The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, June 02, 2006

News for 06-02-06

06-02-06 - Britain rules out force against Iran "I can say unambiguously that all the agreements from yesterday's meetings rule out, in any circumstances, the use of military force," the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, was quoted as saying by Moscow's RIA news agency.

06-02-06 - Rice holds out possible meeting with Iranians Rice said Tehran had a "matter of weeks, not months," to deliver a definitive response. Russia and China, who do not believe Iran poses an imminent threat, have been most opposed to threatening Iran with sanctions if it defies such demands. But Rice told CNN Television, "Russia and China have signed on to the two paths."

06-02-06 - Oil prices rise to almost $71 a barrel Oil prices edged higher Friday after ending sharply lower in the previous session. Analysts said anxiety over Iran's nuclear ambitions continued to support crude futures.

06-02-06 - Iran 'rejects Western pressure' Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said Tehran will not abandon its right to nuclear technology under Western pressure, local media say.

06-02-06 - Furor grows over civilian deaths in Iraq A third set of allegations that U.S. troops have deliberately killed civilians is fueling a furor in Iraq and drawing strong condemnations from government and human rights officials.

06-02-06 - China tells Iran it will back diplomacy to resolve nuclear crisis

06-02-06 - Iran could have nuclear bomb by 2010: Negroponte On Iran's nuclear capability, Negroponte told BBC Radio today: "The estimate we have made is that sometime between the beginning of the next decade and the middle of the next decade they might be in a position to have a nuclear weapon which is a cause of great concern."

06-02-06 - Endgaming Iran The Bush administration has no intention of peacefully resolving the nuclear dispute with Iran. They have consistently blocked all attempts by Iran to negotiate in good faith or to establish diplomatic channels for discussion. The current offer by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to talk directly with Iran is less a departure from the normal US' belligerence than it is a means of enlisting support from Russia and China for future punitive action.

06-02-06 - Russia may relocate Black Sea Fleet to Syrian port - paper Tartus, the second most important Syrian port on the Mediterranean, could be transformed into a base for Black Sea Fleet warships when they are redeployed from the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol, Kommersant daily said, quoting sources in Russia's diplomatic service and the Defense Ministry.

06-02-06 - Libby to get limited classified info

06-02-06 - Terror attacks on World Cup teams unlikely: German minister Strange how the news media have ignored this report

06-02-06 - Syria police battle with militants kills 5 Syrian anti-terrorism police fought Islamic militants near the Defense Ministry on Friday in a gunbattle that killed five people and wounded four, the government said.

06-02-06 - FBI wants Internet records kept 2 years: source

06-02-06 - US ruling on Iraqi deaths pressures PM Allegations that U.S. Marines massacred some 24 civilians in the town of Haditha and the finding that troops did no wrong in Ishaqi do not help Maliki allay Iraqi suspicions.

06-02-06 - Our Endangered Values - Jimmy Carter By Jeff Fleischer . We can't deal directly with the Hamas government. But I think we should have the same degree of generosity to the Palestinian people who are suffering horribly in their own land. This could be done through UNESCO, through the United Nations Human Rights Organization, through UNICEF, or even through the government of Jordan. Just to finance the payment of schoolteachers or nurses or ambulance services or food distribution to people.

06-02-06 - Russia plans to spend $186 billion on arms by 2015

06-02-06 - Analysis: Iraq war ties U.S. hands on Iran "We didn't invade North Korea because they had a nuclear weapon. We did invade Iraq because they didn't have a nuclear weapon but we thought they were trying to get one. If you're Iran, what is the logical lesson?" Neocons are a special breed. They are the only creature in the world that could singlehandedly kick themselves in their own arse. The 'cakewalk' debacle may have cost them their much sought after US-led attack on Iran.

06-02-06 - Russian military denies seeking Mediterranean naval base in Syria "Moscow's stake in Damascus would definitely damage relations between Russia and Israel and could persuade the Iranian regime to be even less compliant in talks on the Iranian nuclear program," the paper said.

