The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, August 11, 2006

News for 08-10-06

08-10-06 - The Conspiracy: How a group of suicide bombers planned to blow up 10 planes About 9pm on Wednesday, Britain's police and intelligence chiefs learnt that a British-based al-Qa'ida cell was within 48 hours of mounting a terror attack that could have been more deadly than 9/11.

08-10-06 - British aircraft plot uncovered British police have disrupted plans for a major terror attack that would have seen terrorists exploding devices on a number of flights between Britain and the United States.

08-10-06 - Hezbollah fights Israeli push, UN deal seen close In the latest attacks, Hezbollah has fired nearly 70 rockets into Israel, killing a woman and a toddler in an Israeli Arab village. The army is reporting that an Israeli soldier has been killed by an anti-tank missile in fighting in southern Lebanon.

08-10-06 - Pakistan arrests over bomb plot

08-10-06 - Israeli air strike kills 7 in north Lebanon Israeli planes struck the area of Balenat al-Hissa, near Lebanon's northern border with Syria

08-10-06 - Disrupted Terror Plot Was Homegrown

08-10-06 - Iran rejects 'illegal' nuclear demands Iran has again rejected an end-of-the-month UN Security Council deadline to suspend sensitive nuclear fuel work saying it would not accept "illegal international obligations".

08-10-06 - U.S. picks up six of 11 missing Egyptian students

08-10-06 - Israeli bombardment wears on fraught Lebanese nerves UNICEF, the United Nations children's agency, said on Wednesday it was trying to help displaced children cope with memories that may prompt them to wet their beds, cry at the sound of bombing and cling fearfully to their parents.

08-10-06 - Mercenary Jackpot "We need to know why the Bush Administration keeps writing blank checks to Blackwater and others, while it keeps Congress and the American people in the dark."

08-10-06 - Lebanon Prepares 35,000 Reserve Troops The Lebanese army called on its 35,000 reserve soldiers to prepare for duty after nearly a month of debilitating attacks by Israel.

08-10-06 - Counterintelligence Officials Resign

08-10-06 - British probe launched into Halliburton subsidiary For part of the period under investigation, Halliburton was headed by US Vice-President Dick Cheney, the newspaper reported.

08-10-06 - Israel struggles to capture strategic hills There were reports of deaths and casualties in the fighting around Metulla but the Israeli army refused to comment until relatives had been informed

08-10-06 - Israel warns south Beirut residents to leave

08-10-06 - Israeli airstrike damages mixed area of Beirut "You see what they did, the Israelis?" asked Tony Haddad, a Christian who lives down the street. "There is no Hezbollah here. No offices. No armed men. Just residential apartments. Women and children."

08-10-06 - EU commissioner urges respect for humanitarian rules in Mideast conflict

08-10-06 - Russia loses patience over Lebanon resolution "We can't sit there and keep discussing and wait for something to happen," said the Russian ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin. " There is a humanitarian tragedy unfolding in Lebanon. We have to stop the killing."

08-10-06 - Israel 'seizes Lebanese towns' A Reuters journalist said Israeli troops were moving on foot through Marjayoun, a Christian town about eight kilometres inside Lebanon

08-10-06 - Lebanon: 350 soldiers, police detained

08-10-06 - Lebanese Red Cross volunteers transfer medical supplies and food by hand intended for southern Lebanon across the Litani River

08-10-06 - Terror 'may force freedom curbs' "They that would trade liberty for security deserve neither."

08-10-06 - Finnish FM: Israel destroying Lebanon, not Hizbullah "The real worry ... Is if you (Israel) set out to destroy Hizbullah, you may end up destroying Lebanon but leaving Hizbullah intact. Unfortunately that seems to have happened,"

08-10-06 - Israel's misguided strategies The United States, in turn, miscalculated Israel's abilities and the damage done to its own interests in the Middle East by blocking a quick cease-fire and allying its policies so closely to those of Israel. As the destruction of Lebanon continues unchecked, with America's support, even such friends of the United States and Israel as Jordan's King Abdullah are talking in terms of "victims of Israeli aggression." And the angry reaction among Iraq's Shiites will further imperil America's ever-deteriorating chances of success.

