The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, March 05, 2006

News for 03-05-06

03-05-06 - Iran and Qaeda benefit from US in Iraq: congressman "We have a situation where our military is in such bad shape, it couldn't deploy to a second front," Murtha said. "And the Iranians know this. North Korea knows it. China knows it. We're depleting our resources in Iraq."

03-05-06 - Nuclear body to mull Iran's fate

03-05-06 - Amnesty says Iraq abuses continue

03-05-06 - Washington said to be looking at deadline for Iran The United States, ahead of a key meeting on Iran on Monday, is discussing a 30 to 60-day deadline for Tehran to halt its nuclear program and cooperate with international inspectors or face intensified pressure in the UN Security Council, according to a U.S. official.

03-05-06 - Iran Threatens to Start Uranium Enrichment Iran warned Sunday it will start large-scale uranium enrichment if it is referred to the U.N. Security Council because of international concerns over its nuclear program.

03-05-06 - Iranians rally for peaceful nuclear technology

03-05-06 - Olmert vents anger at Putin over Hamas invite

03-05-06 - Iran arrests nuclear spy Iran has arrested a nuclear spy who allegedly passed classified information to arch-foe the United States over a 10 year period.

03-05-06 - Nato may help US airstrikes on Iran Israel's special forces are said to be operating inside Iran in an urgent attempt to locate the country's secret uranium enrichment sites. "We found several suspected sites last year but there must be more," an Israeli intelligence source said. They are operating from a base in northern Iraq, guarded by Israeli soldiers with the approval of the Americans, according to Israeli sources.

03-05-06 - Hamas Rejects Support of al-Zawahri "Our battle is against the Israeli occupation and our only concern is to restore our rights and serve our people. We have no links with any group or element outside Palestine,"

03-05-06 - Assad urges Hamas not to recognize Israel Syrian President Bashar al-Assad urged the radical movement Hamas, which now holds a majority in Palestinian parliament, not to recognize Israel unless Palestinians' rights are restored.

03-05-06 - Bolton: World Must Confront Iran The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations on Sunday told an influential pro- Israel lobbying group there is an urgent need to confront Iran's "clear and unrelenting drive" for a nuclear weapons program. Bolton, a key speaker at the AIPAC conference once again, demonstrating that he is ISRAEL'S new ambassador to the UN.

03-05-06 - Indonesians Demand U.S. Pullout From Iraq Thousands of Muslims rallied in front of the tightly guarded U.S. Embassy in Indonesia on Sunday, demanding American troops leave Iraq and Afghanistan and calling President Bush a terrorist

03-05-06 - Dubai CEO says port deal will succeed despite US opposition

03-05-06 - US warns Iran of consequences of nuclear ambitions U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton reaffirmed that the United States will use "all tools at our disposal" to thwart Iran's nuclear program and is already "beefing up defensive measures" to do so. "The Iran regime must be made aware that if it continues down the path of international isolation, there will be tangible and painful consequences," he told 4,500 delegates to the annual convention of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the leading pro-Israel U.S. lobbying group.

03-05-06 - Jewish plot to kill Bevin in London JEWISH terrorists plotted to assassinate Ernest Bevin, the foreign secretary, in 1946, as part of their campaign to establish the state of Israel, newly declassified intelligence files have shown. The plan was devised by Irgun, the insurgent group led by Menachem Begin, who went on to become a Nobel peace prize winner and prime minister of Israel. Begin, whom MI6 believed was backed by the Soviet Union, planned to send five terrorist cells to Britain to carry out bombings and assassinations that would "beat the dog in his own kennel". Hmm.. terrorists that were rewarded with their own state..a state that had said terrorists in their government.. where have I heard that before?

03-05-06 - Israel operating in Northern Iraq

03-05-06 - Hamas ready to 'change manners' after landmark Russia trip "Hamas must change its manners. We know that very well. But what we are saying is that we want a response from the Israelis. If you want Hamas to change its policies, you must also request that the Israelis change their policies. "We are saying 'yes' to peace. We are sayihg 'yes' to building relations with the international community. We are saying 'yes' to anything we feel will be in the interest of the Palestinian people," Nazzal said

03-05-06 - Report: U.S.-Russia Relations Impaired


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