The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, August 10, 2006

News for 08-09-06

08-09-06 - 3 Missing Egyptian Students In Custody "The FBI remains extremely interested in interviewing," the other missing Egyptian students, said Paul McCabe, a spokesman for the FBI in Minneapolis.

08-09-06 - Israeli air attacks kill nine in Lebanon Israeli warplanes killed nine people, including five children, in raids on Lebanon as the Jewish state showed no sign of easing its blistering air campaign in which over 1,000 people -- mostly civilians -- have died

08-09-06 - A Lebanese injured woman lies in a hospital bed in the southern port city of Sidon

08-09-06 - Was Israel's Aim to Clear Path for US War on Iran? In planning for the destruction of most of Hezbollah's arsenal and prevention of any resupply from Iran, Israel appears to have hoped to eliminate a major reason the George W. Bush administration had shelved the military option for dealing with Iran's nuclear program ? the fear that Israel would suffer massive casualties from Hezbollah's rockets in retaliation for an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. Excellent point.

08-09-06 - 15 Israeli Soldiers Killed - Reports Israel has lost 15 soldiers and killed 40 Hizbollah guerillas, including some Iranians, in a day of battles in southern Lebanon, Israeli television has reported. The news comes after Israeli troops opened a new front in the region by pushing ground forces further in a bid to gain a secure zone along the border.

08-09-06 - Mourners gather around some of the Lebanese flag-draped bodies of citizens, killed when an Israeli airstrike hit an apartment building

08-09-06 - Pessimism on deal amid clashes at UN Mr Chirac warned the Bush administration that an immediate ceasefire was the only solution to the conflict and said giving up on this was "immoral". He urged the US to speed up its response to Arab nations' demands for changes to the ceasefire plan.

08-09-06 - 15 members of Lebanese family killed

08-09-06 - War Crimes Act Changes Would Reduce Threat Of Prosecution The Bush administration has drafted amendments to a war crimes law that would eliminate the risk of prosecution for political appointees, CIA officers and former military personnel for humiliating or degrading war prisoners, according to U.S. officials and a copy of the amendments.

08-09-06 - US says Iran may use Lebanon war to hurt Iraq

08-09-06 - Fadi Dahaineh embraces the wrapped body of his 20 month-old son Mohammed who was killed in an Israeli airstrike on an apartment building

08-09-06 - Lebanese direct growing anger at US "Thank you, George Bush. Thank you for those 'smart' bombs," says Dirani, whose wife and surviving son were injured in the attack. "I want to ask George Bush: 'What did our children do to him?' "

08-09-06 - Iranian Leader Speaks To Mike Wallace

08-09-06 - Uproar: Chávez equates Nazis, Israelis

08-09-06 - Displaced children given the opportunity to play Lebanese children forced to flee their homes in recent weeks are being provided with essential physical and psychological help by humanitarian groups funded by The Independent's Save the Children appeal.

08-09-06 - In pictures: Lebanon conflict

08-09-06 - Israel set to invade Lebanon despite lessons of 1982 war On 6 June 1982, on the pretext that Palestinian fighters had attempted to assassinate Shlomo Argov, the Israeli ambassador to London, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin sent 30,000 soldiers into Lebanon. He told the Israeli cabinet that the PLO was behind the attack, withholding the fact that it had been carried out by Arafat's sworn enemy, Abu Nidal, on the orders of Saddam Hussein.

08-09-06 - Lebanese Hizbollah denies Iranians among its fighters

08-09-06 - Savage: CNN's Blitzer and King "would have pushed Jewish children into the oven"; "curry favor with the turbanned hoodlums" SAVAGE: The reason they curry favor with the turbanned hoodlums is to gain access to the turbanned hoodlums, domestic and foreign, for their news shows. They need more turbanned hoodlums to build ratings. Savage is back on the list of neocons.

08-09-06 - Fox Military Analyst on Syria: 'We Can Talk To Them When We Line Them Up and Kill Them'

08-09-06 - Report: US sailor spied for Israel

08-09-06 - Nasrallah urges Arabs to leave Haifa

08-09-06 - U.S. directs criticism at Israel The White House said Wednesday neither Israel nor Hezbollah should escalate their month-old war, a pointed comment after Israel decided to widen its ground invasion of southern Lebanon.

08-09-06 - Taiwan confirms FM visited Hezbollah chief, sparking US and Israeli concern Taiwan's foreign minister James Huang visited the leader of the Hezbollah guerrilla group in a controversial clandestine trip earlier this year, triggering concern from the United States and Israel, the foreign ministry has said.