08-10-06 - Hizbullah's resilience built on years of homework In the current war, Hizbullah has used for the first time the Russian Metis-M, which can be fitted with an anti-armor warhead for destroying tanks, or a fuel-air explosive warhead to use against troops or bunkers. ...."These are probably the best trained and most highly-motivated Arab fighters we've ever faced.''

08-10-06 - Israel holds off on new push into Lebanon "The sacred cow in Israel is the life of the soldiers, not of the citizens," says Daniel Ben Simon, a columnist with the Ha'aretz daily newspaper

08-10-06 - Arab-Israelis caught in middle Like many Israeli Arabs, Dr Bishara believes that there will be repercussions for the community when the war ends. "We will have to pick up the bill on this," he says. "If they lose they will turn against us, if they win they will turn against us." For Ms Sheikh, the war has made it clear "that there is no illusion of co-existence any more."

08-10-06 - Walking in fear in Lebanon's no-drive zone

08-10-06 - Gaza-Egypt border briefly reopens But the crossing was closed hours again hours later, for security reasons....The Rafah crossing is Gaza's only gateway to the outside world that bypasses Israeli territory.

08-10-06 - Iran wants 'religious empire' in Middle East: Israel "Pot, this is the kettle calling."

08-10-06 - War With Iran 'Inevitable,' Former Israeli Defense Chief Says Now go back and read the this article again, it is a very important read.

08-10-06 - Israel suspends Lebanon offensive for talks: paper

08-10-06 - Defiant Nasrallah rallies support

08-10-06 - United States Congressman Darrell Issa, R-Ca., right, listens to aid workers at a school, used as a temporary shelter for displaced Lebanese people, in a predominantly Christian area of Beirut

08-10-06 - Malaysia urges MidEast countries to cut off ties with Israel

08-10-06 - MSNBC POLL: Who is most to blame for civilian casualties in Lebanon? Down a bit, on the right.

08-10-06 - Get the flag off your head And then we wonder why they hate us. But then, we've just sent them more bombs and jet fuel so that they can continue to bomb the defenseless civilians in Lebanon, what really is the diff?

08-10-06 - Rice?s Hurdles on Middle East Begin at Home Mr. Welch represents the traditional State Department view that the United States should serve as a neutral broker in the Middle East. Mr. Abrams, a neoconservative with strong ties to Mr. Cheney, has pushed the administration to throw its support behind Israel. During Ms. Rice?s travels, he kept in direct contact with Mr. Cheney?s office....Several State Department officials have privately objected to the administration?s emphasis on Israel and have said that Washington is not talking to Syria to try to resolve the crisis.

08-10-06 - Lebanon aid boosted AUSTRALIA will give another $2 million in humanitarian aid to help Lebanese displaced by the war between Israel and Hizbollah.

08-10-06 - Judge in AIPAC case allows trial to proceed, but sets tough standard

08-10-06 - Conservative magazine: Bush, Rice at odds over Israeli war The disagreement between Mr. Bush and Ms. Rice is over the ramifications of U.S. support for Israel's continued offensive against Lebanon.

08-10-06 - Iran says West dragging feet on Middle East truce

08-10-06 - Birth Pangs of a New Christian Zionism Brog explains that CUFI has become a valuable ally of AIPAC, which helps them coordinate lobbying efforts. "They have a great research staff," he said. Brog has also earned the confidence of the Jewish Federation by making sure to elicit the cooperation of its local chapters before initiating a recruitment drive in the federation's area

08-10-06 - Computerised weaponry and high morale Troops have found air-conditioned bunkers 40 metres (125ft) below the ground and anti-tank weapons that originate in France, the US and Russia in southern Lebanon.

08-10-06 - Demand an end to this violence The Israeli government's collective punishment of the civilian populations of the occupied Palestinian territories and Lebanon is clearly in contravention of international law

08-10-06 - Iraqi PM apologises for American tactics

08-10-06 - Hezbollah visitors arrive with questions The two men complain that Israel is waging an unfair war by targeting civilians and, especially, children. But they reject criticism of their own Haifa-bound rockets, refusing to admit the similarities. Well that's just plain BS. It's no excuse.

