The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, June 05, 2006

News for 06-04-06

06-04-06 - Furious Iraq demands apology as US troops are cleared of massacre AMERICA'S alliance with the new Iraqi government was plunged into major crisis last night as the country's prime minister and its people reacted with fury to the US military clearing its forces of killing civilians during operations against insurgents.

06-04-06 - Iraqi civilians killed in training accident: US military

06-04-06 - US sweetens offer to Iran: diplomats The United States has offered to lift some of its trade sanctions against Iran as part of a package of proposed benefits the EU will deliver to get Tehran to guarantee it will not make nuclear weapons, diplomats have told AFP.

06-04-06 - Iran hints may play oil card in nuclear dispute

06-04-06 - PetroCanada buys into US firm's Syria project Syria is in the grip of US-imposed sanctions, but international oil- and gas-prospecting companies are exempt and still operate in the country.

06-04-06 - Hezbollah says Lebanon majority MPs feeding sectarianism Hezbollah has accused the anti-Syrian majority in Lebanon's parliament of feeding sectarian dissent, amid fallout from a satirical TV sketch caricaturing its leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.

06-04-06 - Energy-hungry China warms to solar water heaters

06-04-06 - Lebanon PM says tension with Syria must end

06-04-06 - Canada Muslims condemn alleged bomb plot

06-04-06 - Osirak: Over the reactor The US-made single-seat F-16s had been in service for only a couple of years with the Americans, and had arrived in Israel less than a year before, though the pilots had been in training earlier in Utah.

06-04-06 - US echoes Gulf fears of pollution from Iran's nuclear program They're reaching for straws now.

06-04-06 - 10 years later, feds' story still suspect This has nothing to do with neocons but it is an odd story that I have stumbled upon 5 years ago pertaining to crash of flight TWA 800. I'm surprised to see it at WND.


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