The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

News for 08-01-06

08-01-06 - US army 'degraded' by Iraq deployments: defense experts The National Security Advisory Group, chaired by former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry, alleged in a letter to top congressional Democrats that the US administration's underfunding of the army represents "a serious failure of civilian stewardship of the military." The homefront is insecure thanks to the neocons.

08-01-06 - Iran defiant on nuclear deadline "Those who think they can use the language of threats and force against Iran are mistaken." "If they don't realise that now, one day they will learn it the hard way," he added.

08-01-06 - Israel 'holds' Hezbollah fighters The Israeli army gave few details of the operation, but a spokeswoman told Reuters news agency that the captured militants had been taken to Israel.

08-01-06 - Lebanese residents walk through the rubble from Israeli strikes after emerging from shelter as they flee their homes during a lull in the shelling

08-01-06 - Power Plant Airstrike Leaves a Noxious Mess Hatjian estimated the loss from the strike on Jiyah to be about $210 million, in addition to about $2 billion worth of damage that Israeli airstrikes have caused to Lebanon's bridges and roads. Israel - a weapon of mass destruction.

08-01-06 - Emerging from Bint Jbeil's rubble "Tell the UN to come and see the hungry women and children, the bodies under the rubble being eaten by dogs. There's no conscience left in this world,"

08-01-06 - Israel ready for massive invasion

08-01-06 - 'You go a bit crazy when you see little body after little body coming up out of the ground' What is obvious to everyone covering this conflict is that children are bearing the brunt of it.

08-01-06 - Lebanese residents walk through the rubble from Israeli strikes after emerging from shelter as they leave their homes during a lull in the shelling

08-01-06 - International Humanitarian Organizations to Discuss Protection of Civilians in Lebanon-Israel Conflict Aug. 3 in DC

08-01-06 - Delays hit Lebanese relief effort Israeli bombardment has "systematically destroyed almost the entire road network", Mona Hammam, United Nations resident co-ordinator for Lebanon, told BBC News.

08-01-06 - Israel preventing aid convoys reaching southern Lebanon: WFP

08-01-06 - EU ministers water down call for ceasefire European Union foreign ministers called on Tuesday for an immediate end to hostilities in Lebanon but dropped a demand for an instant ceasefire at the insistence of the United States' closest allies in the bloc.

08-01-06 - Stop the Band-Aid Treatment - We Need Policies for a Real, Lasting Middle East Peace Former president Carter is the founder of the nonprofit Carter Center in Atlanta.

08-01-06 - Lebanese race to save lives, but find death "I saw a mother, clutching her son, covering him to protect him," said Mokdad, who pulled 10 bodies from the remains of a building hit by an Israeli air strike on the village.

08-01-06 - Mid East planes 'can land in UK' US military planes en route to the Middle East can land at UK airfields "as long as the proper procedures are followed", the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has said.

08-01-06 - Ahmadinejad: Throw Britain and U.S. off Security Council The United States and Britain are responsible for Israel's killing of civilians in Lebanon and should not be trusted with seats on the U.N. Security Council, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday.

08-01-06 - Few Canadians back Harper's pro-Israel stand A whopping 77 percent said Canada should remain neutral in the current conflict. "The position Canadians want us to take is decidedly neutral," pollster Allan Gregg told the Globe and Mail newspaper. A poll published in the Jerusalem Post in September of 2004 said as much about the American public; only 17 percent of Americans said we should support Israel in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Canada, like the US, has a powerful pro-Israel lobby that gets to decide its foreign policy to the detriment of the respective citizens.

08-01-06 - Canada says Hizbollah is "a cancer," raps Israel Still, Foreign Minister Peter MacKay also for the first time indirectly criticized Israel, saying its decision to bomb Beirut airport had complicated the task of evacuating thousands of Canadian citizens.

08-01-06 - Demonstrators protest in San Francisco, California against Israel's air strikes on Lebanon and the Gaza

08-01-06 - Out of the Rubble "We wished we were dead," she says, "so we could at least get a rest from these horrible crimes."