08-10-06 - AIPAC case judge denies dismissal

08-10-06 - The height of American stupidity, LIVE on FOX "(Arabs) have made up a lot of stories. I don't think Israel is really bombing Lebanon. I think it's faulty construction that's causing these buildings to fall."

08-10-06 - 53 U.S. Generals & Admirals Speak Out For Israel We have traveled to Israel over the years with The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). We brought with us our decades of military experience and came away with the unswerving belief that the security of the State of Israel is a matter of great importance to U.S. policy in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean. A strong Israel is an asset upon which American military planners and political leaders can rely. Israel shares our commitment to democracy, freedom, personal liberty and rule of law.

The fact that JINSA got a hold on them explains a lot. But that paragraph is hilarious and yet tragically sad (for America) at the same time.

08-10-06 - For a lasting Middle East peace, look back to 1967 UN plan

08-10-06 - 'New Mideast' may see stronger extremists "The Americans are shooting themselves in the foot," Abdel Moneim Said, head of Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, based in Cairo, said. "The only beneficiaries of the ongoing conflict are the fundamentalists." Israel, and consequently the US, has done all it could to isolate and neutralize moderates (such as Abbas) in the region. The policies of Israel and the neocons further radicalize the Middle East. Frankly, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that it is all part of the plan; to then turn around and say "see, look at these barbarians! How can we be expected to make peace with them?" ....

08-10-06 - US slammed for backing aggression "We ask and wonder: how could you sleep with an easy and clear conscience, and cuddle your children, and the children of American citizens while knowing about these massacres that are being committed against the Lebanese and Palestinian children who are being mercilessly killed by weapons manufactured by US factories and companies?"

08-10-06 - Group wants U.N. council to probe Lebanon The Simon Wiesenthal Center called on the U.N. Human Rights Council to investigate Lebanon for war crimes. Israel has leveled Lebanon. This move is the very definition of chutzpah.

08-10-06 - Russian Jewish group protests Muslim comments Muhammad Karachai, deputy head of the Union of Muftis of Russia, earlier this week said Israel's war on Hezbollah has revealed "the aggressive nature of the Zionist state that organized a real holocaust in Lebanon."

08-10-06 - Poll: Jews backed Lieberman Jews in Connecticut gave U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman more than 60 percent of their vote in his unsuccessful bid to gain the Democratic nomination. I thought Jewish groups were anti-war. So, if the reason that Lieberman has fallen out of favor with Democrats was because of his support for the Iraq war, what gives?

08-10-06 - Brazilian synagogue attacked "Lebanon, the True Holocaust" was painted on the sidewalk outside the synagogue, Brazilian officials said.

08-10-06 - Serve U.S. first How is it that at this time of national peril, these young men can turn their backs on their fellow Americans and cast their lot in the services of a foreign army? I find nothing laudable or commendable about Americans being raised to place the needs of a foreign nation before the land that provided their ancestors shelter, dignity and a chance at a better life! And the fact that there are recruitment shortcomings in the US military can be added on to that statement.

08-10-06 - Defence firm protesters arrested The protesters claimed "weapons manufactured by Raytheon were being used by Israel to bomb Lebanon".

08-10-06 - U.S. Undermines Its Own Freedom There may be a few reasons for some nations to want to fight the United States and Israel. But actually the United States endangers its own security, according to the logic of Lincoln: ?Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, cannot long retain it."

08-10-06 - Why Do They Hate Us? The argument of the "freedom and values" crowd boils down to this: "The decades of U.S. supplying of advanced weaponry and foreign aid to the Israeli government, which is now being used to kill people in Lebanon, and the U.S. government's obeisance and submissiveness to the Israeli government, have had no adverse effect on how Arabs and Muslims feel about the United States. Their anger and hatred is caused by America's freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and rock and roll." Dah. They hate us for our freedom.. dahh..

08-10-06 - Anti-war protesters rally in Israel Some 600 protesters rallied in Tel Aviv against Israel's offensive in Lebanon.


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