The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, January 20, 2006

News for 01-19-06

01-19-06 - Bin Laden threats may boost Bush The White House will also cite the tape when trying to convince allies abroad that the use of tough tactics is justified - even when civilians are killed, as in last week's air raid in Pakistan.

01-19-06 - Syria criticizes US move against Damascus official

01-19-06 - 2002 Memo Doubted Uranium Sale Claim

01-19-06 - China urges restraint in Iran nuclear crisis

01-19-06 - Iran warns on oil prices, French FM urges Russia to toughen stance

01-19-06 - Rice demands quick U.N. action on Iran dispute

01-19-06 - US-led terror war fuelling human rights abuses across globe: HRW US disregard for basic human rights standards in the name of combating terrorism had triggered a "copy cat phenomenon around the world," Kenneth Roth, the executive director of the independent US monitor told a media conference while launching an annual report documenting rights issues in 68 nations

01-19-06 - 'We Are Citizens of this Country' In Iran, an Islamic theocracy, Christians and Jews occupy an unusual place. But it's not necessarily uncomfortable.

01-19-06 - Saudi plan for Beirut-Damascus thaw falls short: MP Lebanon said a Saudi plan aimed at defusing tensions between Beirut and Damascus falls short of expectations as the pro-Syrian Hezbollah movement appealed for Arab help in ending the crisis

01-19-06 - Iranian president wins Syrian support on atomic row Assad renewed Syria's call for a Middle East free of nuclear weapons and said "the beginning should be with Israel." The Jewish state is widely believed to have nuclear weapons.

01-19-06 - Germany: Iran Solution Is Still Possible

01-19-06 - Senator seeks to stop gasoline exports to Iran

01-19-06 - US advances Mideast trade goals with Oman pact As part of the agreement, Oman agreed not to enforce Arab boycott calls against Israel. America's job: making the Middle East a better place for Israel both economically and securely, one country at a time. There was a similar agreement that had this clause with Bahrain and possibly others recently.

01-19-06 - UN says Syria promises to cooperate with Hariri probe

01-19-06 - Spreading War, Not Democracy The Bush Administration and their Democratic allies believe that the war in Iraq and now Iran is in Israel?s interest.

01-19-06 - Hillary Clinton Calls For U.N. Sanctions Against Iran

01-19-06 - Hizbollah: missing Israeli airman probably dead

01-19-06 - German spies see Iran 3-4 yrs from A-bomb: source Israel, which Iran's president has said should be "wiped off the map," believes the earliest Iran could get an atomic weapon is 2008. The United States believes Iran could get the bomb in the next decade.

01-19-06 - U.S. ambassador not satisfied with response to complaint that U.N. used Palestinian map that ignored Israel

01-19-06 - Ohio Senate condemns Iranian?s comments Ohio?s state Senate condemned recent Holocaust-denial comments by Iran?s president.

01-19-06 - Official: Attack worth 20,000 dollars Suddenly Iran, not Saddam's Iraq, is funding the suicide bombers. This is the very reason Cheney gave days ago for our war on Iraq.

01-19-06 - The west has picked a fight with Iran that it cannot win


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