The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, January 27, 2006

News for 01-26-06

01-26-06 - China opposes sanctions to resolve Iran dispute

01-26-06 - Iran 'feeling heat' on nuclear issue: Rice Separately, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, said on CNN: "The Iranians have been very effective in using their oil and natural gas to persuade China, India and other countries to their side. We have to correct that."

01-26-06 - China backs Russian plan to resolve Iranian nuclear standoff

01-26-06 - Former Pentagon chief sees damage to U.S. military The U.S. military's ground forces are so stretched by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that potential adversaries may be tempted to challenge the United States, a group headed by former U.S. Defense Secretary William Perry said on Wednesday.

01-26-06 - Storm Clouds Over Iran *

01-26-06 - Iran: Israel will be put in 'eternal coma' if it attacks nuclear sites Were Israel to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, Iran would respond so strongly that it would put the Jewish state into "an eternal coma" like Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's, the Iranian defense minister said Wednesday

01-26-06 - US envoy's comments on Iran nuclear vote 'inappropriate': India India has described as "inappropriate" comments from the US ambassador to New Delhi linking a historic nuclear deal with the United States to India's stance on Iran's nuclear program.

01-26-06 - Iran, a major player in the global oil market

01-26-06 - Eye on Iran as US shapes alliances in Iraq

01-26-06 - Bush backs Russian nuclear plan for Iran

01-26-06 - Fitzgerald Probes Niger Forgeries

01-26-06 - Gen. William Odom on Iraq The way to regain our influence would be "resolving the Israel-Palestinian conflict."

01-26-06 - Israel tried to kill bin Laden in 1996: paper

01-26-06 - Spy With a Heart of Gold? Was an American spy for Israel trying to "help" his country?

01-26-06 - Intellectuals on the run The FBI?s file on Edward Said, which began in 1971 after Said co-delivered a lecture on the topic of ?Culture and the Critical Spirit,? was partly released at the request of Despite Said?s death in 2003, the FBI is withholding parts of the 238-page document

01-26-06 - Russia marvels at high-tech British "spy stone"


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