The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, March 09, 2006

News for 03-08-06

03-08-06 - Iranian Revolutionary Guard infiltrating Iraq: Rumsfeld

03-08-06 - US, Europe press for action on Iran nuclear program Javad Vaidi, the Iranian delegation chief in Vienna, said that "the United States may have the power to cause harm and pain but it is also susceptible to harm and pain. "So if the United States wishes to choose that path, let the ball roll," he added

03-08-06 - Russia opposes punitive UN Council action on Iran Sergei Lavrov also told reporters after meeting U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan that he opposed military action and questioned any measures the West might propose in the Security Council, saying the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency had to remain in the lead. There is no Israeli lobby in Russia - the difference between the bellicosity of the neocon-driven Bush administration, and the lack of interest in Russia to attack Iran.

03-08-06 - Iran refuses to stop nuclear work Iran will continue its controversial nuclear research programme no matter what action the UN takes against it, an Iranian nuclear delegation has said.

03-08-06 - US seeks further pressure on Iran UN Ambassador John Bolton said there was a sense of urgency about Tehran's defiance of the world community.

03-08-06 - Justice Dept. Probes Lawyers' Conduct The Justice Department is investigating its lawyers' conduct in sending terrorism suspects to jail when there was insufficient evidence to charge them with a crime.

03-08-06 - Israel will have to act on Iran if UN can't

03-08-06 - U.S. says it still opposes proposed Iran-India pipeline

03-08-06 - Abramoff says he worked with top Republicans Abramoff said he did not spend much time lobbying DeLay because he knew that the Texas Republican would support his issues, but they talked about other subjects..."We would sit and talk about the Bible. We would sit and talk about opera. We would sit and talk about golf. I mean, we talked about philosophy and politics," Delay and Abramoff are both Zionists - Christian and Jewish respectively.

03-08-06 - Annan urges cool rhetoric after Cheney warns Iran

03-08-06 - NeoCon allies desert Bush over Iraq These are the right-wing intellectuals who demanded George Bush invade Iraq. Now they admit they got it wrong. Are you listening, Mr President? The neocons have a new war to promote: the war on Iran. And the Bush administration is fully complying with their wishes (again).

03-08-06 - Setback for Bush's US ports plan A powerful committee of the US House of Representatives has voted to block a Bush administration deal to give a Dubai firm control over six US ports.

03-08-06 - Vermont Towns Vote to Impeach Whereas George W. Bush has:

1. Misled the nation about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction;

2. Misled the nation about ties between Iraq and Al Quaeda;

03-08-06 - US criticises Iran, China on human rights The report makes no mention of any human rights abuses committed by the US in places like the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, despite strong international criticism over the US military's treatment of detainees.

03-08-06 - Biddle's Pivot To circumvent this growing demand for withdrawal, the War Party has come up with a number of alternate plans, all of which involve a continued U.S. military presence

03-08-06 - Jewish anti-Zionists visit Iran

03-08-06 - Remarks by Vice President Cheney to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee 2006 Policy Conference

03-08-06 - U.S. 'will always be by Israel's side,' Clinton says Clinton said he "sympathized" with the reason Palestinians voted for Hamas in recent parliamentary elections because the average Palestinian is worse off now than a decade ago. U.S. 'will always be by Israel's side,' Clinton says - maybe our Congress whom AIPAC has in their back pocket. Last I checked though, this government is still by the people of the people and for the people.

03-08-06 - For politicians and candidates, AIPAC event is a time to shine Participating at the AIPAC conference has, for years, given politicians close access to active donors from across the country who are willing to feed money into the campaigns of pro-Israel candidates. In addition to the formal program, AIPAC conferences include several small cocktail receptions for high donors, where business cards and alcohol flow freely.

"It's fund-raising, it's votes and it's leadership," Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), who is running for Senate, said at a National Jewish Democratic Council reception on the sidelines of the conference. "It puts us together with people that are influential in the community." The whoring of American legislators and would-be legislators is repulsive.

03-08-06 - House RollCall Patriot Act

03-08-06 - Researchers to Report That Arab Population Figures in West Bank and Gaza Are Dramatically Overestimated as House International Relations Subcommittee Reconsiders US Aid to Palestinian Authority The ADRG released, "Arab Population in the West Bank and Gaza: The Million Person Gap," a report authored by Bennett Zimmerman, Dr. Roberta Seid and Dr. Michael L. Wise at the American Enterprise Institute. Bingo. The American Enterprise Institute, AEI, is a neocon 'thinktank' - now there's a nonbiased source of information. Our legislators will nonetheless slurp up this neocon slop in their usual subordinate manner.

03-08-06 - U.N. Report Card: Israel, Palau, Micronesia and Marshall Islands Top Best U.S. Friends List Ever since we partnered with Israel, our nation's prestige, stature in the world has suffered. We stand isolated.


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