The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, January 15, 2006

News for 01-14-06

01-14-06 - Iran Air Strikes 'Under Consideration'

01-14-06 - Iran 'does not need nuclear arms'

01-14-06 - Syria's former VP prepares government in exile: press

01-14-06 - US urges Syria cooperate with UN probe "The United States calls upon Syria to respond positively to the requests of this investigation commission. If Syrian obstruction continues we will not hesitate to refer this matter back to the Council for further action."

01-14-06 - Iran says UN referral will not end nuclear plans

01-14-06 - Government urged to ban Galloway's Big Brother charity On each occasion it found no evidence of links to terrorism. Despite this, President Bush recently blocked the charity's bank account and declared Interpal a "specially designated global terrorist" organisation.

01-14-06 - Proof Bush Deceived America

01-14-06 - MI5 will get new powers to bug MPs Furious cabinet revolt as Blair gives green light for security services to spy on elected representatives

01-14-06 - E.ON plans to cooperate with Iran on gas German energy giant E.ON plans to work with Iran on gas projects, despite opposition from Europe and the US to Tehran's nuclear activities which may come to a showdown at the UN Security Council.

01-14-06 - Lebanon's Aoun in savage attack on Khaddam Lebanese Christian leader Michel Aoun launched a scathing attack on Syria's exiled former vice-president, accusing him of bearing responsibility for a string of assassinations.

01-14-06 - Lebanese police clash with anti-US. protesters Some of the protesters, waving Lebanese flags and carrying placards protesting against U.S. influence in Lebanon and the Middle East, pelted police with stones

01-14-06 - Remarks by Vice President Cheney at a Rally for the Troops

01-14-06 - Push for Middle East democracy benefiting Islamists

01-14-06 - Pentagon grilled over database on war critics


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