The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, August 05, 2006

News for 08-04-06

08-04-06 - Israeli strikes reportedly bury dozens Israeli airstrikes flattened two southern Lebanese houses Friday and more than 50 people were buried in the rubble, security officials and the state news agency said. Israel denied attacking the villages.

08-04-06 - Hezbollah rockets hammer northern Israel Israel - Hezbollah rockets hammered northern Israel on Friday, including a half-hour barrage of 45 missiles that killed four Israelis, three of them Arabs.

08-04-06 - Israeli air raids kill 40 civilians in Lebanon One air strike hit a farm near Qaa, close to the Syrian border in the Bekaa Valley where workers, mostly Syrian Kurds, were loading plums and peaches on to trucks, local officials said. They said 33 people were killed and 20 wounded....Another air strike on a house in the frontline Taibeh village in south Lebanon on Friday killed seven civilians and wounded 10, a security source said. The source said the civilians had sheltered in the house during fierce battles. Israel kills civilians because it's easier to kill them than it is to kill Hezbollah - or so it would seem.

08-04-06 - Israeli missiles target Lebanon bridges Four civilians were killed and 10 wounded in the air raid, the Lebanese Red Cross said. A Lebanese soldier and four civilians were also killed in air raids near Beirut's airport and southern suburbs, security officials and witnesses said....."This is Lebanon's umbilical cord," Christiane Berthiaume of the World Food Program told AP. "This (road) has been the only way for us to bring in aid."

08-04-06 - A resident of the Israeli-Arabic village of Tarshiha cries next to the body of a person who died on Thursday after a rocket attack

08-04-06 - Lebanon: Israel Wages War of Starvation Israel is waging a "war of starvation" on Lebanon's civilians in an effort to force the government to agree to Israel's demands, Lebanese President Emile Lahoud said in a statement issued Friday.

08-04-06 - Top Iran official: nuclear work will continue

08-04-06 - US jabs Iran, Syria, as seeks UN Lebanon resolution

08-04-06 - Afghan violence worsens: car bomb kills 21

08-04-06 - Accused U.S. soldiers refuse to testify

08-04-06 - Bridge bombing paralyses Lebanon aid pipeline

08-04-06 - The bodies of Syrian kurd farm workers lie on the ground after an Israeli air raid on a farm in northeastern Lebanon

08-04-06 - Sept. 11 investigations still going on Five years after the Sept. 11 attacks, investigators are still looking into the government's response to the hijackings, specifically to determine why aviation and military officials inaccurately reported their performance on that day.

08-04-06 - Russia angry over US sanctions on Iran deals

08-04-06 - Syria Blames US Admin For Israeli Missile Attack Deaths Syria blamed the U.S. administration late Friday for the deaths of 23 Syrians from four Israeli missiles that slammed into a refrigerated warehouse where farm workers were loading vegetables near the Lebanon-Syria border.

08-04-06 - An Israeli Arab relative reacts during the funeral of Shnati Shnati, Amir Naim and Muhamed Faor, three Arab shepherds killed by a Hezbollah rocket

08-04-06 - U.S. Threatens Suit if Maine Probes Verizon Ties to NSA

08-04-06 - Iran to supply Hezbollah with surface-to-air missiles Iran will supply Hezbollah with surface-to-air missile systems in the coming months, boosting the guerrillas' defences against Israeli aircraft, according to a report by specialist magazine Jane's Defence Weekly, citing unnamed Western diplomatic sources.

08-04-06 - Missiles neutralizing Israeli tanks In the last two days alone, these missiles have killed seven soldiers and damaged three Israeli-made Merkava tanks - mountains of steel that are vaunted as symbols of Israel's military might, the army said. Israeli media say most of the 44 soldiers killed in four weeks of fighting were hit by anti-tank missiles.

08-04-06 - US troops face 'war crimes' claim They were trained by the best!

08-04-06 - Book: Sept. 11 panel doubted officials Unidentified members believed that "listing U.S. support for Israel as a root cause of al-Qaida's opposition to the United States indicated that the United States should reassess that policy," which those commission members did not want. I wonder why someone would not want us to reassess our foreign policy with regard to Israel?

