The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, March 12, 2006

News for 03-12-06

03-12-06 - Iran says Russian atomic deal no longer an option

03-12-06 - Hecklers harass families of US soldiers killed in Iraq Five women sang and danced as they held up signs saying "thank God for dead soldiers" at the funeral of an army sergeant who was killed by an Iraqi bomb Hideous.

03-12-06 - British soldier quits army, accuses US troops of illegal tactics in Iraq "The Americans had this catch-all approach to lifting suspects. The tactics were draconian and completely ineffective." Tactics learned from Israel, no doubt. "Israeli advisers are helping train US special forces in aggressive counter-insurgency operations in Iraq" - Israel trains US assassination squads in Iraq also there is Israelis Trained US Troops in Jenin-style Urban Warfare

03-12-06 - US denies asking for Iranian help in Iraq Britain's Sunday Times newspaper said journalists in Tehran had been shown a letter by a senior Iranian intelligence agent that was purportedly from U.S. envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, and which invited Iran to send representatives to talks in Iraq.

03-12-06 - Iranian Rejects Proposal, Angering Russia However, Tehran did back away from a threat to use oil as an economic weapon if the council should impose sanctions

03-12-06 - Pro-Israel Activists Cheer Cheney In recent weeks Bush has seen his approval ratings drop to around 35%, leading some analysts to the conclusion that his poll numbers were putting him perilously close to a "failed presidency" - one unable to effectuate its policies because of a lack of popular support. But this week, at the annual policy conference of the main pro-Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, several of the most hard-line administration officials, including Vice President Dick Cheney and Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, drew a resounding response. This was by no coincidence. For it is their policy that the Bush administration is fulfilling - to the detriment of the rest of America.

03-12-06 - Rabbis visit Tehran to support call for Israel's destruction "The issue of the Holocaust has to do with the Zionist use ... The Zionists are using this issue. We, the Jews who were killed in the Holocaust, do not use the Holocaust as a tool for promoting our cause," Weiss was quoted as saying.

03-12-06 - Straw: Israel's nukes will be dealt with after Iran Highly doubtful. Britain is the one that helped Israel to get nukes in the first place.

03-12-06 - UK to urge Europe to help Iranians win more freedom Britain will call on Monday for an expansion of global broadcasting in Iran and more material in Farsi published on the Internet in an effort to support Iranians' aspirations for greater freedom.

03-12-06 - Rice Sought for Testimony in Spy Case Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley are among the witnesses defense lawyers want to subpoena in the case of two pro- Israel lobbyists accused of receiving classified information

03-12-06 - North Korea urges US to change "biased" nuclear policy In the agreement reached early this month in New Delhi, US President George W. Bush reversed a longstanding US policy by agreeing to sell sensitive nuclear technology to India even though New Delhi is not a party to the NPT. Critics said the agreement would fuel a South Asia arms race or set a bad example for Israel, Iran, or North Korea

03-12-06 - GOP Lawmakers: Fear Fueled Ports Criticism Four U.S. legislators visiting this city at the heart of a collapsed ports management deal stressed Sunday the United Arab Emirates remained one of America's strongest allies in the fight against terrorism.

03-12-06 - Minister slams US decision to end deals with Commercial Bank of Syria

03-12-06 - Letter to President Bush Until your administration, I believed it was inconceivable that the United States would ever initiate an aggressive and preemptive war against a country that posed no threat to us

03-12-06 - As Syria's Influence in Lebanon Wanes, Iran Moves In Thus does the propaganda campaign against Iran continue in the US press.

03-12-06 - Syria wants Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction Syria expects the Middle East region to be free of weapons of mass destruction, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said on Sunday.

03-12-06 - Friends Remember Slain American Hostage Palestinians throughout the West Bank also expressed sorrow Saturday over the killing of Fox who had traveled to the area to protest for their cause before he was taken hostage in Iraq.

03-12-06 - The 48 Hour Media-blitz for War with Iran Bush, Cheney, Bolton, Rice, Rumsfeld, Burns, Congress, and Israel. Whoa! That?s quite a line-up. All in the last 48 hours! Was it spontaneous or a calculated public-relations campaign? ....The Iran bourse is a direct threat to the present economic system of extorting labor and resources from the developing world for worthless paper. The Bush administration will do everything in its power to defend that system. It's coming, people. Better get ready for it. AIPAC has given our government their marching orders. And they rarely if ever disobey them.

03-12-06 - Iran urging Islamic Jihad to attack Israel ahead of election Israeli intelligence sources say

03-12-06 - New legal approach draws museums into fray in fight against terror Among the museums and institutions being pursued by David Strachman is the University of Chicago. He wants the university to surrender a treasure trove of ancient Persian artifacts to survivors of an attack staged by Hamas, the militant group that won the recent Palestinian elections. The request was recently sustained by a federal magistrate in Chicago.... Supporters of terrorism should be punished. Hamas is partially financed by Iran. Therefore, Hamas' victims should be compensated by confiscating Iranian property, making Persian artifacts in American museums, such as University of Chicago's Oriental Institute, fair game for federal marshals and a moving truck.


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