The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, January 19, 2006

News for 01-18-06

01-18-06 - Human rights group report slams US torture, abuses

01-18-06 - US ties Syrian official to Iraq insurgency The White House on Wednesday for the first time named a Syrian official as having "directly contributed" to support for the insurgency in Iraq, as the United States moved to freeze his assets. The BS-o-meter just broke.

01-18-06 - China, Russia would fight Iran oil sanctions: experts

01-18-06 - Iran 'wants nuclear compromise'

01-18-06 - US freezes assets of Syrian intelligence chief

01-18-06 - Iran says stopped Iraq vessels in Gulf dispute Iraqi President Jalal Talabani stepped in to cool tempers on Tuesday, conceding the nine Iraqis might have strayed across the border in the shifting tidal shoals of the Shatt al-Arab and calling their arrest a "mistake" that would soon be sorted out.

01-18-06 - Iran confident of escaping Security Council referral

01-18-06 - Iran president to visit Syria in show of support

01-18-06 - White House Silent on Abramoff Meetings

01-18-06 - Iran Crisis: Cheney Plays the Egypt Card Cheney was expected to broach the possibility of Egypt?s sending troops to Iraq--as a last resort--along with other units from countries in the Arab League. Cheney is expected to raise the same idea in Saudi Arabia. The thinking is that Egypt can be drawn into a confrontation with Iran because of its close proximity and because Egypt's leaders would be happy to come down hard against any Shiite radicals working out of Iran and bent on causing trouble in Egypt.

01-18-06 - Another Undeclared War? by Patrick J. Buchanan McCain and Bush both emphasized the threat to Israel. And all the usual suspects are beating the drums for war. Israel warns that March is the deadline after which she may strike

01-18-06 - Lebanon wants UN force in South for another year Assaf's letter made no mention of Hizbollah but accused Israel of repeatedly violating Lebanese airspace and failing to respect its sovereignty.

01-18-06 - Israel in talks with U.S., EU over sanctions Israel is in advanced talks with the United States and European countries over a package of sanctions that would be applied against Iran should it continue its nuclear program.

01-18-06 - Bolton: Remarks on Cote D'Ivoire, Haiti, Iran, UN REPORTER: No, actually, the situation in Cote D'Ivoire has deteriorated rapidly in the last 48 hours. The Secretary General has asked for a (inaudible) increase in the peacekeeping mission and the French are circulating a resolution (inaudible).

AMBASSADOR BOLTON: Well, I think we will wait and see what the resolution says, basically.

01-18-06 - Jordan keeping out Orthodox Jews Jordan is preventing Orthodox Jewish Israelis from entering the country, ostensibly for fear they could be attacked, Israel?s Foreign Ministry said.

01-18-06 - Limits on trips for U.S. lawmakers would affect Jewish, Israel lobbies Jewish groups have used trips to Israel as a key tool to help lawmakers, especially non-Jewish members of Congress, understand the significance of the Jewish state and its need for political support. Such trips have helped the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and other groups sensitize Congress to Israeli concerns. "sensitize", more like INFLUENCE.


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