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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Reuters photo scandal, a photo comparison

Photo comparison: One by now infamous photo doctorer, Adnan Hajj and another of same scene by an AP photog

Here is a photo by the now infamous doctorer at the scene at Qana on July 30th :

Here is a similar one by Kevin Frayer of the Associated Press at the same scene:

There may even be other agencies yet that were on the scene and took similar photos. I just did a cursory search at the Yahoo News photo search.

This message is preemptive in nature due to the fact that Israel-defenders will likely allege that all photos taken by Hajj are doctored.

Here are Hajj's photos at Yahoo News . Feel free to browse through and see if you can find any more that are doctored.

The doctored photo

Clearly, the photographer in question was a bad photo doctorer, else he wouldn't have gotten caught. It wouldn't have been so obvious. And if you are going to doctor a photo to make Israel look bad, I don't see how the alteration to this photo did exactly that:

Doctored photo

Original photo

It would appear that he went nuts with the 'clone' tool in Photoshop evidently to get rid of a speck of dust on the photo, as per the article.


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