The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, January 28, 2006

News for 01-27-06

01-27-06 - US Senate passes resolution condemning Iran The resolution, approved by a voice vote, cites Iran's "many failures ... to comply faithfully with its nuclear non-proliferations obligations."

01-27-06 - US audit finds 'spectacular' waste of funds in Iraq The BBC reports that the audit said one reason for the accounting system's problems was that "US postwar planning was limited by a desire for secrecy."

01-27-06 - Iran says Russian nuclear proposal not good enough "The Russian proposal is not sufficient for Iran's nuclear energy needs,"

01-27-06 - UN steps up probe into Hariri killing

01-27-06 - West wants UN to urge suspension of Iran nuclear activity: draft

01-27-06 - US wants end to Syrian 'bullying' I'm betting Syria wants an end to US bullying.

01-27-06 - Iran Atomic Program Called Major U.N. Test The U.S. has been working toward a diplomatic solution, and Bolton has repeatedly stressed the need for the issue to receive the U.N.'s immediate attention, calling it "a classic threat to international peace and security." John Bolton, Israel's unoffical ambassador to the UN, is giddy with excitement at the prospect of more wars on behalf of Israel.

01-27-06 - Bush urges authorities step up probe to find Hariri killers Bush never demanded one iota of justice for the killing of this AMERICAN. Strange how justice for the Lebanese would come first to this administration.

01-27-06 - U.S. tells India to back off Syria oil deal Taking strong exception to India's recent decision to buy a Syrian oilfield in partnership with China, the United States has asked the Manmohan Singh Government to "reconsider" its proposed investment.

01-27-06 - US propaganda aimed at foreigners reaches US public: Pentagon document

01-27-06 - Iran promises access to Lavizan nuclear site in Iran

01-27-06 - Halliburton Plans to Sell Stake in KBR

01-27-06 - Domestic Spying Hurts Our National Security

01-27-06 - Hawking Iran In September 2004, United Press International reported that the Special Operations Command of the U.S. military had conducted war games to practice regime change in Iran. The plan involved not full-scale war, but precision strikes combined with U.S. special forces? collaboration with Iranian dissidents?including the Mujahadeen e-Khalq (MEK) opposition group, which was reportedly dropped from the State Department?s list of terrorist organizations only two months earlier. If all this sounds like "déjà vu all over again," it is: it's essentially a scaled-back variation of the war plan for Iraq, with the MEK in place of the Iraqi National Congress

01-27-06 - Hamas Upset Rattles Bush Strategy

01-27-06 - Iran Says UN Is Being 'Manipulated' in Holocaust Observance "Regrettably, the Zionist regime has routinely attempted to exploit the sufferings of the Jewish people in the past as a cover for its crimes being perpetrated today against Palestinians in the occupied territories, including massacre,"

01-27-06 - Neoconservatives Here To Stay To date, none of the neoconservatives who cherrypicked the intel to make a case for war in Iraq have been brought to justice.


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