The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, March 06, 2006

News for 03-06-06

03-06-06 - Thanking Israel's powerful friend Thus, a few years ago, an AIPAC lobbyist's activities developed ties to an anonymous candidate from a remote state, which has almost no Jews, until the latter reached one of the highest offices in the Senate, and was able to have a real influence in Israel's favor. Thus, last week, the adviser to a senator from a southern state, which also has few Jews, explained: "We have an excellent relationship with the Jewish community. We would never do anything related to Israel without first explaining to Israel what we are doing." Wow. This is the complete opposite of "taxation with representation". It's what revolutions are made of. Who are our officials representing?

03-06-06 - Palestinians targeted in Iraq

03-06-06 - U.N. Watchdog: Iran Deal Could Be Imminent The head of the U.N. atomic watchdog agency said Monday a deal on Iran's suspect nuclear program could be only a few days away, making U.N. Security Council action unneeded.

03-06-06 - Iran said to step up plans for Shahab missiles According to an intelligence report given to Reuters by a non-U.S. diplomat

03-06-06 - Lebanon Leader Asks Rice to Pressure Syria Jumblatt was due to meet Tuesday with Wolfowitz That's like asking a bear to s#%t in the woods.

03-06-06 - For AIPAC delegates, clear goal on Iran, but mixed messages on P.A. Stop Hamas and stop Iran.....Instead of just showing progress on key issues, for instance, the Palestinian Authority must now prove that it has crushed terrorism and incitement before it reenters the United States? good graces. It also must recognize Israel as a Jewish state, a step further than merely recognizing Israel?s existence. Just look at our legislators scurrying about after they were given their orders from AIPAC.

03-06-06 - US envoy hints at strike to stop Iran The US ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, has told British MPs that military action could bring Iran's nuclear programme to a halt if all diplomatic efforts fail....The CIA appears to be the most sceptical about a military solution And the world snickers at our obeisance to the Israeli lobby.

03-06-06 - UK: Solution to war crime lawsuits near Britain has informed Israel it is close to finding a solution that will enable IDF officers to visit the UK without fear of getting arrested due to war crime lawsuits filed against them, Israel's leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday. Thus does Britain kowtow to Israeli war criminals.

03-06-06 - Russia says to continue contacts with Hamas Russia said on Monday it would maintain contacts with Palestinian militant group Hamas and urged other nations interested in building Middle East peace to do the same. The remarks by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov could increase tensions with Israel, which criticized Russia's decision to invite a Hamas delegation to Moscow over the weekend for talks Ruh roh.

03-06-06 - Long Delay Refused in Abramoff Sentencing Abramoff attorney Abbe Lowell warned that the defense would disclose information about the ongoing corruption investigation to demonstrate the level of Abramoff's cooperation, something that could affect Abramoff's sentence in the fraud case. "We will name names,"

03-06-06 - Another War for Israel: The amen corner howls for war with Iran All the same ingredients of the Iraqi potboiler are being thrown into the mix: a Middle Eastern country ruled by an unattractive tyrant, Israel's partisans furiously beating the drums for war, and "weapons of mass destruction" described by dubious exile groups.

03-06-06 - Palestinians demand Lebanon rights before disarming One of the Palestinian militant groups which retains bases in Lebanon said that it would only discuss laying down its weapons once the country's 380,000 Palestinian refugees have been accorded basic civic rights.

03-06-06 - UAE urged to end its boycott of Israel Leading U.S. Jewish groups have long sought to end the boycott. The boycott "is an anachronistic practice that has been used by the Arab worlds to unfairly isolate and stigmatize Israel," said Josh Block, a spokesman for the influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee. "No company should be participating in the boycott."


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