The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, March 10, 2006

News for 03-09-06

03-09-06 - U.S. Pushes U.N. for Strong Iran Statement Bolton and other senior U.S. officials suggested that if the Security Council doesn't take tough action, the United States might look elsewhere to punish Iran - possibly by rallying its allies to impose targeted sanctions...Officials in Washington have raised the possibility of a Security Council resolution backed by the threat of military force that would demand Iran abandon uranium enrichment and answer outstanding questions about its nuclear program....Yet Russia and China are opposed to sanctions and would almost certainly block any effort for the council to impose such measures

03-09-06 - Iranian Revolutionary Guard infiltrating Iraq: Rumsfeld US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld accused Iran of sending Revolutionary Guard forces into Iraq to make trouble, and warned Tehran it was "an error in judgement."

03-09-06 - Colonization of Palestine Precludes Peace by Jimmy Carter For more than a quarter century, Israeli policy has been in conflict with that of the United States and the international community. Israel?s occupation of Palestine has obstructed a comprehensive peace agreement in the Holy Land, regardless of whether Palestinians had no formalized government, one headed by Yasir Arafat or Mahmoud Abbas, or with Abbas as president and Hamas controlling the parliament and cabinet. This man is legend. My hat's off to former president Jimmy Carter. God bless him.

03-09-06 - Americans Urge Death if Saddam Convicted

03-09-06 - Feds Order U.S. Banks to Sever Syria Ties "Today's action is aimed at protecting our financial system against abuse by this arm of a state-sponsor of terrorism," said Stuart Levy, Treasury's undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence.

03-09-06 - Dubai Firm to Give Up Stake in U.S. Ports

03-09-06 - US faces 'no greater challenge' than Iran US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says that no country poses a greater challenge to America now than Iran.

03-09-06 - North Korea test-fires short-range missiles the head of the US military in South Korea told a Congressional committee Tuesday that the North is "set to deploy ballistic missiles that could reach Alaska and remains a global security threat despite its failing economy." But Iran is our problem, not N. Korea. Mm k.

03-09-06 - Damascus blasts US rights report The ministry highlighted "the scandals at Guantanamo (US military detention facility in Cuba) and Abu Ghraib (prison in Baghdad) and the violations of Palestinian human rights which the United States supports and endorses." ...In its 16-page introduction, the US report criticized the human rights situations in Iran and Syria but did not mention its key ally Israel.

03-09-06 - Carter On A Roll Jimmy Carter has, of late, been breaking the unwritten rule that former presidents shall not contradict sitting presidents on major issues of policy. He did it yesterday, when he called the Iraq War unjust, unnecessary and based on false pretenses. Today, the 2002 Nobel peace prize winner did it again, right here on

03-09-06 - UN unlikely to make Iranian nuclear deal easier Nicholas Burns, US undersecretary for state, outlined this week how the US had few options at its disposal because of the lack of international support for significant sanctions. That didn't stop them from going into Iraq.

03-09-06 - Daniel Pipes Finds Comfort in Muslims Killing Muslims: Neocon Advocates Civil War in Iraq as "Strategic" Policy finally Pipes declares that a civil war "would likely invite Syrian and Iranian participation hastening the possibility of confrontation with these two states, with which tensions are already high." It is no secret that the neocons have been aching for the U.S. to strike at Iran and Syria, so here too the civil war strategy of the neocons makes good sense to them. Of course the added death and destruction is not their problem since the victims will be Muslims and some unwitting American soldiers.

03-09-06 - Secret sale of UK plutonium to Israel Under Wilson, Britain also sold Israel tons of chemicals used to make boosted atom bombs 20 times more powerful than Hiroshima or even Hydrogen Bombs...Using Freedom of Information, Newsnight has obtained top secret papers. They show Foreign Minister Kim Howells misled the IAEA and that Britain made not one, but hundreds of secret shipments of nuclear materials to Israel.

03-09-06 - Talk about Iran military option could backfire, IAF source warns "If we emphasize too much, express ourselves too much, it frees the international community (of responsibility)," Ben-Eliyahu told Israel Radio. "Our major achievement, from a military perspective and from a political perspective, is that an international coalition has been created that understands and comprehends that Iran's nuclear development must be stopped." Whose war?

03-09-06 - Straw sets out Iran's choices Britain is happy for Iran to develop civil nuclear energy, so long as it comes into compliance with its obligations not to seek atomic weapons, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said.

03-09-06 - House panel clears emergency war funds The committee cut most of the $75 million Bush sought for new pro-democracy efforts in Iran, calling the plan announced with fanfare last month poorly justified...Lawmakers also agreed to put into law a block on aid to the Palestinian Authority unless the new government being formed by the militant group Hamas renounces terrorism and recognizes Israel's right to exist, backing Bush's stance

03-09-06 - Three Years and Counting On March 19, 2003, without the approval of the United Nations Security Council and against the advice of many of America's closest allies, the Bush Administration launched what has become one of the longest-running wars in US history And this performance may be repeated with Iran.

03-09-06 - In Iran, Even Critics Back Nuclear Stance "I never supported the regime before," the Tehran resident said. "But this time, it is a matter of humiliation by foreigners."

03-09-06 - Fighting Terror or Pushing Bigotry? "While it may be true ? and probably is ? that not all Muslims are terrorists, it also happens to be true that nearly all terrorists are Muslim," Gillerman said to the crowd's delight. Gillerman stole the line from Pat Buchanan's article of Feb. 2006 And while not all Muslims are terrorists, almost all terrorists appear to be Muslim. .. What most fail to mention is that the first terrorist organizations in the Middle East were not Arab or Muslim.

03-09-06 - Depleted Uranium - US Lung Cancer Rates Soar

03-09-06 - Pentagon admits errors in spying on protesters

03-09-06 - Federal Hearing Incenses Civil Advocates Two Israeli intelligence agents are being called to testify about Salah's interrogation in an effort to determine whether the confession can be used at Salah's trial. Although experts say judges frequently take special precautions to protect witnesses, the judge's decision to keep the pretrial hearing secret to better safeguard the agents against reprisals has upset opponents of government secrecy. "I don't believe serving the interest of a foreign intelligence agency is high priority for the American people,"...Over defense objections, U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve ruled in January that she would close the courtroom for the Israeli agents, offer heavy security and permit them the use of pseudonyms and "light disguises."

03-09-06 - Senate rejects travel ban Pro-Israel groups have been working to ensure that the original bill, which remains under debate, does not include a ban on non-profit travel, which would hamper their ability to send lawmakers to Israel. You didn't really think the AIPACers would allow Congress to ban all lobby-sponsored trips, including those to Israel, did you? Hahahaha. We are talking about the Israeli lobby here.

03-09-06 - Bush reaches out to philanthropists A large number of Jewish groups oppose faith-based initiatives, because of concerns that using federal money for religious charitable organizations violates the separation of church and state. See this next short article from JTA for today as well.

03-09-06 - Aznar: Make Israel a NATO member Spain?s former prime minister said Israel should become a member of NATO as a warning to Iran


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