The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, June 01, 2006

News for 05-31-06

05-31-06 - Stolen VA data goes beyond initial reports Personal information on 26.5 million veterans that was stolen from a Veterans Affairs employee this month not only included Social Security numbers and birthdates but in many cases phone numbers and addresses, internal documents show.

05-31-06 - A new US bid to contain Iran Some observers see parallels between the US offer to join multilateral talks with Iran and similar, though stalled, talks with North Korea. Mr. Kimball notes that the US did not insist that North Korea first cease its plutonium operations

05-31-06 - Powers aim to seal Iran package after US offer

05-31-06 - UN seeks 80 percent increase in aid to Palestinians The United Nations called for an 80 percent increase in emergency humanitarian aid to Palestinians on Wednesday, citing a deepening crisis that follows a freeze in Western assistance to the government...Shearer said the World Food Program had also warned the international community that more Palestinians were unable to meet their daily food needs. The US government is deliberately starving a people for voting against corruption.

05-31-06 - Trade with Arab bloc set to grow China aims to increase trade with Arab nations to US$100 billion in 2010

05-31-06 - Israel backs U.S. on Iran standoff Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said Rice had told her about the initiative beforehand Naturally. Since any initiative requires prior approval from Tel Aviv.

05-31-06 - Leftists for Occupation - The neocons' unlikely bedfellows

05-31-06 - Plenty of oil, but few refineries for Iran

05-31-06 - Russia, China welcome U.S. offer on Iran Russia and China welcomed a U.S. offer Wednesday to hold talks with Iran if it suspends uranium enrichment, but China said Washington's offer should be unconditional and include security guarantees.

05-31-06 - Former lobbyist testifies against official A convicted lobbyist described Tuesday how he obtained insider information and advice from Bush administration procurement chief David Safavian to advance two projects for Republican influence-peddlar Jack Abramoff, who then took the official on a lavish golf trip to Scotland.

05-31-06 - Lebanon condemns Israeli attacks in letter to UN Lebanon's Foreign Ministry has sent an official letter to the United Nations complaining about "the recent Israeli aggressions and clear breaches to Lebanon's sovereignty and the international community's resolutions."

05-31-06 - Jewish groups welcome Senate immigration bill Jewish groups welcomed a U.S. immigration bill that includes paths for undocumented immigrants to legalize their status. This fits in with yesterday's news about the Latino vote, which was foreshadowed here: paragraph 15Note the double standard here with regard to Israel's refusal to allow the Palestinian refugees back to their lands, but America is to absorb potential Israel-supporters.

05-31-06 - Egypt, Saudi urge Hamas to recognize Arab peace plan

05-31-06 - Zionist Democrats The DLC is blatantly adopting the policies of the neocons populating the right-wing think tanks in Washington that produce such human anomalies as John Bolton, Richard Perle and Daniel Pipes, all rabidly Zionist neoconservatives who advocate a much more aggressive US military agenda aimed directly at Islamic nations and peoples everywhere. The neocons are what brought the Bush presidency down. It is clear - no matter which party we are dealing with in American - both parties are teeming with Israel-firsters.

05-31-06 - Israel?s Navy Steps Up to Security Challenge in Wake of Gaza ... The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), Whose national security does this outfit represent?


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