The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, June 09, 2006

News for 06-08-06

06-08-06 - Halliburton sees earnings doubling in coming years Halliburton, the No 2 energy services company, has filed to spin off through an initial public offering 20 per cent of its engineering and construction unit KBR, the Pentagon's biggest private contractor in Iraq.

06-08-06 - A matter of Liberty - The Day Israel Attacked America "A virtually unarmed American naval ship in international waters was shot at, strafed with rockets, torpedoed, set on fire, then left to sink as crazed gunners shot up the life rafts. The foreign nation then says, ?sorry about that? and offers an explanation so outrageous that it is insulting, and the American government accepts it, sweeps the whole affair under a rug, then classifies as top secret nearly all details concerning it," he said. A total of 821 shell holes were counted in the ship?s superstructure and hull.

06-08-06 - Accountability sought in theft of VA data

06-08-06 - Analysis: al-Zarqawi death boosts Iraq rule The death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi may provide a much-needed morale boost to Iraq's new government. But it is unlikely to end the country's brutal insurgency.

06-08-06 - China, Russia warn against deploying space weapons China and Russia on Thursday warned that space-based weapons would pose a threat as great as weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and called for global negotiations to prevent their deployment.

06-08-06 - Iran 'continuing enrichment work' The report by the International Atomic Energy Agency says Iran was installing more centrifuge enrichment machines. It also says new traces of highly enriched uranium have been found.

06-08-06 - Iraqis meet Zarqawi's death with joy, fear

06-08-06 - Top Senate Republican accuses Cheney of seeking to undermine wiretap probe US Vice President Dick Cheney was accused by a top lawmaker from his own Republican party of obstructing a congressional probe into the legality of the US domestic spying program. Cheney and the neocons - are what's wrong with the Bush administration.

06-08-06 - Iranian and US women call for peaceful settlement over Iran Iranian and US women's organizations, led by two Nobel peace laureates, have called for a negotiated solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis and said military attacks should be ruled out.

06-08-06 - Apologise or we'll cut your funding, US envoy tells UN AMERICA?S bitter dispute with the United Nations escalated last night when John Bolton, the US envoy to the UN, threatened to withhold funding to the organisation unless it apologised for the remarks of a senior British official.

06-08-06 - Agency chief: Data on stolen VA laptop may have been erased

06-08-06 - Bush: al-Zarqawi death won't end violence President Bush hailed the killing of "the most-wanted terrorist in Iraq" but said Thursday it wouldn't stop the violence there or bring a speedy withdrawal of U.S. troops.

06-08-06 - Bush Overture To Iran Splits Israel, Neocons Neoconservative analysts are blasting the administration, saying that holding talks with the Islamic regime would serve only to embolden it and undermine the anti-fundamentalist opposition in Iran. They argue that America's ultimate goal should be to change Tehran's theocratic regime....The Walt-Mearsheimer paper has triggered an escalating debate on the influence of Israel and Jewish organizations that has spilled over onto the opinion pages of major publications, including The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Recently, with such scrutiny mounting, Israeli leaders asked American Jewish organizations to lower their profile on the Iran issue, the Forward has learned.....Israel's support for Rice and Olmert's request for Jewish groups to take a lower profile are being well received by many Jewish groups
Neoconservatives, as evidenced by the failures of their policies in the Middle East, have been a little too idealistic and not very REAListic about the consequences of the policies that they've pushed through via the Bush administration. Even the Israelis rue some of the (unintended) outcomes of these policies. Their vision is narrow and consists of what they'd LIKE to see happen. The outcome is most often something very different. Time to use the gray matter for a change, and leave the bellicosity, belligerence and shortsightedness at the door.

06-08-06 - Day blames Internet sites for terror threats His opinion also runs counter to an assessment by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service ? obtained recently by CanWest under the Access to Information Act ? which said activities in the war-torn country have increased Canada?s profile among terrorists.

06-08-06 - Officials urge tougher action against Syria Members of Congress who initiated the Syria Accountability Act said in a hearing Wednesday that they are increasingly impatient with Syria?s close ties to Iran and continuing support for terrorist groups.

06-08-06 - IT'S ABOUT TIME FOR ETHICS TRAINING -- FOR BUSH AND OTHERS Good, I thought: Maybe at last George W., Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and all those powdered warriors will have to sit down and ponder why they got us into this mess.

06-08-06 - Media Amnesia on Iran A May 3 Financial Times article that built on a prior FT piece in March 2004 reported: "Iran was ready to enter comprehensive talks in May 2003, shortly after the fall of Baghdad. On the table then was a proposal to discuss issues, including weapons of mass destruction, a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the future of Lebanon's Hizbollah organization and co-operation with the UN nuclear safeguards agency."

06-08-06 - Lebanon: Discrimination against Palestinians must end without delay The right to return is a right protected under international law; other human rights do not contradict it and their fulfilment does not negate it. Palestinian refugees, including those in Lebanon, should be able to enjoy their human rights to the fullest possible extent until such time when their right to return is fulfilled.

06-08-06 - For the women of Iraq, the war is just beginning The women of Basra have disappeared. Three years after the US-led invasion of Iraq, women's secular freedoms - once the envy of women across the Middle East - have been snatched away because militant Islam is rising across the country.

06-08-06 - Insider tip-off led to Zarqawi's death

06-08-06 - Lebanese leaders adjourn talks on Hezbollah arms Lebanese leaders have again put off any decision on the thorny issue of Hezbollah weapons after a four-hour meeting but agreed a "pact of honour" aimed at defusing tensions between pro- and anti-Syrian factions.

06-08-06 - Arabs say insurgency will continue after Zarqawi

06-08-06 - Secretive meeting of powerful society a conspiracy theorist's Woodstock The group also includes a pair of prominent figures involved in planning the U.S. invasion of Iraq - Richard Perle and Ahmad Chalabi. Fellow White House power-players Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz, now head of the World Bank, have spoken to the group in the past. Who says the world is controlled by a handful of wealthy people(which includes neocon-sympathizers)?....

06-08-06 - Annan urges Syria, Lebanon to agree on Shebaa The Farms were seized by Israel from Syria during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. The area is now claimed by Lebanon, with Syria's backing. The pro-Syrian Lebanese Shiite Muslim militant Hezbollah has vowed to end Israel's occupation of the border area.

06-08-06 - Jewish leader: Ahmadinejad '2nd Hitler' In Israel, meanwhile, Nobel peace laureate Eli Wiesel suggested in an interview published Thursday that military action might be necessary to keep Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb

06-08-06 - Donor states should continue aiding Palestine Russia has warned the world community that countries not interested in middle east settlement will come up with support of Palestine if donor states cut it off from help, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Saltanov has said

06-08-06 - Court rejects Pollard's petition for Israel to act for his release

06-08-06 - The Left and the Israel Lobby In reality, the Israel lobby simultaneously operates both as an external interest and as internal "special" interest, represented within a faction the U.S. ruling class and establishment that wishes to see the United States pursue an unequivocally Israelocentric foreign policy in the Middle East The left refuses to lay any blame on Israel or its lobby in the US.

06-08-06 - Enemies Within Although much attention is being focused on keeping terrorists from entering the United States, he said, homegrown terrorists may present an equal threat.

06-08-06 - Iraq errors 'to last generation' Sooner or later we shall leave Iraq. But no matter when that may be, Iraq will have a poor chance of survival unless there is regional stability; unless there is a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute; unless there is an accommodation with Iran.


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