06-02-06 - Firms sell terror protection The dual nature of this expanding consulting field was clear at a seminar Thursday that combined dire warnings about future terrorist attacks in the United States with understated pleas by those same experts to hire their companies to combat the threat.
"Unfortunately, the lessons of 9/11 have largely been forgotten," said Ilana Freedman, chief executive officer of Gerard Group International LLC, one of the sponsors of Thursday's conference. Freedman's company is a counterterrorism specialist originally created in Israel and now based in Massachusetts. This is the brutal irony: why America was attacked in the first place.

06-02-06 - Striking Fear in Our Hearts In the 1990s, suicide bombings began in Israel. Until that time, the tactic had been limited to Iranians and Iranian-influenced Shi'ite terrorist groups, but eventually it was taken up by the Sunni Palestinian Arabs Wrong. It was being employed by the Tamil Tigers: 'Indeed, the world's leader in suicide terror was the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka. This secular Marxist group "invented the famous suicide vest for their suicide assassination of Rajiv Ghandi in May 1991. The Palestinians got the idea of the vest from the Tamil Tigers." ' The NY Sun is again shilling for neocons (get Iran, ooga booga).

06-02-06 - Former CIA Analyst Says Iran Strike Set For June Or July Former CIA analyst and Presidential advisor Ray McGovern, fresh from his heated public confrontation with Donald Rumsfeld, fears that staged terror attacks across Europe and the US are probable in order to justify the Bush administration's plan to launch a military strike against Iran, which he thinks will take place in June or July.

06-02-06 - Jews greet U.S. overture to Iran with ambivalence and skepticism There was greater skepticism in Congress, where bills urging Iran's isolation have garnered overwhelming support. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), whose bill isolating Iran passed overwhelmingly in April in the U.S. House of Representatives, said Rice's initiative would at least call Iran's bluff.
This woman puts forth so much legislation on behalf of AIPAC, I'm prompted to ask: DOES SHE WORK AT ALL FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? Is there JUST ONE non-AIPAC-driven piece of legislation put forth by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen?

06-02-06 - Assad State of Affairs After Hariri's murder, it seemed that all the stars were aligned to lower the boom on Damascus. Not only were the appropriate U.N. resolutions in place, but the assassination spurred a rapprochement between the United States and France in opposition to Syria. Alas, to date the administration has been unable to capitalize on this multilateral moment. The final U.N. report on the Hariri murder is due this month, but absent any smoking gun Assad and company may again emerge unscathed.

The neoconservative Weekly Standard boohoos that the Bush administration isn't sanctioning Syria to their liking. America just can't do enough to make the Middle East a safer place for Israel. Or so it would appear.

06-02-06 - A giant awakes That's because the invasion of Iraq has completely reshaped the dynamics of the region, making Iran the new political power in the Middle East. With its two nearest enemies - Saddam Hussein and the Taliban - gone, Iran has firmly secured its interests in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Through its ties with Hizbullah, Iran has managed to fill the power vacuum left by Syria's abrupt withdrawal from Lebanon. At the same time, Iran has taken advantage of the cut in international funding to the Hamas-dominated Palestinian authority to make up its economic shortfall, thus gaining an even firmer foothold in the Palestinian territories. Meanwhile, record oil prices and booming trade with Russia, China and India have allowed Iran to shrug off any economic pressure to give up its nuclear program. I refer back to the comment made about neocons and arses from today's news.

06-02-06 - Canadian Philanthropist Focusing Efforts on Darfur One of its newer markets is Iraq, where the Pentagon hired SkyLink's American affiliate to rehabilitate and run the airports in Baghdad, Basra, Arbil and Mosul. (The American affiliate had bought a table at a Bush fund-raising dinner, but Arbib denied that the donation was connected to the Iraq contracts.)

06-02-06 - The slow burn of Syria As we approached Maalula, a Christian village in the heart of Syria, our guide told us that we would hear a girl say the Lord's Prayer in the original Aramaic, which Jesus used.
Privately, I thought that this would be a rather bogus affair, but the simple voice of the girl in the tiny Christian church proved me wrong


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