The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

News for 01-09-06

01-09-06 - How to Stop the Planned Nuking of Iran If a military confrontation with Iran starts, 150,000 U.S. troops in Iraq will be at risk of Iranian missiles and of potentially overwhelming conventional Iranian forces.

01-09-06 - Plane crash kills Iran commander The head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards ground forces and at least 10 other officers have died in a plane crash.

01-09-06 - Russia, Iran share views on region development: envoy Russia would also "continue to participate in joint projects and research" as "Iran is our long-term partner, our ties are tried by time and fate,"

01-09-06 - Iran to resume nuclear research amid sanctions threats White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters that the international community had already warned Tehran that "the next step would be a referral" to the Security Council

01-09-06 - Pro-Syria Palestinian gunmen blasted

01-09-06 - Abramoff as metaphor by Patrick J. Buchanan

01-09-06 - Day One - The War With Iran

01-09-06 - U.S. Military Seizes Iraqi Reporter for 'The Guardian' Fadhil is working with and the newspaper and Guardian Films "on an investigation for Channel 4's Dispatches programme into claims that tens of millions of dollars worth of Iraqi funds held by the Americans and British have been misused or misappropriated," the paper reports.

01-09-06 - Reporter abducted in Iraq Jill Carroll, a freelance journalist currently on assignment for The Christian Science Monitor, was abducted by unknown gunmen in Baghdad Saturday morning. Her Iraqi interpreter was killed during the kidnapping.

01-09-06 - Western embassies close in Jordan

01-09-06 - Rockets against Israel "ordered by Bin Laden": Iraqi Al-Qaeda chief

01-09-06 - Iran denies it recruited Israeli Arab suspected of espionage


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