08-09-06 - MP resigns post over Middle East He voiced concerns over the use of UK airports like Prestwick to refuel US aircraft travelling to Israel.

08-09-06 - Alleged spy's target 'not Israel' CNN named the country as Russia.

08-09-06 - US neocons hoped Israel would attack Syria Read the bit by Daniel Levy of Haaretz. These folks would have Americans believe that it's the neocons that are pushing Israel to act and not Israel via the neocons pushing America to act. In his view, Israel is exonerated from all blame. What a crock of BS.

08-09-06 - Hezbollah vows Lebanon will be Israel's 'graveyard'

08-09-06 - Israel's Military Invincibility Dented by Hezbollah "They have stood their ground against Israel longer than any combination of Arab armies in 1967 or 1973, and inflicted heavy casualties,"

08-09-06 - Lamont Defeats Lieberman After Tight Race

08-09-06 - Jewish leader in Canada wants crack down on Hezbollah demonstrations in Canada The Christians United for Israel coalition and Jewish groups are calling for a national day of prayer on Aug. 20 in support of Israel and peace in the Middle East.
Charles McVety, president of the Canada Christian College, said it's time for Christian leaders to drop their neutral stances and stand by Israel, the birthplace of their religion
As Israel indiscriminately bombs Lebanon - a country that is 40 percent Christian.

08-09-06 - Unexploded ordnance a threat to returning Lebanese It is estimated that around 10 per cent of these munitions have not exploded, so it is likely there are more than 7,000 unexploded munitions across the conflict zone.

08-09-06 - Support for Hezbollah strengthens with every bombed Beirut building If Israel thought that by slowly strangling the life out of the Lebanese capital, by blockading it from land, sea and air, it would turn Christians against their Muslim neighbours it appears to have miscalculated.

08-09-06 - It is Lebanon, not Israel, that faces a threat to its existence in this war The Franco-US resolution is an absurdity: it would give Israel immunity while denying Lebanon the right to defend itself

08-09-06 - IFJ condemns Israeli 'secret war' tactic after threat to media Israeli forces put out a press statement on Wednesday that says it is limiting 'travel in any kind of vehicle in all areas south of the Litani River in Lebanon', adding that 'these limitations apply to journalists as well'.

08-09-06 - First aid supplies arrive in Chouf mountains

08-09-06 - How the US fired Jack Straw The Foreign Secretary spoke his mind on the Middle East ? and became a target in Washington

08-09-06 - Forced ceasefire would be defeat for democracy Jonathan Freedland (Comment, August 2) denounces Hizbullah for embedding its fighters in Lebanese villages, next to schools, hospitals and refugee centres. But where does he think Israel's weapons factories, army camps and military airfields are to be found?

08-09-06 - Former Carter adviser: U.S. losing sight of role as Mideast peacemaker

08-09-06 - Hackers post anti-Israel message on local Web sites The hackers posted a page stating, "FOR PALESTINIAN AND LEBANESE CHILDREN!!! NO WAR! NO ISRAEL!"

08-09-06 - But the "Israel Lobby" Doesn't Exist

08-09-06 - Gadhafi?s son seeks to sue Israelis A Libyan state charity demanded that Israeli leaders be tried in connection with the Lebanon offensive.

08-09-06 - Israel offers to pay for those fleeing More than 300,000 residents of northern Israel already have left the region - which has been pummeled by thousands of Hezbollah rockets - and are staying in hotels or with relatives farther south. Most of those who remain in the danger zone are poor, infirm or elderly, who have nowhere to go or no way to leave.

08-09-06 - Israel's Conspiracy Theories Israel often constructs a mythical puppeteer, far bigger than the opponent it is fighting, to either exaggerate its victories or minimize the meaning of its defeats. That was perhaps the point I was getting at in one of my rants from last night's news. If Israel hadn't killed all of those Lebanese civilians, than its own death count would seem more signifcant. In other words, Israel feels the need to inflict losses greater than its own in order to claim victory. Or so it would seem.

08-09-06 - Navy says sailor in brig stole laptop, gave out classified info After refusing to release full details on a pending espionage case involving a petty officer held in the Norfolk brig, the Navy on Tuesday provided some specifics about the charges.

08-09-06 - Lebanese Christians Caught in Political Crossfire

08-09-06 - Pat Robertson reports from Israel The evangelical Christian leader and strong backer of Israel told his ?700 Club? audience Wednesday that he traveled to northern Israel in a show of support for the Jewish state


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