The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

News for 01-24-06

01-24-06 - Bombs kill eight in Iranian oil city

01-24-06 - Unfathomed Dangers in PATRIOT Act Reauthorization A provision in the "PATRIOT Act" creates a new federal police force with the power to violate the Bill of Rights

01-24-06 - US officer reprimanded for Iraqi interrogation death

01-24-06 - Investigator: U.S. 'Outsourced' Torture The head of a European investigation into alleged CIA secret prisons in Europe said Tuesday that evidence pointed to the existence of a system of "outsourcing" of torture by the United States, and that it was highly likely European governments were aware of it.

01-24-06 - Russia, Iran Want Nuke Issue Kept in IAEA

01-24-06 - Iranian official: UN sanctions may lead us to seal off Persian Gulf A senior Iranian official threatened that Tehran may forcibly prevent oil export via the Straits of Hormuz if the UN imposed economic sanctions due to Iran's nuclear program, an Iranian news Web site said on Monday

01-24-06 - Report: Army could be near breaking point

01-24-06 - Duke Professor Skeptical of bin Laden Tape Lawrence believes faulty Pakistani intelligence led to the strike and the civilian deaths, and the tape was leaked by Pakistani authorities to divert attention from their mistake.

01-24-06 - Senior UN nuclear inspector leaving for Iran

01-24-06 - Iran Defends Planned Holocaust Conference

01-24-06 - Russians: British Spied Using Fake Rock

01-24-06 - How Cheney Used the NSA for Domestic Spying Prior to 9/11

01-24-06 - Legislators urge Presbyterians to shun Hezbollah

01-24-06 - Abbas to Syria: Shut down terrorists the U.S. State Department said.


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