The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, June 04, 2006

News for 06-03-06

06-03-06 - IDs of active personnel on stolen laptop Personal data on up to 50,000 active Navy and National Guard personnel were among those stolen from a Veterans Affairs employee last month, the government said Saturday in a disclosure that goes beyond what VA initially reported

06-03-06 - Carter warns against Iran conditions The former American president, Jimmy Carter, has said that the United States should begin talks with Iran without preconditions.

06-03-06 - Iran President to consider atomic proposals

06-03-06 - Iran says awaiting nuclear proposal, but won't halt enrichment

06-03-06 - EU's Solana ready to present Vienna plan to Iran Europe's foreign policy chief Javier Solana is ready to travel to Iran to present a package of incentives agreed by world powers for Tehran to give up atomic fuel work, Solana's spokeswoman said on Saturday.

06-03-06 - Turkey shells Iraqi Kurds On Thursday the Turkish military shelled Iraq's Kurdistan region. The artillery barrage wounded a shepherd and killed seven of his flock

06-03-06 - Civilians killed 'daily' Iraq's new prime minister yesterday accused American forces of killing civilians "just on suspicion". See also : "Israeli advisers are helping train US special forces in aggressive counter-insurgency operations in Iraq, including the use of assassination squads against guerrilla leaders, US intelligence and military sources said yesterday. " source

06-03-06 - Rumsfeld takes aim at Iran, Russia, China

06-03-06 - Bring our boys home: Mothers say war was 'based on lies' Dozens of women whose sons, husbands and daughters are now in the Gulf or have served there, have joined a national campaign to be launched this week calling for Britain to pull out of Iraq. In a strongly worded statement passed to the IoS, they claim the war in Iraq "was based on lies", and call for British withdrawal "as a matter of urgency".

06-03-06 - US urges Iran to make the right choice A senior US official called on Iran to "make the right choice" over proposals on its nuclear program, saying Washington has no "thirst for a military option."

06-03-06 - 'US, Israel behind Damascus attack' The accusation came a day after security forces fought Islamic militants near the Defense Ministry in a gunbattle that left four militants and a police officer dead, the government said.

06-03-06 - Anti-terrorism funds cut rankles New York

06-03-06 - U.S. studying Iran's retaliation options If cornered by the West over its nuclear program, Iran could direct Hezbollah to enlist its widespread international support network to aid in terrorist attacks, intelligence officials say. Wrong. "Lebanon's Hizbollah, a close ally of Iran, would not jump to Tehran's defence if the U.S. launched a strike against its nuclear programme but would step in if the conflict spread to Lebanon, its deputy chief said on Monday." source

06-03-06 - Rumsfeld urges China to come clean on military spending "Do I recognize that the United States is closely identified with Israel and that the bulk of that region tends to be anti-Israel and blames the plight of the Palestinians on the Israelis, and by extension on the United States? I do recognize that,"


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