The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, January 13, 2006

News for 01-12-06

01-12-06 - Cheney Reiterates Iraq Terror Connection "The fact is we know that Saddam Hussein and Iraq were heavily involved with terror," Cheney told Snow. "They were carried as a terror-sponsoring state by our State Department for many, many years." He cited two terror organizations in particular -- Abu Nidal and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad - that operated out of Saddam's Iraq. He also noted that Saddam was making payments to families of suicide bombers. "All of this is very well established," Cheney said. Cheney reiterates what we already know to be true: our 'war on terror' is to take out enemies of ISRAEL.

01-12-06 - Syria In Their Sights Three years ago, the U.S. invasion of Iraq was widely viewed as the first chapter of a region-wide strategy to redraw the entire map of the Middle East. After Iraq, Syria and Iran would be the next targets, after which the oil-rich states of the Arabian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia, would follow. It was a policy driven by neoconservatives in and out of the Bush administration, and they didn?t exactly make an effort to keep it secret

01-12-06 - Iran oil jitters strain markets There is concern there could be significant supply cuts if sanctions are applied to Iran over its resumption of nuclear development. Think gas prices are high NOW?

01-12-06 - US rules out Iran military action But Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the US will not rule out using force to stop what Washington says is Iran's pursuit of a nuclear bomb if diplomacy fails

01-12-06 - British officer slams US military tactics, attitudes in Iraq In a stinging indictment of the US military, a senior British officer has accused the US military of a cultural insensitivity that amounts to "institutional racism" in dealing with Iraqis See what an American soldier in the IDF had to say in this article. Explains a lot. Ever since our 'special relationship' with Israel began, Arabs have been portrayed as subhuman or terrorists by our media, by no coincidence. The proof of this characterization is in the fact that when I first saw a Palestinian dressed in Western wear pictured in Yahoo News photos, and who looked no different than any American as far as I could see, I was shocked. For, we are only ever shown Palestinians as masked jihadis and terrorists.

01-12-06 - Russia Won't Block U.S. on Iran Russia's pledge was good only for when a vote takes place inside the IAEA. U.S. officials said they remain uncertain as to how Moscow, a traditional ally of Iran's, would react if the issue gets to the Security Council, where Moscow is one of five countries with veto power

01-12-06 - US seeks to turn heat further up on Iran

01-12-06 - US has "intensive diplomacy" under way on Iran

01-12-06 - Europe Says Iran Nuke Talks Have Stalled

01-12-06 - Syrian president may meet UN team

01-12-06 - An e-mail trail of money and influence

01-12-06 - Internet Clamp Down is Tightening! But let's look at the real reason behind this police state type legislation. First, if people can't voice their opinions without fear of reprisal, the hope is that they just won't voice their opinion. Secondly, if a blogger can't tip off the public to what is going on in Washington without identifying himself, that helps to curtail the revelation of truth because they don't want Uncle Vito (formally Uncle Sam) paying them a visit for exposing their corruption.

01-12-06 - 'I'm a door kicker-inner,' one young Marine blurted out - to the dismay of his superiors ?WHY can?t we live together in peace??, read the graffiti written on a wall in Fallujah by a weary American soldier. Next to it a colleague had scrawled: ?Die ragheads die!?

01-12-06 - Israel could launch air strikes if talks fail Israel has drawn up plans for strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities with bunker busting bombs supplied by the US, but analysts say it has no intention of carrying them through while diplomatic pressure is growing on Tehran.

01-12-06 - Iran: The nuclear nightmare Sounds familiar?

01-12-06 - German spies aided Iraq war effort: report

01-12-06 - Lebanon calls on Syria to cooperate with UN Hariri murder probe Siniora stressed the need for "an end to Syrian support for Palestinian gunmen outside the camps" if Damascus was truly concerned about Lebanon's stability and wanted to see and improvement in relations

01-12-06 - IOF Soldier: "You are disgusting Arabs and you should be beaten like animals and stay in jail." it was an American guy who was serving in the Israeli military

01-12-06 - 103 Congress members to Israel in 2005 "The legislative branch has maintained its unique and long-standing status as a stronghold of support for Israel, transcending party lines and Congressional houses," he said

01-12-06 - Bush signs pact with Israel clause The American Israel Public Affairs Committee helped shepherd the agreement through Congress in hopes it would set a precedent for other Arab nations angling for free trade pacts with the United States.

01-12-06 - Iran and Israel will be kings of the Middle East jungle


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