The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, March 11, 2006

News for 03-10-06

03-10-06 - US hostage in Iraq confirmed dead

03-10-06 - Bush: Iran's threats to Israel a 'grave national security concern'

03-10-06 - REFILING: LEAD: Bush labels N. Korea, Iran as 'axis of evil' again Bush said he sees "an issue of grave national security concern" in Iran, referring to comments by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calling for the destruction of Israel and suspicions that Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons Strange then, that Iran is being hauled before the UN Security Council and N. Korea is not.

03-10-06 - UN Security Council seeks united response to Iran nuclear defiance But Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said here Wednesday: "We are convinced that there is no military solution to this crisis," adding: "I don't think sanctions as a means to solve a crisis has ever achieved a goal in the recent history."

03-10-06 - EU warns of sanctions against Iran

03-10-06 - Bush's Approval Rating Falls to New Low

03-10-06 - 'US not doing enough to stop Iran' "America needs to get its act together," the official said. "Until now the US administration has just been talking tough but the time has come for the Americans to begin to take tough action." Wow.

03-10-06 - CIA must give Libby intel summaries, judge rules Libby's graymail defense succeeding.

03-10-06 - From AIPAC to Check Point In May 2000, reports began appearing in the US media linking Amdocs Ltd. (NYSE: DOX) to the wiretapping of government communications. "Insight", a magazine of the right-wing "Washington Times" group, cited "scores" of sources, including intelligence sources, who claimed that the FBI was convinced that Amdocs, a contractor for upgrading the White House's telephony system, had listed to conversations in the president's residence...In another report, Cameron said Comverse Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: CMVT) subsidiary Comverse Infosys, a provider of surveillance equipment to US law enforcement agencies, was itself conducting secret wiretapping through a back door in the equipment it installed.

03-10-06 - Bush says won't soften demands to Syria on Lebanon

03-10-06 - Israel firm on Iran, reticent on military action "Ultimately, our objective is that the international community prevents the Iranians from developing non-conventional weapons, and Israel has helped in efforts to get the case brought before the UN Security Council," Olmert said. Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz also appeared to downplay Yaalon's comments to the Hudson Institute in Washington,
The Hudson Institute recently welcomed neocon Lewis Libby to its ranks, go figure.

03-10-06 - Hamas will accept funding from Iran: Meshaal

03-10-06 - Madrid Bombings Show No al-Qaida Ties

03-10-06 - Rumsfeld: Iraqi troops, not US, to fight a civil war

03-10-06 - Negative perceptions of Islam increasing Conservative and liberal experts said Americans' attitudes about Islam are fueled in part by political statements and media reports that focus almost solely on the actions of Muslim extremists. And exactly who would benefit from that, mewonders?...

03-10-06 - Ya?alon: Don?t rule out force for Iran Western nations should not rule out using military force against Iran, Israel?s former military chief said.

03-10-06 - Paul Findley: Seek Justice, Only Justice In Middle East policy, America ignores injustice, because religion-based passions here at home override even vital national interests. Our bias is not controlled by government officials but by two peculiar, politically powerful religious communities -- fundamentalist Christianity, on one hand, and on the other an extreme element of Judaism. Together, they burden our country year after year with an Israel-centric foreign policy that is disastrous to America's vital interests. Both groups have a deep-seated, passionate attachment to the State of Israel, no matter how outrageous its behavior becomes. Both are represented powerfully in Washington and exert a suffocating level of influence throughout America's political system, as well as in almost every other part of our society.

03-10-06 - Russia lashes out at US human rights criticism

03-10-06 - Iran Shock & Awe Spin Moves into Hyperdrive Thomas Lantos of California, senior Democrat whore on the International Relations Committee, has declared his intention to ?push forward with legislation imposing mandatory sanctions on foreign firms working in Iran, despite administration concerns that the bill could split the international coalition against Iran?s nuclear programme,? in other words such a bill may jeopardize the impending Straussian neocon effort to shock and awe Iran.

03-10-06 - Russia Proposes More Talks on Iran U.S. Ambassador John Bolton and other senior American officials have suggested that if the Security Council does not take tough action, Washington might look elsewhere to punish Iran - possibly by rallying its allies to impose targeted sanctions.

03-10-06 - Bush troubled by failed US ports deal US President George W Bush says the political storm over an Arab company taking control of key US ports sends a bad message to the United States's allies in the Middle East.

03-10-06 - Push for two-week deadline for Iran to stop nuclear work

03-10-06 - Sunni insurgents 'have al-Zarqawi running for cover' Insurgent groups in one of Iraq's most violent provinces claim that they have purged the region of three quarters of al-Qa'eda's supporters after forming an alliance to force out the foreign fighters.

03-10-06 - Arab Firms Reassessing U.S. Holdings Gulf investors, feeling scorched by what they see as an anti-Arab backlash in the U.S. Congress, will likely be wary of high-profile investments in the United States after the ports controversy with a Dubai firm.

03-10-06 - ANALYSIS - Islamists gain in Mideast with freedoms agenda

03-10-06 - International Muslim group denounces widespread Western 'double standards' Their defense of freedom of expression and human rights were undermined by the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the US-led occupation of Iraq, and Israel's occupation of Palestine, he said during a visit to London

03-10-06 - Israelis Want Aipac-Backed Bill Softened They argued that at this point the bill could end up limiting the diplomatic flexibility of the new Israeli government in dealings with the new P.A. regime. In addition, Israeli officials said, the bill may place the onus of providing for the wellbeing of the Palestinian population on Israel, the occupying power in the territories. The bill could also result in the cancellation of several internationally funded aid programs in which Israel has a vital interest, in fields such as public health, water and sewage. ..Israel does not want to see the U.N. agency dissolved out of fear that Jerusalem would end up inheriting the responsibility for the welfare of about 1.5 million refugees in the West Bank and Gaza. ...Israeli officials said that Israel has coordinated its positions on Hamas and the P.A. with Aipac..but could not say whether Israel had consulted regarding specific provisions of the bill. The measure, according to several congressional staffers who followed its development, was drafted with the active involvement of Aipac's staff. Israeli officials would not say whether they suggested to Aipac that the bill be softened.

THis is why AIPAC needs to register as a foreign agent. They are acting on behalf of Israel, not America, in case you hadn't noticed.

03-10-06 - Bush: Hezbollah must disarm Hezbollah continues to attack Israel six years after Israel withdrew to U.N.-certified borders. Israel continues to violate the airspace of Lebanon.

03-10-06 - Syrian: Rabin almost made peace Yitzhak Rabin?s murder prevented a peace deal between Israel and Syria, a former top Syrian official said.

03-10-06 - Army deploys troops in North along Syria border Hanna said that deploying the army would help in preventing the illegal entry of individuals as well as the flow of weapons, but stressed that it was more important to control weapons already present in Lebanese territories.

03-10-06 - Remarks by President Bush at the National Newspaper Association Government Affairs Conference I'm concerned about -- I would say they're equal, Iran and North Korea, as for a security threat, because any time there's a non-transparent regime without a free press to hold people to account, it creates an unpredictability in the world. The Iranian President has stated his desire to destroy our ally, Israel. So when you start listening to what he has said, to their desire to develop a nuclear weapon, then you begin to see an issue of grave national security concern. Israel is our 'grave national security concern, straight from the Bushes mouth.


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