The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, January 14, 2006

News for 01-13-06

01-13-06 - Iran threatens to curb some UN atomic inspections

01-13-06 - British troops could be victims of Iran's nuclear stand-off with West Iran could take retribution against British troops in Iraq if the British government continues with its leading role in the campaign against the country's nuclear programme Our men in Iraq would also be in grave danger, moreso than they are now.

01-13-06 - Syria says U.N. murder team cannot question Assad

01-13-06 - Iran could have bomb by 2009: study David Albright and Corey Hinderstein of the Institute for Science and International Security, a U.S. think-tank, said successfully operating small cascades of centrifuges, which purify uranium by spinning at supersonic speeds, would give Tehran the know-how eventually to mass produce atomic fuel.

01-13-06 - Sanctions might not work on Iran in nuclear confrontation Iran could retaliate for any interruption of its gasoline imports by shutting off its oil exports, which total about 2.7 million barrels per day, according to the Energy Information Administration. With spare world oil production capacity virtually non-existent, that could send oil prices close to $100 per barrel. Thursday, prices briefly topped $65 before ending unchanged at $63.94

01-13-06 - Iran nuclear impasse could hurt US-India atomic deal A landmark U.S.-Indian nuclear cooperation deal could be hampered by India's reluctance to refer Iran's nuclear program to the U.N. Security Council and to open enough of its own atomic facilities to inspection, U.S. officials and experts said on Friday.

01-13-06 - Syrian arrested in Lebanon over Hariri probe

01-13-06 - War, Lies, and Videotape They fabricated the case against Iraq ?
now they're moving on Iran

01-13-06 - Lebanon charges 'terror suspects'

01-13-06 - The Bush Who Cried Wolf The fact that John Bolton, the belligerent, war-mongering neoconservative who serves as U.S. ambassador to the U.N., takes over as president of the Security Council in February doesn?t help That's one of the reasons why he was put there in the first place.

01-13-06 - Defendant in Florida Jihad case seeks wiretap info A co-defendant of a former Florida professor in a recent terrorism trial has asked federal prosecutors to disclose if he was wiretapped without a warrant, a court clerk said on Thursday

01-13-06 - Bush: Iranian bomb could destroy Israel "I want to remind you that the current president of Iran has announced that the destruction of Israel is an important part of their agenda, and that?s unacceptable," What did Bush say just day's ago about war critics who bring up the Israel issue? . Both Bush and Cheney have admitted that Israel was one of the reasons for the attack on Iraq. Just yesterday Cheney said the war on Iraq was because Saddam supported Palestinian terrorists. Bush is just reiterating what some war critics know to be true: the real reason we are in the Middle East is to make it a safer place for ISRAEL.

01-13-06 - Israel Urges Sanctions Against Iran they warned a military strike led by others against Iranian nuclear facilities may be necessary.

01-13-06 - Bush, Merkel Take United Stance on Iran

01-13-06 - More UK vigils keep focus on Norman Kember

01-13-06 - Bayern Munich deny backing Iran German football club Bayern Munich has rejected criticism from politicians for playing a friendly match in Iran against the Persepolis Tehran.

01-13-06 - Bolton Scores U.N. on Stance Toward Israel The American ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, upped the ante in an escalating confrontation between America and Turtle Bay on the issue of Israel's place at the world body. In a sharply worded letter to Secretary-General Annan, Mr. Bolton threatened to cut funding to the United Nations if it continues to promote anti-Israel events. Bolton=Israel's new ambassador to the UN.

01-13-06 - Strategic talks held Israeli and U.S. defense officials held a new round of strategic talks.

01-13-06 - Bolton confronts Annan on Palestine The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations reportedly asked Secretary General Kofi Annan to explain why he posed in front of a map that leaves out Israel. Bolton proves once more that he is ISRAEL'S new ambassador to the UN.

01-13-06 - Galloway goes on Big Brother "for Palestine" Galloway's support for Palestine is the reason why he is reviled by the neocons who have tried to implicate him in the Oil for Food scandal.


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