The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

News for 05-30-06

05-30-06 - ElBaradei: Iran not an immediate nuclear threat Lest we forget : "Mr. Negroponte, testified to Congress in February that Iran "will likely have the capability" to produce a nuclear weapon within 10 years......Some of the shortest estimates, of less than two years, come from Israel, source .

05-30-06 - Iran says overstretched US cannot launch strikes

05-30-06 - Veterans official steps down after theft

05-30-06 - U.S. Cautious on New Iran Diplomacy

05-30-06 - Iraq to probe US massacre claims

05-30-06 - Frustration mounts between US, Pakistan US lawmakers urged Pakistan to wring more information from disgraced nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, alleging that he may yet hold the blueprint to some of Iran's nuclear secrets.

05-30-06 - Cheney desperate to attack Iran, World Cup offers pretext

05-30-06 - Truce holds as Lebanese hold mass funeral for guerrilla slain by Israel

05-30-06 - Security Council meeting degenerates Syrian and Iranian diplomats traded barbs with Israel's U.N. ambassador on Tuesday, as a routine Security Council meeting on fighting terrorism degenerated into insults and accusations...... Alhariri said Gillerman should consider Israel's own nuclear program before criticizing other countries for theirs. Touche.

05-30-06 - NAM backs Iran, condemns Israel's "brutal" occupation

05-30-06 - Bush, Jordan's King Abdullah, dine at White House The embassy said that the two leaders also discussed the Palestinian-Israeli issue, with Abdullah underscoring the importance of pursuing a two-state solution, and the need to provide humanitarian assistance to inhabitants of the Palestinian territories.

05-30-06 - Iran minister snubs Israel Asked about Israeli calls for economic sanctions on Iran, Manouchehr Mottaki said Tuesday: "What country is that? There is no such country."

05-30-06 - Turkey tells ally Israel it opposes Iran nukes Turkey reassured its ally Israel on Monday that it opposed Iran, arch-foe of the Jewish state, acquiring nuclear weapons and said it wanted to see the whole Middle East region freed of the atomic threat.

05-30-06 - Iran's Khatami urges more oil money to Palestinians

05-30-06 - Arab League chief calls for nuclear-free Middle East

05-30-06 - The Best Congress Money Can Buy

05-30-06 - Schroeder opposes Hamas boycott Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said he opposes sanctions against Iran and the boycott of the Hamas-run Palestinian government.


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