08-04-06 - Cut Off Four bridges in Lebanon were destroyed by Israeli air strikes on Friday, breaking up the last major roadway from Beirut to Syria. Kevin Sites reports from the scene.

08-04-06 - Marines charged with assaulting Iraqi civilians Six marines have been charged with assaulting Iraqi civilians following an investigation that grew out of the alleged murder of an Iraqi civilian.

08-04-06 - Robert Fisk predicts another 9/11 Since America gave the green light to Israel in its wanton destruction of civilian life and infrastructure in Lebanon, Israel and its lobby here in the US have made Americans a party to the destruction of yet another Arab nation - to the detriment of Americans. It really is a matter of WHEN, not IF we will see another 911 on US soil, IMO.

08-04-06 - Groups lobby for cease-fire The Council for the National Interest, United for Peace and Justice and the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, groups that lobby for sharp reductions in U.S. assistance to Israel, joined for the appeal.

08-04-06 - Northern Israel exodus leaves old, weak and poor to face rockets Nor can local councils afford to pay to move Israelis to the south. So the less well off either have to stay put or, for the more fortunate, escape with the help of charity....most of the calls she gets were from people asking to be taken out of the town.

"They get angry when I tell them we usually can't arrange that. They're very angry that we're leaving them here to suffer," she said. "I get a lot of mothers on the phone crying. They want to get out." Which explains why those being hit by Hezbollah rockets have lately and mostly been Israeli ARABS. See related photos in this news batch.

08-04-06 - Israel struggles "to compete" w/ dead babies Having dismissed outright the possibility that Israel stop killing babies, - its supporters are instead looking for ways to compete with images of their lifeless little bodies.

08-04-06 - These two satellite images provided by GeoEye show the same area of Beirut, Lebanon before and after Israeli bombardment.

08-04-06 - Lieberman falls farther behind in Connecticut race

08-04-06 - A word from the Zionist entity Israeli military intelligence hacked into the Hezbollah TV station to tell its viewers that the terrorist group was lying.

08-04-06 - Iraqi Shiites chant 'Death to Israel' Hundreds of thousands of Shiites chanting "Death to Israel" and "Death to America" marched through the streets of Baghdad's biggest Shiite district Friday in a show of support for Hezbollah militants battling Israeli troops in Lebanon.

08-04-06 - The neocons' next war In order to try to understand the neoconservative road map, senior national security professionals have begun circulating among themselves a 1996 neocon manifesto against the Middle East peace process. Titled "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm," its half-dozen authors included neoconservatives highly influential with the Bush administration -- Richard Perle, first-term chairman of the Defense Policy Board; Douglas Feith, former undersecretary of defense; and David Wurmser, Cheney's chief Middle East aide. Bring back Bush the 1st and James Baker. They could turn this thing around, and turn America back towards American interests for a change.

08-04-06 - Hizbullah offers to spare civilians if Israeli military does the same

08-04-06 - On Talking With Terrorists by Patrick J. Buchanan Time to recognize reality - and stop isolating America

08-04-06 - Indonesia studies suicide bomber claim Indonesian police said they would look into a radical group's claim that hundreds of Southeast Asian suicide bombers had been sent to attack Jewish interests in countries that support Israel.

08-04-06 - Hizbullah rockets cannot be fired from buildings (ie the one bombed in Qana) The type of missiles being fired by Hizbullah at Israeli cities cannot be fired from within houses, mosques, hospitals or even UN facilities as has been suggested by the IDF

08-04-06 - In pictures How aid is reaching people living in Lebanon

08-04-06 - US slaps 'WMD' sanctions on firms The US state department has imposed sanctions on arms firms from Russia, North Korea, India and Cuba for allegedly supplying equipment to Iran.

08-04-06 - The family forced to flee Iraq is on the run again Merriam's story is now a double tragedy. Two years ago his family were forced to flee another conflict zone, Iraq, and they now find themselves refugees for the second time in as many years. "I wish I could go back to my home. I miss my father, my relatives, and playing with my friends. I ask the world to stand beside us and ask to stop this violence."

08-04-06 - Bridging the gap The US has little international support for its contrasting view, that a cessation of hostilities must be immediately followed by steps towards a multinational force, except Israel That's because Israel is calling the shots here.

