The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

News for 05-29-06

05-29-06 - Universal National Service Act of 2006 (Introduced in House) To provide for the common defense by requiring all persons in the United States, including women, between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes. The draft.

05-29-06 - Showdown Over Iran; Washington grudge match: neoconservatives versus Republican realists Our old friends at the Office of Special Plans - who channeled so much of the phony "intelligence" that ginned up the war with Iraq - are planning a little reunion, it seems

05-29-06 - 6 nations plan to sign off on Iran package former U.N. nuclear inspector David Albright said the announcement was probably "not very worrisome."
"They like to pretend they are competing but their program is (probably) pretty rudimentary," said Albright, who runs the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security.
Someone in this administration needs to tell the Israelis that. Their figures are WAY off.

05-29-06 - Iran says won't move all atomic work to Russia

05-29-06 - World powers ready to guarantee Iran's right to nuclear energy: Russia

05-29-06 - Analysis: Alleged killing of civilians by Marines could enrage Iraqis

05-29-06 - Neo-cons question Bush's democratisation strategy on Iran, for example, they believe the Bush administration is moving towards a cold war-style strategy of containment and deterrence with as broad an international coalition as possible.......Russia, which Mr Bush saw as a declining power when he came to office in 2001, is asserting itself on the international stage. So is China.
The neocons are angry because Bush doesn't appear to be in too much of a hurry to go to war for them (again). This attack on Iraq (that was urged on by the neocons armed with their 'cherrypicked' intel) may spell the end of the American Empire.

05-29-06 - Iraq poised to become main Iranian ally If Iran is attacked, "Iraqi Shiites will not take this lightly. They will not sit and watch," said Diaa Rashwan, a Cairo-based analyst.

05-29-06 - George Washington Had It Right He warned against foreign influence, calling it a poison to republican government. While he was no doubt thinking of the French, his advice applies to Israel. No foreign country should be allowed to influence American policy because that country will always seek to influence policy to favor its interests, not ours. If we followed Washington's advice, the only thing we would be sending to the Middle East would be oil tankers and tourists.

05-29-06 - Israeli jets overfly Lebanon after clashes The Lebanese army said Israeli warplanes violated Lebanon's airspace, one day after rockets fired from south Lebanon sparked tit-for-tat clashes in which two militants were killed.

05-29-06 - US pushing Europe, Japan for sanctions against Iran leaders It described the plan as designed to rein in the financial freedom of every Iranian official, individual and entity which the Bush administration considers connected not only to nuclear enrichment efforts but also to terrorism, corruption, suppression of democratic freedoms, violence in Iraq, Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories.

05-29-06 - The children of Guantanamo Bay

05-29-06 - China eyes closer energy, political ties at Sino-Arab forum China will become the second United Nations Security Council member after Russia to host a Hamas leader since the radical Islamic movement formed a government following its victory in Palestinian elections in January

05-29-06 - Critics savage Russian G-8 role as 'leader of democracies'

05-29-06 - Syria opposition to meet in London on regime change plan An exiled Syrian opposition group created two months ago said it will meet in London next week to discuss an "action plan" for regime change in Damascus.

05-29-06 - Hezbollah urged to hand over arms

05-29-06 - Cheney aide is screening legislation Cheney has used his power over the administration's legal team to promote an expansive theory of presidential authority. Using signing statements, the administration has challenged more laws than all previous administrations combined.

05-29-06 - Non-aligned states urged to support nuclear Iran

05-29-06 - Neocons in the Democratic Party Neocons are 'former' liberals as described in this article.

05-29-06 - Top Democrat slams AIPAC prosecution The top Democrat on the U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee questioned the statute used to prosecute two former AIPAC lobbyists. Has the matter of the national security of this country ever entered the mind of this Congresswoman? Evidently not.

05-29-06 - Iran boosts Hezbollah's reach Haaretz reported

05-29-06 - Senate delays P.A. vote With 89 co-sponsors, the act is guaranteed passage. This bill will harm US interests. It's apparently not a concern to these AIPAC-beholden legislators.

05-29-06 - Israel tightens NATO ties amid Iran nuke jitters Israel announced on Monday it would fully participate in a NATO naval exercise for the first time, bolstering defense ties with the Western military alliance in the face of arch-foe Iran's nuclear program.

05-29-06 - Jewish group calls for energy legislation The American Jewish Congress urged passage of a bill that would facilitate U.S.-Israel energy cooperation.
Both houses are considering legislation that would help spur Israeli research into energy-saving technology.


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