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Sunday, August 13, 2006

News for 08-12-06

08-12-06 - Is an armament sickening U.S. soldiers? Since he left a bombed-out train depot in Iraq, his gums bleed. There is more blood in his urine, and still more in his stool. Bright light hurts his eyes. A tumor has been removed from his thyroid. Rashes erupt everywhere, itching so badly they seem to live inside his skin. Migraines cleave his skull. His joints ache, grating like door hinges in need of oil.

08-12-06 - Israeli raid damages Roman temple ISRAELI air raids in the eastern Lebanese region of Baalbek killed one child and caused damage to the ancient Roman temple of Bacchus overnight, the town mayor said.

08-12-06 - US accused of jumping the gun in blaming al-Qaeda

08-12-06 - GOP knew in advance of pending arrests When Vice President Cheney went out of his way Wednesday to blast Democrats as weak on terrorism, he knew something that few Americans knew: Another stark reminder of the dangers of terrorism was about to hit the headlines.

08-12-06 - Israel suffers highest 1-day toll of war Israel's military said 19 soldiers killed, five more were missing and more than 70 were wounded after first day of the expanded offensive....At least 19 Lebanese civilians were killed in Israeli air raids Saturday. In the deadliest strike, Israeli missiles killed at least 15 civilians in the southern village of Rachaf, Lebanese security officials said. Notice the Lebanese civilians killed by Israel on Saturday don't get a mention until the end of the article. That's the Associated Press for you - the mouthpiece of Israel.

08-12-06 - 24 IDF soldiers killed Saturday in south Lebanon

08-12-06 - Hezbollah downs Israeli helicopter in Lebanon

08-12-06 - Cluster bombs add to terror Because of the high proportion of civilians that have been killed or injured by these weapons, many organizations such as the Red Cross, the Cluster Munition Coalition and the United Nations oppose their use. An international consensus is building against them.

08-12-06 - Israel attacked convoy after approving it, UN says Israeli forces launched an air strike on the convoy on Friday, killing a Lebanese Red Cross worker and six other civilians and wounding 36 people, among them members of the Lebanese security forces, and destroying a number of vehicles. "It's against the Geneva Conventions, attacking civilians and vehicles with Red Cross symbols," the head of the Lebanese Red Cross, George Kettani, told Reuters on Saturday

08-12-06 - Terrorism expert not surprised by plot ROBERT PAPE: Al-Qaeda's not primarily motivated by religion. It is not primarily a religious cult. Al-Qaeda is primarily a grass roots movement that is driven by, and it's new recruits are driven by a specific political goal, which is to compel American and British, and Australian, and other democracies with combat forces on the Arabian Peninsula to take those forces out. This has been the central purpose in all al-Qaeda suicide attacks since they began in 1995, and it helps to explain why specific countries have been targeted at specific times.

08-12-06 - Authorities Press the Search for Five Egyptian Students

08-12-06 - U.S. assures Israel it will not be forced to withdraw from Shaba A senior government source said that Israel would not be obligated to withdraw from Shaba Farms, even if Annan's investigation determines that they belong to Lebanon.

08-12-06 - Muhamed Sameer Moussa ,11, whose legs were amputated after he was injured in an Israeli air strike in al-Daheera, lies on a hospital bed

08-12-06 - Tragedy mars escape from besieged Lebanon village Violette, her daughter and her brother-in-law were part of a convoy of vehicles carrying 4,000 mainly Christian refugees fleeing their village of Marjayun when they were attacked on Friday by Israeli air strikes..."I had the feeling of being crushed, then being ejected into the air and finally being shattered by a shockwave," said Violette's daughter Abir, 29, lying in the bed next to her mother's at the Farhat hospital in Jeb Jannin...."We followed the road they (the Israelis) chose. We didn't deviate by one bit. We had been authorized to go. No one was armed, since they confiscated all our weapons before leaving the barracks," said Daoud. "I don't understand anything. All I know is that innocent people died," he said.

08-12-06 - ICRC aid ship finally arrives in Lebanon A ship chartered by the International Committee of the Red Cross and unloaded 200 tonnes of urgent humanitarian aid in the Lebanese port of Tyre after its arrival had been delayed by Israel.

08-12-06 - Red Cross volunteer cries, in the town of Zahle, in the eastern Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, Saturday, Aug. 12, 2006, next to a poster of his colleague Mickael Jbeili who was killed late Friday, while his Red Cross team was escorting a convoy of refugees, which was hit by an Israeli drone near the Bekaa Valley town of Chtaura

08-12-06 - Five years on, US little prepared to combat terrorism Despite the swift disruption of an alleged plot to blow up US-bound airliners, the United States remains little prepared to combat terrorism five years after the deadly September 11 attacks.

08-12-06 - UN says 'peace tomorrow' despite Israeli attack

08-12-06 - Iran presses Shi'ites to step up Iraq attacks: NYT Iran is pressing Shi'ite militias to step up attacks against the U.S.-led forces in Iraq in retaliation for the Israeli assault on Lebanon, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq told The New York Times in an interview

08-12-06 - Leaders agree to UN truce timing A ceasefire deal between Israel and Hezbollah will come into force at 0500 GMT on Monday, the UN Secretary General has said

08-12-06 - AIPAC Points to Legion of Doom in Bekaa Valley Much of the material cited by AIPAC to back up the press release is of dubious veracity, and the information that links these terrorist groups to the Bekaa Valley region is years or even decades old (as is evident if one reads though the release) AIPAC is of course reaching for straws to downplay/deflect attention away from Israel's destruction in Lebanon.

