The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, September 01, 2006

News for 08-31-06

08-31-06 - 2 Marines admit to abducting, killing Iraqi

08-31-06 - Pentagon sees Iran with bomb in 5 years: report ** The U.S. military is operating on the assumption that Tehran is five to eight years away from being able to build a nuclear bomb, The Washington Times reported in its Thursday edition. Iran hasn't even been sanctioned yet, and already the propaganda has been ramped up. Earlier reports gave this estimate at ten years. (This is also the estimate that Negroponte gave not so long ago, paragraph 9) And lest we forget, the Pentagon is neocon country.

08-31-06 - U.S. force in Iraq at 140,000, most since January

08-31-06 - Annan prods Israel to lift Lebanon siege Annan described Israel's 7-week-old blockade of Lebanon as "unsustainable," saying: "It is important that it is lifted and not be seen as collective punishment of the Lebanese people."

08-31-06 - UN chief in Syria, blasts Israel over cluster bombs

08-31-06 - Donors make huge Lebanon pledge The Lebanon donor conference in Stockholm has raised more than $940m in pledges of new money, Swedish Foreign Minister Jan Eliasson has said.

08-31-06 - Bolton: Unanimity not necessary on Iran Russia and China, which have traditional economic and strategic ties with Tehran, seem likely to resist U.S.-led efforts for a quick response, which means sanctions do not loom immediately. That has prompted the Bush administration to consider rallying its allies to impose sanctions or financial restrictions of their own, independent of the Security Council.

08-31-06 - Bush escalates war-on-terror rhetoric

08-31-06 - Annan does not expect immediate UN action on Iran "Even though the deadline has expired, I don't think the Council is going to act tomorrow. I will need to be in touch with the players to find out how they intend to proceed," Mr Annan said.

08-31-06 - WMD search intellectually dishonest: inspector "It didn't seem to be to be an intellectually honest process because it was based on a preconception that there was WMD there to be found rather than what I would term an intellectually honest process."

08-31-06 - China pursuing diplomacy with Iran

08-31-06 - US confident of getting UN sanctions against Iran in September The United States predicted confidently that the UN Security Council would impose sanctions on Iran within a month given Tehran's apparent intention to ignore a Thursday deadline for suspending its suspect nuclear activities.

08-31-06 - Palestinian woman injured by US-troops fire in Iraq

08-31-06 - Experts clearing cluster bombs from Lebanese villages Masche has found so many of the American-made M-42 cluster munitions that he named them "bomblet of the month" on his personal website, which he uses to educate others.

08-31-06 - Bush rejects Iraq withdrawal, warns Iran

08-31-06 - Former weapons inspector disappointed with handling of concerns He says he quit his job in 2004 because the group was focusing on trying to justify pre-war judgements rather than establish facts.

08-31-06 - Crayons and glass litter Lebanese school

08-31-06 - US wheat heads to Lebanon from Jordan The US government has donated 700 tonnes of wheat to Lebanon as part of a "goodwill" gesture to help relief efforts, with the first trucks heading for Beirut from Jordan, the US embassy has said. It would have been MUCH more helpful if the US government had instead NOT supplied Israel with cluster bombs. Ronald Reagan banned supplying Israel with these same bombs in the 80s because Israel was using them AGAINST CIVILIANS THEN (too).

08-31-06 - The Lobby, the US and the Israeli War on Hezbollah The destruction of Lebanon's infrastructure, the bombing of areas not associated with Hezbollah, and especially the killing of almost 1,600 civilians, many of them women and children ? which constitutes an international war crime according to Amnesty International and other organizations ? had no effect whatsoever on either the U.S. executive branch or Congress This conference can be viewed here.

08-31-06 - Annan to meet Assad to bolster Lebanon truce

08-31-06 - Golan Syrians make rare visit to their homeland Every house in Qunaitera was demolished by Israeli forces before they withdrew under a truce in 1974

08-31-06 - Protests against Khatami US visa "It is mystifying that we should roll out the red carpet to a person who has incited violence against civilians and who has expressed incendiary rhetoric against the United States and our allies," said Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Israel's head agent on Capitol Hill - Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

08-31-06 - U.N. force in Lebanon getting weaponry The U.N. force in Lebanon will soon receive the first real boost in weapons and manpower: one battalion each of Italian and French troops with heavy armor, including tanks and artillery, officials said Thursday.

08-31-06 - Deception as a Way of Life - Israeli Myths the government has been embarrassed by reports that nearly half of the civilians killed by rockets were Arab, and by suggestions that the reasons for this were the state's long-standing failure to protect Arab communities by building public bomb shelters, providing air raid sirens and disseminating advice from the civil defence authorities in Arabic.....the government is amassing huge sums of money for the reconstruction effort from Jewish groups in America and Europe and is looking for an excuse not to fund work in Arab communities Racism.

08-31-06 - Galloway says Israel poisoning West-Islam ties

08-31-06 - Bush: Hezbollah plays terrorist role Hezbollah plays a central role in international terrorism, President Bush said. We are now being led to believe that Hezbollah is on par with Al Qaeda to justify US support for Israel's wanton destruction in Lebanon - including war crimes committed by cluster bombing civilian areas. Pure BS.

08-31-06 - Merkel Soothes Jewish Ire After Minister's Cluster Bomb Remark A cabinet minister recently ruffled feathers in the Jewish community by calling for a UN investigation into possible Israeli "carpet bombs." Merkel and the Jewish council president met Wednesday to clear things up.

08-31-06 - Army intelligence analyst who questions official 9-11 story is honorable patriot

08-31-06 - Italy coming out of Washington's shadow Long considered something of a junior partner among Europe's elite nations, Italy is carving out a hefty role in world affairs. Rome is contributing the largest contingent to the U.N. peacekeeping force in Lebanon, has claimed a role in negotiations with Iran and is rallying European governments around the idea that Italy can form a counterweight to American might.

08-31-06 - Backdoor Draft

08-31-06 - Russian expert says Hamas not a terrorist organization

08-31-06 - Blinded by a concept By George Soros Israel has been a participant in this game, and President Bush bought into this flawed policy, uncritically supporting Israel. Events have shown that this policy leads to the escalation of violence...the United States has become less safe since Bush declared war on terror.

08-31-06 - In Pro-Israel Circles, Doubts Grow Over US Policy A growing debate within Israel over whether United States President George W. Bush's Middle East policies really serve the interests of the Jewish state has spread to Washington, where influential voices within the U.S. Jewish community are questioning the administration's hard-line positions in the region. US policy? The US does not make Israeli policy. It's quite the opposite.

08-31-06 - Nukes program 'legitimate if peaceful' ITALIAN Foreign Minister Massimo D'Alema said today that Iran's desire to develop nuclear energy is "legitimate" provided the goal of the program was for "peaceful purposes".

08-31-06 - War cost Lebanon millions in lost crops -Oxfam Potatoes, tobacco, melons and citrus fruits have been left to rot in Lebanese fields because farmers were unable to harvest them during the war between Israel and Hizbollah, aid agency Oxfam said on Thursday.

08-31-06 - Experts, pundits debate use of 'Islamo-fascist' Republican Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, who is in an extremely tough reelection race, called Iran "the greatest threat we will ever face," and said that "Iran and its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, are the driving forces behind a movement bent on destroying the United States." Pure BS from an(other) Israel-firster.

08-31-06 - Transcript: the Israel Lobby and the US Response to the War in Lebanon (pdf)


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