The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, January 22, 2006

News for 01-21-06

01-21-06 - Pakistan Tells U.S. Not to Repeat Attack Pakistan's president told a senior American official Saturday the United States must not repeat airstrikes like the one that apparently was aimed at al-Qaida but killed civilians in a remote village, as officials sought to soothe public outrage over the attack.

01-21-06 - Iran says not planning to move its money to Asia

01-21-06 - IAEA chief holding off Iran report until March: diplomats UN nuclear watchdog chief Mohamed ElBaradei wants to give Iran until March to comply with international inspections, despite an emergency meeting set for February that could bring Tehran before the UN Security Council for possible sanctions, diplomats told AFP

01-21-06 - Syria decries Hariri probe 'bias' In a speech in Damascus, Bashar al-Assad said the investigators had reached their conclusions first, and looked for the evidence afterwards

01-21-06 - Iran wants China in on Russian uranium enrichment plan

01-21-06 - US will help Israel in case of war with Iran? If Israel is attacked, the United States will ?obviously? militarily support its close Mideast ally, US Vice President Dick Cheney said in interview with CNBC television Thursday.

01-21-06 - McCloskey Says He's Running for House He also was prompted by what he described as Pombo's close ties to Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who has pleaded guilty to conspiracy in a growing corruption scandal.

01-21-06 - Iran faces 'destruction' - Israel warns

01-21-06 - Israeli Hints at Preparation to Stop Iran

01-21-06 - Experts: 'Decapitation' May Not End Terror "Decapitation just fuels the movement itself," says Jenna Jordan, a University of Chicago scholar who has closely studied the historical record of such antiterrorist tactics.
"I think that is the lesson of the Israeli efforts over the years,"

01-21-06 - Assad Indicates Rejection of U.N. Request President Bashar Assad indicated Saturday he was rejecting a second request by U.N. investigators to interview him about the assassination of Lebanon's former prime minister, declaring that Syria would not bow to international pressure.

01-21-06 - Israel assassinated Arafat: Syria Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has accused Israel of assassinating former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, whose death 14 months ago remains a mystery.

01-21-06 - Revisiting a Pre-War Warning Ignored Johnson noted that Saddam's support for terrorism were "to groups that have attacked Iran and Israel," then named and described the six groups -- none of them Al Qaeda

01-21-06 - Softer Iran draft needed to win over Russia: diplomat

01-21-06 - Respect our sovereignty, defiant Assad tells UN

01-21-06 - UCLA students urged to expose 'radical' professors

01-21-06 - Israel warns Iran on nuclear work

01-21-06 - Iran rejects Israel's accusation on Tel Aviv bombing "Iran's support to the Palestinians is merely a moral support,"

01-21-06 - Japan pushes for UN seat

01-21-06 - Franklin's fate If he goes to court and tells Americans what AIPAC has been up to, that will be the end of the 'special relationship' between Israel and the United States. It goes without saying that he can't be allowed to go to court. So what will it be, 'accident' or 'suicide'?

01-21-06 - Mystery firm linked to US lobbyist scandal

01-21-06 - Paul Wolfowitz Busy Neo-Conning the World Bank: Staff Rebellion Brewing Wolfowitz is forcing a political appointment at the "director level" of the bank -- which is never done.

01-21-06 - Iran's Bomb One thing the Iranians might do is wreck the oil facilities in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, as well as closing the valves on their own oil. This would throw the world oil market into chaos, and the world economy would quickly follow.


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