08-04-06 - Bush's attachment to Israel started with trip to the Holy Land President George H.W. Bush angered pro-Israel activists in 1992 by threatening to withhold U.S. loan guarantees for Israel if its leaders continued to permit new Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank. Israel responded by ordering a freeze on new settlements. Unfortunately for America, Bush is nothing like his old man.

08-04-06 - Lobbying for Armageddon

08-04-06 - Jewish groups back Bolton as confirmation is back on agenda John Bolton's tough pro-Israel rhetoric at the United Nations during Israel's recent crisis has galvanized Jewish support for the once-embattled nominee - and may have helped secure his nomination as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations....Jewish leaders have agreed to make clear to senators that they would like to see Bolton approved. John Bolton - bad for AMERICA, good for ISRAEL. The latter nation can have him.

08-04-06 - 70 M Ps Resign From Turkey - Israel Friendship Group So Far 70 MPs have resigned from Turkey-Israel Interparliamentary Friendship Group so far, reacting to recent Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Palestine.

08-04-06 - Americans split on Bush handling of Israeli-Hezbollah conflict

08-04-06 - Arabs and Muslims from All Over Texas are Expected to Converge in Crawford, TX This Sunday Where President Bush Begins His Summer Vacation "We are outraged that the U.S. can't stop Israel's relentless bombardment of Lebanon and military siege of Gaza. Arabs and Muslims from all over Texas are expected to converge in Crawford, TX this Sunday,"

08-04-06 - Middle East policy won't change because of polls or protests, says PM Harper Speaking Friday after a party caucus meeting, the prime minister said his government doesn't make decisions based on polls. 'Public opinion? Constituents? What's that?' Government by the lobbies, for the lobbies.

08-04-06 - Amnesty International to Hold Worldwide Vigils Calling for an Immediate Ceasefire in the Lebanon/Israel Conflict

08-04-06 - Israeli Soldier Incarcerated for Refusing to Fight Israeli authorities have sentenced an army officer to 28 days in a military prison for refusing to serve in the ongoing Israeli campaign in Lebanon

08-04-06 - Hezbollah and terrorism are manifestations of deeper political injustices, say Jens Hanssen and Paul Kingston A close reading of the apologetic statements from British and American officials about Israel's second massacre at Qana shows what Arabs have known all along: Israel is pushing U.S. and U.K. Middle East policy under the mantra of the war on terrorism. The result has been a score-sheet of horror.

08-04-06 - Beleaguered community torn by a distant war The actor Miriam Margolyes robustly defended the opposite perspective. "Israel must stop bombing Lebanon," she said. "It is both morally and strategically wrong ... I am very disappointed at the response from English Jews who regard people like me as traitors when in fact they are the traitors because they are betraying the high ideals of our faith."

08-04-06 - Militants merge with mainstream Anger at Israel's actions unites Shias and Sunnis

08-04-06 - My Fellow Targets Slavish devotion to Israel will make Americans the target of hatred and violence for generations. So stay alert, my fellow targets.

08-04-06 - The Establishment vs. the Neocons if neocon policies continue to be pursued, the United States will be expelled from the region and that will be the beginning of the end for Israel as well.? Again, neocons are ideologues and their policies, along with those of Israel, are not rooted in reality.

08-04-06 - US policy in the Middle East unravels Expressing the sense of frustration and desperation, Walid Jumblatt, leader of Lebanon's Druze group and a driving force behind the Cedar Revolution, told the FT this week that today's Middle East is one of "darkness everywhere" with "failure in Palestine, failure in Iraq and now this failure in Lebanon". And if that weren't bad enough, the neocons want us to attack Iran and Syria too.

08-04-06 - Judges in Egypt: Scrap peace deal with Israel

08-04-06 - Irish cancel Israeli sponsorship Two Irish cultural festivals canceled sponsorship by Israel?s Foreign Ministry to protest the war in Lebanon.

08-04-06 - Bush Asked to Condemn Latest Israeli Massacre in Lebanon; CAIR Asks 'How Many More Innocent Lives Must Be Lost Before America Acts?'


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