of Israel?s are

12-03-06 - Israel creates new ministry to deal with Iran threat The Israeli government has approved the creation of a new ministry for strategic affairs, to be headed by a controversial ultra-nationalist and deal mainly with Iran's nuclear ambitions

12-03-06 - Loss of Arab support due to US apathy in Mideast: Carter "One is not even allowed to say he has an objective opinion about the Middle East conflict or that he supports the rights of Palestinians on their land and favours Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories," said Carter, who has just released a book in which he is deeply critical of Israeli policies.

12-03-06 - Beirut protests keep pressure on While the demonstrations have had the good nature of a pop concert or festival, this is an extremely serious crisis for Lebanon, says the BBC's Jon Leyne in Beirut.

12-03-06 - School Day 24: Iran-UK-US As this is their first such experience, they hope it will be an opportunity to show another face of Iran - different to the usual bad news that is reported.

12-03-06 - Ghajar deal reached The Cabinet approved on Sunday a plan under which Israeli troops that occupied northern Ghajar since the summer war with Hezbollah would withdraw to the southern part of the village, to be replaced by UNIFIL peacekeepers and a small contingent of Lebanese police and troops

12-03-06 - Jewish groups slam Prager for Koran remarks Jewish groups slammed Dennis Prager for his attack on a congressman who plans to use a Koran in a private swearing-in ceremony.

12-03-06 - Blair heads for US to press for peace in the Middle East The Prime Minister, who is said to be ?deeply frustrated? that Mr Bush has failed to fulfil his promise of spending ?political capital? on brokering a settlement between the Arabs and Israelis, will arrive on Wednesday evening

12-03-06 - Report: Olmert to Meet Senior Saudi Officials Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will in the near future meet with senior Saudi Arabian officials to discuss the Saudi peace initiative

12-03-06 - The Putin bodyguard riddle A FORMER bodyguard to President Vladimir Putin was murdered with a poison that produced symptoms remarkably similar to those of Alexander Litvinenko it emerged yesterday, writes Jonathan Calvert.

12-03-06 - Harman gracious to successor Pelosi reportedly was irked that Harman solicited lobbyist to help her keep the position, including from major Jewish donors to the party.

12-03-06 - Imam disputes tie to Hamas


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