The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, June 09, 2006

News for 06-09-06

06-09-06 - Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Captain William L. McGonagle, US Navy Although severely wounded during the first air attack, Capt. McGonagle remained at his battle station on the badly damaged bridge and, with full knowledge of the seriousness of his wounds, subordinated his own welfare to the safety and survival of his command. Steadfastly refusing any treatment which would take him away from his post, he calmly continued to exercise firm command of his ship. Despite continuous exposure to fire, he maneuvered his ship, directed its defense, supervised the control of flooding and fire, and saw to the care of the casualties. Capt. McGonagle's extraordinary valor under these conditions inspired the surviving members of the Liberty's crew, many of them seriously wounded, to heroic efforts to overcome the battle damage and keep the ship afloat. Israel underestimated our guys. For it is their sheer heroism that prevented Israel from sinking that ship - which is what Israeli forces clearly sought to do. McGonagle and all those on board the USS Liberty : heroes.

06-09-06 - Data on nuclear agency workers hacked: lawmaker A computer hacker got into the U.S. agency that guards the country's nuclear weapons stockpile and stole the personal records of at least 1,500 employees and contractors, a senior U.S. lawmaker said on Friday.

06-09-06 - Official can't rule out wider breach of vet data The top U.S. veterans affairs official said on Thursday he could not be certain a recent computer theft did not include more private data on military personnel than had been reported so far.

06-09-06 - Iran given "weeks" to mull atomic offer

06-09-06 - Iran sticks by nuclear demands as pressure mounts His comments came as a cleric close to Iran's supreme leader said Tehran would not suspend its nuclear program of uranium enrichment, a day after the UN nuclear watchdog said it had actually accelerated the sensitive work

06-09-06 - Probe of Hariri assassination to continue A new report from a U.N. team probing the assassination of Lebanon's former prime minister will make no new revelations and will ask for another year to keep working, U.N. diplomats said Friday.

06-09-06 - New laws 'have not made the UK safer'

06-09-06 - Berg: No Good in Al-Zarqawi's Death "First of all, I'm not even certain that al-Zarqawi even killed my son," said Berg, who doesn't believe the videotape of his son's execution or what he's been told by the FBI any more than he believes conspiracy theories suggesting that Nicholas Berg was killed by the FBI or a U.S. assassination squad.

06-09-06 - Analysis: betrayed by his fellow Sunnis?

06-09-06 - Zarqawi: The Man and the Myth Do you remember this little incident? Do the Israelis have someone on the inside of Al-Zarqawi's network? Wouldn't doubt it. They seem to get an awful lot of inside information on terror strikes nationwide, hence the reason for the advanced notice of the such.

06-09-06 - Canada slams "ignorant" US comments on security Canada's government and main opposition party united on Friday to condemn "completely uninformed and ignorant remarks" by a U.S. member of Congress who said Canada was a breeding ground for terrorists.

06-09-06 - Iraq insurgency to go on after al-Zarqawi Some Iraqi militants opposed the Jordanian-born al-Zarqawi's attacks on Shiite civilians and want to focus more on U.S. and Iraqi troops. His death could grant them their wish since it raises the possibility of a new al-Qaida in Iraq with a different target list.

06-09-06 - Two more charged as China agents over US Navy data

06-09-06 - Zarqawi 'survived initial strike'

06-09-06 - Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites New Scientist has discovered that Pentagon's National Security Agency, which specialises in eavesdropping and code-breaking, is funding research into the mass harvesting of the information that people post about themselves on social netw

06-09-06 - US warns of terror threat in China The United States warned on Friday of a possible terrorist threat against its interests in China, especially in the three major cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

06-09-06 - Richard Perle reveals US War Plans in the Iran The love affair between Perle?s base in Likud on the hard line Israeli right and the neoconservatives of both US political parties is alive and kicking. Perle has long been associated with Likud that has been reduced to a weak rump huddling around Benjamin Netanyahu in the new Knesset. As a close associate of Netanyahu, Perle is seen as Likud?s top-ranking advocate in Europe and America with his tentacles into both political parties, the Bush White House, the Pentagon and many other leading institutions.

06-09-06 - Ambassador: Terror increased sympathy for Israel "Israel should take advantage of the potential held by economic and diplomatic relations with Europe. We are far from utilizing to the fullest the potential of nearing Europe on all areas, but I have no doubt that as time passes, Israel and Europe will become closer. We are discovering Europe and they are discovering us, and I have no doubt that this is good for the Israeli economy," he added.

06-09-06 - Palestinian Hamas denies statement mourning Zarqawi The ruling Palestinian faction Hamas on Friday denied issuing a statement mourning the killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, al Qaeda's leader in Iraq, but hailed him as a symbol of resistance to occupation.

06-09-06 - Bloggers take on telecoms giants to save spirit of Net A law that would have enshrined the neutrality of the Net was voted down by congressmen late on Thursday.
Telecom and cable companies are in effect being allowed to erect toll booths along the information superhighway - and individuals who post their own videos or blogs online could find their websites confined to the internet's B-roads or even blocked altogether.

06-09-06 - Al Qaeda's Zawahri condemns Palestinian referendum

06-09-06 - US, UN: can this 'unhappy marriage' be saved?

06-09-06 - Report: Abramoff ex-partner knew of slaying

06-09-06 - Reporters, beware of bogus information there are leaks of bogus information, sometimes called disinformation, intended to influence public opinion in some direction.

06-09-06 - The AIPAC case goes wild Pro-Israelis hope AIPAC case is dismissed.


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