08-01-06 - Christian victims of 'someone else's' Lebanon war

08-01-06 - Israeli Arabs flee north, take refuge in Bethlehem

08-01-06 - Annan tells major powers to agree on Lebanon plan

08-01-06 - Muslim humanitarian groups discuss aid for Lebanon, Palestinians About a dozen Muslim humanitarian groups from around the world met to coordinate their aid efforts for Lebanon and the Palestinian territories, shattered by a massive Israeli offensive.

08-01-06 - Fight in Lebanon galvanizing Shiites Surprisingly, 73.1 percent of Sunnis also supported the Hezbollah operation, perhaps a nod for growing calls across the Arab world for Muslims to put aside their differences to focus on fighting Israel.

08-01-06 - Vigil Calls for End to Civilian Deaths in Lebanon

08-01-06 - France: Iran plays stabilizing role in Middle East French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy says Tehran is a significant, respected player in the Middle East ? 'a great country, a great people and a great civilization'

08-01-06 - US stance delights neo-cons after months of disillusionment, America?s neo-conservatives have fallen in love again with the Bush administration because of its support for Israel?s bombardment of Lebanon.

08-01-06 - 'Oops, Sorry' Doesn't Let Israel Off the Hook Rather than limiting its strikes to key Hezbollah positions and pursuing all available diplomatic channels, as might be expected of a mature regional power with nuclear weapons, Israel launched a vengeful war on Lebanon, which, it has since been reported, was planned over a year in advance. It has displayed a callous disregard for human life, for Lebanon's infrastructure (which only in recent years had begun to recover from Israel's 1982 invasion), for the stability of Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora's fragile government and for the country's natural environment, now facing an ecological catastrophe from an oil spill caused by the bombing.

08-01-06 - 'We are winning this war ... Israel couldn't do what it said' "All our fighters are uniformed and equipped with armour; when we are in the field we dress as soldiers, but when we are with civilians we dress normally,"

08-01-06 - The refugees' fury will be felt for generations to come

08-01-06 - Children are paying the price in Lebanon

08-01-06 - Blair warns of 'arc of extremism' Mr Blair told the World Affairs Council in Los Angeles that Syria and Iran had to stop supporting terrorism or they would "be confronted".

08-01-06 - Bombing on Israeli patrol road in Golan: military

08-01-06 - News agencies stand by Lebanon photos Three news agencies on Tuesday rejected challenges to the veracity of photographs of bodies taken in the aftermath of an Israeli airstrike in Lebanon, strongly denying that the images were staged. Israel's defenders are getting desperate.

08-01-06 - The IDF's "Human Shield" Defense Blows Up It now appears that the military had no information on rockets launched from the site of the building, or the presence of Hezbollah men at the time.

08-01-06 - Bush says support of Israel still unshaken Bush made it clear that the U.S. position in firm support of Israel had not changed.

08-01-06 - The Moral Culpability for Qana by Patrick J. Buchanan hen a few congressmen sought to moderate a pro-Israeli resolution by adding words urging "all sides to protect innocent life and infrastructure," GOP leader John Boehner ordered the words taken down. Why? Because, says Zbigniew Brzezinski, AIPAC, the Israeli lobby, had prepared the resolution and wanted it passed the way they wrote it. Our Knesset complied. It sailed through the House 410-8.

08-01-06 - Lebanon withdraw from Asian Cup The head of the Lebanon Football Association, Rahif Alameh, said the fighting had forced several players to leave their homes to evade the war.

08-01-06 - Israel's Latest Massacre in Qana: Racist Jewish Fundamentalism a Factor

08-01-06 - Why the Middle East Crisis Isn't Really About Terrorism To understand why all of the enemies of Israel are suddenly included in our 'war on terror' you need to read this.

08-01-06 - Israeli opinion after Qana - MIND BOGGLING

08-01-06 - Wooing Lebanese hearts, one leaflet at a time "If we saw Israel just (striking at) the Hizbullah positions, fine," he says. But when civilians and civilian infrastructure are hit, "the public doesn't blame the Hizbullah for it - they simply hate Israel more."

08-01-06 - U.S. is turning its back on civilians in Lebanon

08-01-06 - Greece withdraws from Israeli film festival in protest over Lebanon crisis


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