08-12-06 - Israeli troops reach Litani River - here's the real motive A report on Debka File, a website often described as reflecting the thinking of Israeli intelligence, described "Israel's recovery of control over its main sources of water" at Wazzani as "the most important gain from the crisis" in Lebanon.

08-12-06 - Senior source: IDF to withdraw in week or two

08-12-06 - They remain convinced: U.S. behind 9/11 A poll released this week by Scripps Howard News Service found that 36 percent of Americans believe "people in the federal government either assisted in the 9/11 attacks or took no action to stop the attacks because they wanted to United States to go to war in the Middle East."

08-12-06 - Nations offer to send troops to Mideast Australia - France, New Zealand and Italy said Saturday they are ready to send peacekeeping troops to help Lebanon regain control of its south, as governments around the world welcomed a U.N. resolution calling for an end to hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah.

08-12-06 - Peres says U.N. resolution "vindicates" Israel "Without the military pressure we would not have had the diplomatic deal," elder statesman Peres told Israel radio. The "military pressure"? Is that Israel-speak for wholesale destruction of civilian life and infrastructure?

08-12-06 - Hard-Line Neocons Assail Israel for Timidity These public attacks are widely believed to reflect the positions of hard-line neoconservatives within the administration of President George W. Bush, centered, in particular, in Cheney's office and that of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

08-12-06 - The Semantics of Terror Israel claims that the civilian deaths are collateral damage of attacks on Hezbollah, but apart from the morality and legality, the math defies these excuses. Current Israeli deaths run roughly one civilian dead for two military dead. The far higher Lebanese casualties are running at around ten civilian dead (including three children) for every claimed Hezbollah victim. The continuing nature of those casualties suggests, as Kofi Annan told the Security Council last week, that there is a "pattern of breaches of international law." His view was backed up even forcefully by NGOs like Human Rights Watch.

08-12-06 - Were Bush and Blair the Targets? by Patrick J. Buchanan Had the plot not been aborted, the War Party ? Newt and the neocons ? would have seized on the slaughter over the Atlantic to stampede America into a new war on Iran, as they seized on 9/11 to stampede us into the war on Iraq. Excellent point from my favorite political commentator.

08-12-06 - The land of the free - but free speech is a rare commodity The demented, bullying tone of the websites is another symptom of the descent of public discourse in America and, frankly, one can easily see the attractions of self-censorship on the question of Middle East and Israel. Read David Horovitz for longer than five minutes and you begin to hear Senator Joseph McCarthy accusing someone of un-American activities.

08-12-06 - Hezbollah's welfare services ensure grass-roots support

08-12-06 - Nobody's victory, but in the end Israel could not defeat Hizbollah The nature of the Israeli campaign in Lebanon, with its scorched-earth policy designed to drive out local populations, its mendacious claim that it had allowed humanitarian corridors when it had not, its lack of concern for the killing of civilians (and callous explanation that dead civilians should have fled when threatened) has amplified the increasing sense abroad that this is a country which does not care about international law.

08-12-06 - Bush phones Siniora on UN resolution "The president stressed the need to dismantle Hizbollah's state within a state in order to build Lebanese democracy," Jones said. "He expressed his view that Iran and Syria were arming Hizbollah in order to exert unwanted influence over Lebanon."

08-12-06 - Arab League criticizes U.N. resolution Arab countries criticized a U.N. Security Council resolution for not clearly labeling Israel the main aggressor in the conflict with Hezbollah, but expressed cautious hopes that an end to the monthlong conflict could be nearing.

08-12-06 - Buchanan slams Israel on Lebanon War - MUST SEE God bless him.

08-12-06 - Analysis: Pact won't improve U.S. image "The U.S. reputation as an honest broker has been eroding under this administration for some time. This just crystallized what the Arabs thought," said Jonathan Clarke, a former British diplomat now at the Cato Institute. He said the Arabs had grown to believe "the U.S. and Israel had become one country." And here's who is responsible for THAT.

08-12-06 - After beating Lieberman in primary, Lamont turns attention to November

08-12-06 - Evangelicals quiet about war in Lebanon Haggard said Israeli embassy officials called him several times a day during the first two weeks of the conflict, asking for a public expression of support. He declined. These idiots are hypocrites. Israel has destroyed Lebanon - a country with a population that is 40 percent Christian.

08-12-06 - Protesters march for the end of the war in Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine

08-12-06 - Bolton Gets Sandbagged? While Bonkers was busy (a) preventing the UN Security Council from calling for a temporary lull in the killing of Lebanese civilians by Israelis in "self-defense" and (b) strong-arming the Security Council into calling on Iran to give up its IAEA Safeguarded nuclear programs, Joe Lieberman, Bush's favorite Democrat and arguably the strongest supporter of Israel in the U.S. Senate, went down to defeat in a Democratic primary election.

08-12-06 - Thousands protest Lebanon war outside White House In Los Angeles, the local coordinator of ANSWER blamed the United States for sponsoring the Israeli invasion by providing it with financial and military support.

08-12-06 - Bush links Hezbollah and 'plot'

08-12-06 - Israeli Mourns by Donating Brother's Eyes to an Arab

08-12-06 - Antiwar Camp in Israel Comes Out of Bunker

08-12-06 - Thousands rally under Lebanese and Palestinian flags to protest in Toronto "I think there's a lot of rage across Canadian society," said protester Dan Freeman-Maloy, 24. "Not only for the terrible atrocities that Israel is committing right now . . . but also for the support at every level of Canadian government."


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